INASAL REPUBLIC Opens West Avenue Branch On July 15th

Thursday, June 29, 2023


Chicken Inasal by Inasal Republic - The meat is soft, evenly cooked, has a crispy skin outside. The garlic rice can be smothered by the good Chicken Oil set on the table. I had a separate dish with Soy Sauce and Sinamak, a spiced vinegar. They have master grillers prepare this for us!

If you're a frequent local traveler, you probably have landed somewhere in Negros Occidental and visited Bacolod City. Much of its charm lies in its people, on how they talk so "malambing" (so soft even when they're mad) and party hard during festivals. I too am from this region, so I'm no stranger to food coming from this place and when I heard Cong. Arjo Atayde, Direk Richard Somes, Gabby Atayde, Ivan Villamar and Mark San Diego were putting up a Chicken Inasal brand called INASAL REPUBLIC, I packed my bags and camped out to see it in Quezon City.

The owners of Inasal Republic can't wait for you to taste their Chicken Inasal

Congressman Arjo Atayde personally served us that afternoon, he was so nice!

Although for some of them, this isn't their first venture into the food business, the partnership blossomed over the last taping day of action film TOPAKK. Arjo was already full from the food served during dinner, but after a while, Chicken Inasal was served on the table and got everyone started raving about it. Direk Richard said Arjo shouldn't leave the table without tasting it, and so he did! 

The Chicken Inasal and other food served that day came from Direk Richard's family recipes, it was passed on from generations of Bacolodnons who loved to eat and cook. Here's a short video of the event, I also included some clips of the food and celebrities that came that afternoon!


Here's some of the food items that's going to be served at Inasal Republic, let me share a few that you'll surely enjoy!

Kansi Soup, comforting and fruity, not too sour which I like! (We were served half the serving because we will be having a lot of food that afternoon!)

Bangus Inasal - I liked how light and soft it was, the very savory sauce complemented it. It was nicely paired with Garlic Rice

Pusit Inasal, for those who love seafood, this would be a dream!

The desserts, Biko, Alupe (in Banana Leaf) and Maja Blanca. I love the Maja Blanca the most as it's so soft, sweet and a little salty on top because of the cheese. The Alupe was new for me, but reminds me of Pangasinan's Tupig, but was actually steamed. Go get them both!

If you're excited as I am about what's about to happen, it'll all go down on July 15th as they open up shop at 25 West Avenue in Quezon City. They also have other items on the menu like the Chicken Inasal Flakes (also in bottles) and Laing that people were loving that afternoon. You can also choose to mix them up with the Garlic Rice, it's as good as it looks in photos. I will probably have to line up that day just to get a taste of it again. Make sure you get ahead of me on July 8 and line up, see why even celebrities loved the Chicken Inasal from Inasal Republic!

There's going to be more branches of it nationwide, so make sure you follow their social channels by searching Inasal Republic on FB, IG and TikTok to get updates where they plan to put them up soon!


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