KELVIN MIRANDA to Star in "Missed Connections" on Netflix

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Good looking actor Kelvin Miranda is reaping the benefits of his efforts especially this 2023 as he gets multiple projects left and right.

One of which is "Missed Connections" which he is doing together with noted actress Miles Ocampo and sexy vixen Chie Filomeno. It's off tangent of much of the characters he's played in the past; because this time, he's not the cool boy who always hit on girls, but a guy who's never had a girlfriend since birth. He's now someone who's very awkward towards them, which he says was quite hard to play during the shoot. Missed Connections by the way is already streaming on Netflix (oh yes today!) and is under the production of KROMA Entertainment. He was very game answering questions during the press conference.

Kelvin Miranda adds "For me (in finding someone to love), I always go for the one who has personality; because believe it or not, I find it hard talking to women. I don't even post much on social media and much of them understand me when I talk to them."

About his recent wins, he says "I feel the success, and I'm glad my management has always been there to support me in my projects and my personal life. I give my all when I work, because I love what I do. I'm so happy that GMA and Sparkle supports me too, they even put up this presscon just for me. I can't thank them enough because they are always there when I have projects, they give me what I deserve. I know there's a lot of artists in GMA but they do give time to see me, ask what I need." 

Here's some highlights of the press conference this afternoon:

Kelvin then said "I really count my blessings, I take it easy, I listen to music so I do relax (after work), I try to be reactive on social media because I too love those who love me."

Now remember, you can stream Missed Connections on Netflix today. Kelvin also has a few projects too on GMA, plus a few films from other productions. Make sure you follow Sparkle's social channels, and his accounts to know more about what he's doing. He's certainly the next big thing!


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