Essential Drink Attributes Showcased at GSM's White Party

Tuesday, June 13, 2023


There's certainly a lot of things to celebrate this month including the goodness of World Gin Day. In Manila, Ginebra San Miguel Incorporated hosted a white party at the fabulous Westin Manila in Ortigas Pasig. It's a no brainer as GSMI continues to be the world's number 1 selling brand of gin and has become a regular in various celebrations, and life's simple pleasures.

GSMI Marketing Manager Ron Molina says "It's been a tradition for us to join the celebration of World Gin Day. We are pioneers of this in the Philippines and we know how Filipinos enjoy how cool, clear and versatile this drink is, so cheers to that!"

This new call to let people know how these three characteristics of GSM would certainly get them to have more appreciation of it. Artists like premier actor Zanjoe Marudo, vlogger Basel Manadil and beauty queen Herlene "Hipon Girl" Budol were also at the event to verbalize how it is to be Cool, Clear and Versatile. Zanjoe says "It's when I stay calm that I feel more cool, it's why I choose the classic GSM back when I was in Batangas, it brings back memories indeed!". Basel on the other hand confirms his likeness of the GSM Premium Gin and tells "Because it's like me, it's clear just like my intentions. You need to be like that because you wouldn't know when you give an impact for others." Then Herlene Budol prefers to become Versatile, saying "Being versatile means that it is possible to be good in different things." They will also be joining different events starting this month because as they say, "Gin Is In!".

Together with the campaign, they also revealed GSM Bar Academy wherein they had 3 new graduates, all scholars of skill courses as they partnered with TESDA in bartending, flairtending, and building businesses. This is in hopes to increase quality pros in the industry, tall order, but are already achieving a lot obviously. It has transformed lives, and even won an international CSR Excellence Award from UK, slated to be awarded on the 16th.

If you're fond of the social channels of GSM, there will be a second season for G-Mix Nation Online where they'll feature various recipes for cocktails, and tips on how you can use a Home Bar Kit to be sold in select supermarkets nationwide. They will also host in 50 bars nationwide to make sure you're involved in one or more parties during this month. I heard there will be one in Pampanga, Naga, Cebu and CDO. You'll also get to win prizes, take advantage of promos and merch. They're not stopping there, because activities will be continuing til the end of the last quarter.

Head on to your favorite stores and place to get them! I'm sure there's no stopping you!


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