LIZZIE AGUINALDO Releases Debut Single "Baka Pwede Na" Under Star Music

Saturday, June 03, 2023

She's just starting but everything seems to be falling into place, that's how I see Lizzie Aguinaldo. She just recently released her debut single "Baka Pwede Na" composed by multi awarded songwriter and director Joven Tan. This is under Star Music. 

Lizzie says "I hope this song will be something that people would play whenever they feel giddy, in love, or even when they remember that special someone in their life, particularly those in my generation. I love how  simple Direk Joven Tan made this song, and I hope people feel the whole vibe of my first single."

She adds "I've been dreaming of becoming a singer ever since I was 8, and recording "Baka Pwede Na" and the whole experience is unbelievable! It's a mix of being nervous and excited, I was already thinking of having this be a movie soundtrack. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to do this now! My school fully supported me, I was shocked they put up a billboard on our school, and I was so happy to see that. I must say, even though I don't have experience in relationships, I think I made the connection with the crushes I had in the past. It was a nice process because Direk Joven made the song so fast, I think we only took 2 weeks to record it. I do write songs, but haven't had the chance to release that. I do have formal training, I actually have my voice coach here right now. I get inspired with Taylor Swift songs, even OPM bands, I love listening to them as well. I love Zack Tabudlo and his songs, I hope to get to work with them soon."

Direk Joven Tan says "Lizzie already had a huge range when we first met, and I'm quite sure she'll hone this even more in due time, it'll be easy to work and develop which is why when they recommended her to me, I immediately said yes and worked with her."

"Baka Pwede Na" is available on streaming platforms now so make sure to download or stream it and see why there's so much promise for the young Caviteña. Just search for Lizzie Aguinaldo on Spotify!

Congratulations Lizzie! Can't wait to see you appear in shows here and around the globe! By the way, the event was supported by Lucky Prince Homes which Lizzie Aguinaldo is also an endorser of. 


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