Angel's Pizza Releases New CREAMY SPINACH SUSHI BAKE Pizza

Friday, June 02, 2023

I personally want my pizza to be delivered hot and fast, and one of my go to brands is Angel's Pizza. I often order the CREAMY SPINACH Pizza, but I heard, they've got something up their sleeves. In their quest to provide customers with variety and urge to have something in their menu that is very different, they now have the new CREAMY SPINACH SUSHI BAKE Pizza available in their stores this coming June 5

The new Creamy Spinach Sushi Bake Pizza is actually good, I love how extra spicy it is (probably because of the Sriracha, so no need for hot sauce) which would be best for those who are adventurous and looking for something different. It's very savory, there's a lot of umami flavor because of the kani and dried seaweed on top. There's a little creamy spinach flavor, but it's just a hint, so as you can really taste that Sushi Bake flavor that makes this different from their best seller.

Chef Arvin Antonio who is part of the Research and Development for Figaro Group says "Our goal is to make sure our customers have choices. This is why we have to do the work and find ways to create more items on the menu. We got inspired to create new flavors, but never forget to ensure quality and make it affordable. During the pandemic, a lot of people fell in love with the Sushi Bake, which is why we combined it with our favorite pizza flavor. We plan to cater items in it for kids and adults, so stay tuned for more!" 

Mr. Ace Azarraga the Brand and Partnership Director for the Figaro Group adds "As we grow Angel's Pizza and put some more in different locations, trust in us that we will continue to innovate in our pizzas, pastas and different menu items in each store. Thank you for continuing to support our brand and those that are in the Figaro group. We hope you enjoy our new Creamy Spinach Sushi Bake Pizza and bring some home for your family, friends and loved ones."


Make sure you also order their Spaghetti, which I'm sure kids will absolutely love (I actually had a lot of it and forgot to take a photo LOL). They also have Honey Butter Chicken and Carbonara so don't be sad if you're not into pizzas.

Again, if you're looking for variety, take time to look at Angel's Pizza and their better than ever menu. They will continue to make changes in the coming months, and come out with more. Make your voice heard and suggest pizza flavors while you're at it. Their customer service and social channels are pretty active, so make sure you follow them there too! You can order it starting June 5, remember that!

Thanks for letting us have first dibs on the new pizza! Thank you Angel's Pizza!


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