Sparkle Artists Elle Villanueva, Sophia Senoron and Ysabel Ortega: Officially "Nailandia" Franchise Owners

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Self-care has never been more important especially after what we've all gone through these past few years. Ms. Noreen Divina often go to salons and spas to take care of her nails and well being. Her husband often joked about always seeing her in these establishments and said she should have built her own one instead of spending much for it weekly. This started her interest in this big business venture.

She knew her husband made sense, which is why she put in the legwork and started learning the ropes of doing and managing a nail salon. Aside from that, she also went to school and learned how to put up her own spas (it involves several courses and took them all) prior to building her own business. Putting her foot where her mouth is, she now even visits franchisees to do work for customers to this day; which at this day and age is quite admirable. To date, Nailandia now has several branches across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. There are also plans to put up more of these branches in other countries like UAE and the US pretty soon.

Nailandia is certainly growing. Some of her brand ambassadors like Sparkle Artists Elle Villanueva, Sophia Senoron and Ysabel Ortega (who initially were just sponsored with nail services as celebrities) took interest too and now; are full time franchise owners of the brand. They saw how important it was to take care of themselves and loved everything they did during an event. Today, they are officially building their branch at Tomas Morato's Il Terrazzo which would probably be done during the last quarter of this year.

Ms. Noreen loved how they saw value with their brand, and now these Sparkle Artists and Voltes V: Legacy stars will be a great addition to their stellar line of franchisees. She also says "I'm very thankful, to the Lord above for all these opportunities!"

They were also hit hard during the pandemic, but Ms. Noreen felt lucky that much of the branches were able to re-open with the care of franchise owners too. Despite hard times, they were also able to provide for their employees in their own way. They stopped royalty fees during that time too which they know would help businesses survive during a very difficult time.

Primetime Queen Marian Rivera-Dantes continues to be the brand's official endorser. They also attribute their success with her trust, and the people, franchisees and customers who believed in them all these years. Hope you see Nailandia in a different light when you hear this story.


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