PascualLab: Feeling the #PascualLove for 77 Years

Monday, June 05, 2023

Has it really been that long? Yes! And they've always made sure you feel the PascualLove all these years as they continue bringing the best, quality family friendly health products to every Filipino home.

They've been in the country since 1946, and if you understand, that means it's the actual years after World War 2. They now have Ascof Lagundi, supplements from WellGreens (a premium organic line) that has even passed strict USDA, EU standards, plus Halal under IDCP in the Philippines. Aside from that, they have Poten-Cee, a Vitamin C brand for adults, those who have sensitive tummies, and want less sugar on their intake. The recent one was Poyen-Cee Zn Advance that also has Zinc, Vitamin D for your immunity. Soon they will also release Poten-Cee + C's, a variant which has collagen, sodium ascorbate and Hydrolized Marine Collagen source from fish. Imagine the things it could do in hydration and firmness of the skin!

The PascualLove extends to oral health with their OraCare Mouth Rinse that has stabilized chlorine dioxide, to make sure your mouth stays fresh, healthy all throughout the day. It also doesn't sting so one needs not dear when you use it after brushing your teeth. They also have it in a Buy More Save More promo so your family gets on the rail with you.

That's how you get to feel the PascualLove from PascualLab. If you want more information about it, go head to or their social channels as they update quite regularly.


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