Marian Rivera Glows Like a Pro with Blanc Pro

Friday, June 30, 2023

It looks like things are really looking beautiful over at Blanc Pro, a new brand under the Beautéderm Group of Companies. They have highly effective skin products made even affordable, but still promises it still retains its quality.

The Blanc Pro products include the Milk Whitening Soap, Phyto Emerald Moisturizing Soap, the Milk Body Wash, the AHA Body Wash, Sakura Body Scrub, the Clarifying Toner, the Exfoliating Charcoal Whipped Foam and Vita Complex Sleeping Mask (my personal favorite because it smells like cucumber). The Toner boosts collagen production and gently exfoliates, so you get younger looking and softer skin. It has a cooling effect. The Milk Whitening Soap on the other hand fades discolorations, shrinks enlarged pores so you get a brighter complexion. The soaps are intended to be used on the face. The Phyto Emerald Moisturizing Soap won't get you dry skin. It also smells a bit like seaweed for me but it has cucumber on it.

Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan also shared her story, on how she was able to become a successful girl boss despite life's challenges and presented it to the media.

Beautederm President/CEO Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan says "Today is a special day, I can't tell you how much I wished for this day to happen. I had big dreams, hoping to sell products from my home, and I was not alone. Beautéderm is honored to become one of the leading beauty brands in the country, hard work and being kind was always our secret. I'm very happy to share with you today that we are launching our sub brand Blanc Pro. Please, welcome our official Blanc Pro endorser Ms. Marian Rivera. 

Ms. Rei Anicoche Tan also had Beautederm/Blanc Pro dealers spend time on stage with Marian Rivera.

Heard on the sidelines how everyone was at awe on how gorgeous Marian Rivera Dantes is upon seeing her in person. It was the same thing that happened when I interviewed her years back!

Here's Marian's interview with the press, please enjoy!

Marian is officially endorsing the Blanc Pro brand and her current favorite JEJU WHITE Honey Berry and Blooming Dale lotions. She's quite obsessed with it and can finish a bottle quite quick, and she shares how she also sometimes secretly put it on Dingdong Dantes too. The Jeju White Honey Berry smells like crushed berries, I'd suggest you get both if you want to experience what Marian uses personally. Yes she had a hand in formulating this and tried it out before it was released in the market.

Ms. Rei also gave advice about products that are out in the market, you need to make sure they are effective and are of good quality. You are after all investing in your skin, and Blanc Pro could do you good in your journey!


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