Timezone Opens Biggest Branch in Ayala Malls Feliz

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I'm a gamer, old school by todays standards but I can give a fight in any title if I need to. I've spent my childhood, my teens and even college life playing with consoles, and my hangout was pretty much the arcade. So when I was invited a couple of days ago in Ayala Malls Feliz for the opening of what is supposed to be the BIGGEST Timezone branch in the country, I jumped at the opportunity to see it. 

Honestly I couldn't believe my eyes. The 5th Floor of this new mall will obviously be filled with other merchants - but judging from the looks of it, this whole section they are in will be the piece de resistance. It's HUGE, HUMONGOUS, but pretty simple concept to put in one place. They've been talking abojt this a couple of months ago (when they opened the branch in Ayala Malls Vertis North). This time they won't hold back and will cater to each member of the family.

This is called TIMEZON AIR. A large trampoline park on the right side of the venue. They can hold different trampoline exhibitions, ultimate dodgeball or just about anything that you can imagine your kids or not so kids anymore to do here. I was a wee bit envious when some of the kids tried this out because I couldn't go there because I was still playing games in the arcade, I'm surely going back here. I'll bring a couple friends along because it's not that expensive, we can have lots of fun here.

This is the TIMEZONE PLAY area. It's the ulimate fun house for your kids 5 and up. Thing is, this isn't your ordinary obstacle course as there are several learning modules on the first floor. It would make your kids excercise their brains, learn a lot with science, history, as they have dedicated a section for it. It's got four floors to tickle the fancy of your kids, I'm sure they won't be bored with this huge play area that comprises about third of the whole venue.

The Entertainment Center in the middle part of the TIMEZONE grounds houses the different machines for arcade games, they have the latest and the greatest fighting, alter reality, shooting and race games. Aside from that, they have different fun games that spit out tickets which you can save and equate for a prize later on. I'm saving up for that bike I saw in their counter, they also have cute Mario Brothers plush and Star Wars toys which I'm sure you'll all love.

They also have food establishments inside the venue that is connected with Banapple. They call it SANDWICHEESE which serves some real organic healthy stuff to the more not so guilt free meals because cheese is life.

I would take my friends and family here in a heartbeat. I would also get my ideal date here if that happens, I love girl gamers LOL. 

Anyway, you can see this all happen at the 5th Floor of the new Ayala Malls Feliz along Marcos Highway in Marikina. The new shops, restaurants and this complete family fun entertainment venue should keep you there for days if the mall doesn't close for the next workday, I assure you you'll love em all!

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Download EATIGO for WOW Wednesdays!

Monday, April 16, 2018

I am fond of food, I mean who doesn't right? Well honestly, if it were all affordable I'd probably have more. Saving a buck or two wouldn't be bad either, have you heard about EATIGO? If not then you should know more about it. You will love it the moment you install the app wether on iPhone or Android.

Aside from the lovely restaurants on the app, the discounts are huge! Imagine this April 18, they'll have 50% OFF promos all day, and they're not even joking.

Where you say? Restaurants like Barcino, Dillingers 1903, Alta at Ascott BGC, Gelatofix and Vengo. There are tons more in the the app. WOW Wednesday will have their own section, so it'll be easier to navigate in the app so your Wednesday won't be boring anymore. If you want, you can reserve seats ahead of time 12am on April 16, no fuss! Download it off Google Play or the App Store, it'll be all there!

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You'll love LOVE, SIMON

Based on an internationallly successful novel, I joined a couple of friends to watch Love, Simon. It's an LGBT themed film, more geared towards discovering himself, some sort of a little... coming out story. 

An ordinary guy, born from normal parents, normal friends, who drink coffee, watch movies and watch their carbs. It's a perfectly normal life - albeit being a little obsessed with the gardener next door, but that's another story. 

Yeah he's queer, not out there, more like in the closet. He found another person in the same predicament, same thoughts as he has - so he took the chance to connect, and they did. The getting to know stage, the blackmailing, everything falling apart. 

They go through teenage stuff, milennial - get drunk and lose it. In the end he wants to find who he is... but honestly I like his Whitney Houston moment I think every gay guy has that diva who represents him - his is fun. I also like how he got to tell his friends about his preferencr - but not how it went with the others.

I don't want to spoil things, but YES this film is quite interesting to watch with friends and family. Prolly 4/5 cows because I enjoyed it. Not really for kids, but more for PG 13 at least. You'll love how it ends. 

It will be out on May 9 under 20th Century Fox.  

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Thank You

My Dad passed away this Tuesday, April 3, he was 70.

I know am still hurting, not fully recovered yet. I don't know what will happen after this but I am optimistic things (even though will not be the same) hopefully will be better for us. We are taking care of Mom, as we always have been doing.

I am just writing this post to thank everyone who have in their own way, showed their condolences while we are still grieving. It may have not been less stressful, less heavy, but know that we are extremely thankful to everyone who have helped us during this time. Please do know that I have read all the comments, private messages, but I'm still contemplating how to answer most of them because the old people are telling me not to say "thank you" even if I really am thankful.

Kidding aside, my heartfelt thanks to all the bloggers and PR Executives who went to the wake of my Dad. It really kept me on top of my toes to see you just being there. You know who you are.

For those who sent flowers, who sent help and even tons of food, THANK YOU

Batch 68 Ramon Magsaysay Cubao HS
ABSCBN Corp Comm
Evelyn Bueno, Alain and Ryan
Batch 95 TCQC
Jessah Marie Lopez
Tita Tootsie, Daisy & Bjomar, Duvhie, Aiko and Emem
BAM Asia
Comco Southeast Asia
Vivo Philippines
Oppo Philippines
Ripple 8
Direk Perci Intalan and Direk Jun Lana
Senator Gregorio Honasan and his Family
Grupo Agatep
Officers and staff of SYKES asia
Honorable Senator Gregorio and Mrs. Honasan
Regine Boo District AIA Singapore, Evelyn, Alain and Ryan
Valles Family
Comco Southeast Asia
Jessah Marie Lopez and family
Ms Annie, everyone at Bridges
PerkComm inc.
Former TV5 PR peeps
All my relatives who put aside their differences and went to see my Dad
My neighbors

Thank you so much for helping us during our most trying times. I know this isn’t enough, but know that everything you have done for me and my family is much appreciated. Again, THANK YOU.

For those who I may have forgotten to mention in this post, my apologies, but know that I do treasure each minute you spared and spent with us and my family. Maraming maraming salamat, my Dad would have been happy to see this all happen. Again, thank you!

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