Unionbank Go Rewards Visa Card Launched Today

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

They're making shopping even more rewarding today at UnionBank by launching the new  Unionbank Go Rewards Visa Card. It's both a credit card and rewards card all in one. If you're a fan of brands under Robinsons, this is certainly a way of making your purchases more rewarding as it  earns you rewards points and more benefits which they could only provide. It's different because it's accelerated, you get 1 point for every 200 pesos you spend whilst Go Rewards Platinum bearers get 1 point for every 100 pesos spent. Thing is, these points don't expire as long as your Go Rewards account stays active. These are precious ones because you can use them for free stuff, pay for products at Robinsons retail stores or flight tickets if you need to. For those who are already Gold and Platinum, you get to have a Go Rewards Black membership via their automatic upgrade. You can use perks such as exclusive Black Member lanes in Shopwise or The Marketplace if you're doing groceries, and also get free parking in selected branches too.

During the event, Gonkongwei group's executives, Visa reps, UnionBank heads, Go Rewards, Robinsons Retail execs and more were also there to witness the event.

"We are so excited to celebrate the Go Rewards credit card with partnership with UnionBank and Visa. Shopping isn't just shopping anymore, with this co branded credit card, it enhances your journey. The rewards structure will go beyond your expectations. Together we will embark on rewarding experiences." -Ms. Cindy of Go Rewards 

"Today we are very proud to launch a product for our customers with something that they love. The access to such a phenomenal card comes with the joy of shopping, let's begin!" -Rishal of UnionBank

"This is the second time I'm doing this with the Gokongwei group. We bring partners together to offer to customers, to hopefully make payments easier, faster, better for Filipinos. - Jeff of Visa Philippines

You can apply for it online or via the Unionbank or Go Rewards official website today!


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