DK Talents Shine on Mothers Day Special

Saturday, June 03, 2023

There are so many talented Filipinos around the world and what an opportune time to showcase this through a Mothers Day Special through Filipino TV, a channel based in Toronto, Canada.

An evening with 6 Filipino-Canadian artists performing for a night of music, dance and the arts, they entitled this event as "Girlpower for the Supermoms". More than the flowers and chocolates which most people give on the day, songs from some of the greatest artists in the world was performed live by talented ladies from the Greater Toronto Area. This is where Gloriane, Chelsea, Arielle, Alyssa, Antoinette and Kayleigh come in. Part of DK Talents, they had a grueling few weeks to rehearse for it. DK Tijam of DK Talents knew he had to manage their schedules. He was extremely grateful for their parents who helped generously, they were able to pull it off and perform that evening.

Much on their playlist was something they wanted to dedicate to their Moms, and personal favorites that they knew would be special for them.  From Antoinette's rendition of “La Vie En Rose”, "You Are My Sunshine" to Kayleigh's version of "Put Your Records On" (she also appeared on 13 the Musical btw!), they all were able to put some smiles on their Moms and those who watched, everyone felt their sincerity and love with the songs. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Arielle did "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" and "Mom" bringing their A game with a little pop influence instead. They also sat down and talked about how their Moms have been instrumental on how they became who they are today, plus a few stories in between how they bonded with their mothers, their relationships, it was so sweet to hear that!

DK Tijam was their producer, stage director, writer, vocal arranger, and everything else in between. He nurtured these ladies and trained them personally. He says "Seeing them all being made up by their own parents, preparing their outfits, and getting help with their dance numbers, I felt really grateful how we have achieved all these in a short amount of time. After training them, seeing them perform today was a WIN. Their vocal range, command of the stage and how they worked with us in choreography, they are all very talented ladies who will certainly go places!"

DK Tijam was a Grand Finalist in popular show Star in a Million (held in the early 2000's), but now trains young aspiring singers in Toronto, Canada. He now has several students that are doing quite well in the Maple state and seeing them all achieve their dreams is his success too. GirlPower for the SuperMoms is just the start, you can now watch it on Facebook or just click here.

Congratulations to the whole DK Talents team and of course, their mentor DK Tijam for the successful show!


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