See Funny Mishaps in Filming "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars"

Friday, June 23, 2023

When you get to do film, to act, write or direct it, what's the goal? Of course, it's to win an Oscar. Such is the story of this new film called "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars" by MAVX Productions Inc. This very straightforward comedy stars actors Paolo Contis and Joross Gamboa. This is directed by Jules Katanyag (spirited writer of different TV series, films) and will be shown in cinemas starting June 28th.

The story will revolve around this big dream that Paolo Contis (the Producer Bobby B) and Joross Gamboa (the Director DMZ) has in making a movie that would qualify them to win the much coveted award. To start off, they'll be dealing with the biggest question of them all, where do they find the funds to make it? Aside from that, casting a stellar cast will be extra problematic especially since they're struggling to find those who would play "Aswangs" since it's going to be spinning around folklore and unimaginable concepts they wanted to execute in this new chapter in their lives. This will also involve their struggles, how to make ends meet, how to make their impossible dreams possible, and their fears that it'll all end up in shambles.  

But what if a sudden twist of fate would change things? This starts several things to snowball to either make them win, or lose things in the end. The movie was intended to inspire people to go reach their goals, no matter how big or far it may be. There's also a lot of very touching things you should look forward to, so go make the trip down to movie houses and see why you need to watch "Ang Pangarap Kong Oskars".

The cast includes Kate Alejandrino, Long Mejia, Jon Santos, Gian Magdangal, Faye Lorenzo, Milo Elmido, Yukii Takahashi, Jun Quntana, Leo Bruno, Elaine Ochoa, Zweden Obias, Joseph Villanueva, Ian Ignacio, Paeng Sudayan, VJ Mendoza, Victor Medina, Edmar Guanlao and Jmee Katanyag. Remember, it shows this June 28th in cinemas nationwide!


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