PIOLO PASCUAL for Historical Horror Flick "MALLARI"

Monday, June 19, 2023

The Philippines' most coveted leading man and muti-awarded actor Piolo Pascual is going to be portraying a role of a s3rial kill3r set in different timelines in Mentorque Productions "MALLARI". This is based on a true story of Juan Severino Mallari, a Catholic Priest who has taken the lives of supposed 57 individuals in the small town of Magalang, Pampanga. They'll be mixing in some fiction showcasing World War 2 and 2023 and tell how these in some way are connected, a scary premise which Piolo wanted to do since it is quite far from characters he has been reprising in previous movie projects. 

He initially said no to this movie because of the mere fact that it will be physically and mentally exhausting to do 3 roles in 3 different times plus the work required for prosthetics wouldn't be pleasing each shooting day. 

Producer Bryan Diamante of Mentorque Productions says "This is a dream project, Mallari is very challenging but I'm excited to bring this to the big screen. I strived to create films that bring the imaginations to movies, and I'm glad to be able to work with a heavily awarded director Derick Cabrido, and writer Enrico Santos. Thank you very much Mr. Piolo Pascual for accepting this project. Join us in creating a proudly Filipino production and concept."

Director Derick Cabrido has won several accolades in New York film festivals (medals in different years) and has worked in different documentaries, short films, indie films and full length ones that he's released in film festivals in different parts of the world. 

Piolo says "It's a relief that you don't have to think about results or box office because of the platforms, but we have a plan for the film. My being in the cinema, my only role is do your best, I don't have to think about commercial success, it's something that I am looking forward to do, I have these chances and I am thankful to do Mallari. I am grateful, when it happens, it happens. Initially I said no,  but in the same day I said yes, I just have to do what I have to do. I grew up in a Catholic family, school, and I respect them  everyday and in church. I wanted to become one when I was 18, attended Prex back in the day to have an easy life. They told me I need to study, I had a few attempts but ended up as an artista. Father's day was also special, my son was there and gave me an infinity necklace, he spent the day with me and we are doing projects together. He's a very talented young man, he's evolving, becoming a total performer, composed a few songs and I listened to it all day. We have a few dates in July for a concert. And hope a dance showdown happens in the last quarter of this year."

Today was just the contract signing and they plan to do a separate announcement for the cast which they have already chosen. Stay tuned for that and the actual movie which they plan to be part of the coming Metro Manila Film Festival this coming holidays 2023. 


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