YES MY LOVE Set to Perform in Singapore Today!

Sunday, June 11, 2023

The boys from YES MY LOVE

Seeing Niko, Joshua, RZ, Jeff,  Eli, and Brian from Cornerstone Entertainment's boy group "Yes My Love" must have been a dream for a few, but it certainly happened to me a few days ago. It was an intimate performance with only a few peers from media seeing their performance for the first time as they embark in a concert to be held in Singapore (today at 2PM, you can still get tickets at at the Esplanade Recital Studio in the Merlion state. 

It's called SPECTACLE! which they will do together with other PPOP and SPOP groups namely Estelle Fly, Alfred Sun, BINI, BGYO and XOXO. For those who don't know, Yes My Love was just formed a few months ago comprised of the defunct members of TOP Class and a few artists they put together from Cornerstone Entertainment's pool of talents. I didn't have to research much on their legitimacy because as soon as they opened their pipes, I just said WOW, these guys can really sing! Plus the fact that they were doing it with a routine that has so much vigor, sexy vibes, reminiscent of RnB and boyband groups in the 90's, but still have that energetic technical prowess and moves you would see in PPOP which makes them quite different from their peers in the business. Here's a two part interview we did with them after their short program, I hope you get to know them even better after this!

(My apologies in advanced as some parts may skip because resources on my phone might have caused it, I was uploading videos as I was recording and I only noticed when someone pointed it out on YT comments ha!)

Then we had a few naughty questions asked, something fans (143's which love them) would absolutely adore. 

I would like to take this bit and thank everyone at Cornerstone Entertainment for arranging this very intimate press conference so we'd be able to get to know the boys of YES MY LOVE. I can't wait to see them get the attention they deserve especially now that they have an international stint in happening in Singapore. As an extra treat, here's some post event shots from the nice boys of YES MY LOVE!

Now make sure you follow Cornerstone Entertainment's and YES MY LOVE's social channels for a good dose of love from these boys. Let them sing and dance their way to your heart now, and don't tell them that I already have my bias LOL. Again, if you're in Singapore, you can still catch them today!


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