Viral "Tindera" Bernie Batin Releases "UTANG MO" Under Star Music

Thursday, June 15, 2023

He's known as the "Pinakamataray na Tindera sa Balat ng Lupa" on social media and has gone viral for a lot of reasons. His content is a bit of a "slice of life", much of which we could relate to especially when we're fond of buying stuff from a "Sari-Sari Store". He is Bernie Batin, and he's out with a new single called "UTANG MO" under ABSCBN's Star Music.   


Here's our interview with Bernie a few days ago at Music Box when they were launched with artist Christi and Shira Tweg:

This was surprising as he appeared in full drag during the launch, it was his first time to do so. It was very fun to talk to him especially when he's talking about his skits on Berniecular Vlogs. Bernie Batin has his own brand of comedy, and he's very happy he gets to put a smile on peoples faces especially during the pandemic. His single is already out on streaming platforms like Spotify etc. so if you have a chance to listen to it, go ahead and indulge! 

Yes, it is what you call "NOVELTY" which you can liken to Yoyoy Villame and other artists. "UTANG MO" talks about that certain person who borrowed money from you and just lived their lives without thinking of paying you back. It's kinda nice somebody said it, and yes, if there's a chance to do that, I'm all for it. I am happy about how Bernie Batin has changed his life. During our interview, he shared how he experienced to be dirt poor and vowed to make his and his family's life change for the better. For what it's worth, he deserves it. He's successful because he remained very humble even after all the success he's amassed in the short few years he's gain his following. I hope you continue to support artists like him because from where I was seeing him, he certainly deserved it. Make sure you follow his social channels for a dose of fun life in the Philippines by searching Bernie Batin on all platforms. You'll love what he has up his sleeves!


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