Philippines Hosts Asian Open Short Track Speed Skating Trophy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hey sports fans! It looks like an awesome day for Philippine skating as our country hosts the first Asian Open Short Track Speed Skating Trophy. Eight countries like Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines will have their representatives pit against each other at the new Ice Skating Rink built at the 5th floor of SM Megamall's Fashion Hall. It was my first time to watch this live but I do see this in Olympic games when mostly European or American countries play it. The sport must have gained ground already and we're already got one Fil-Am girl joining in the name of Kathryn Victory Magno. She's done quite well today where she did her runs. She placed third in the Senior Ladies Division. These speed skating events are usually done in Japan and South Korea so the Asian Skating Union President Myong Hi-Chang was extremely happy to have it here.

The event officials also said they were impressed with the facilities in SM and hopefully we can have more Filipinos represent the country in the next Winter Olympics. This event will end tomorrow so if you want to see them during the games, go visit the 5th Floor of SM Megamall's Fashion Hall.


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Frencheska Farr Holds Successful Concert

Frencheska Farr in Concert at Teatrino Promenade
It was awesome. It was something she had really coming because Frencheska Farr is a damn fine lady with sheer talent and early bank-ability. Someone who could sing would've been already impressive but she did a couple of dance numbers that also did the same. This is something that she thought would be the perfect event for her fans and something that she could dedicate to her Mom who has been able to support her all these time.

Frencheska Farr and the Adlib Dancers

She did a couple of covers, the most popular and recent ones which really showed her vocal range. Teatrino Promenade was also the perfect place to have this since it's closer, more intimate which is what she wanted. I also saw rows of her fans screaming in front which says a lot how they adore her. She's done her deed, she deserves to be successful because she did really work hard for it.

Then after a few songs, she had to change outfits. Guess who came along and did a spectacular version of Bang bang!

The Trial

This is one of the most awaited movies this year. Why? John Lloyd Cruz, Richard Gomez, Gretchen Barretto is in it. Not to mention Chito Roño is directing it. Star Cinema has lined up blockbuster hits one after another and this is surely something that's not any different. The stars already knew before they did this film that the material is super good. Chito Roño says the casting is fresh even if the story is heavy. It's something unique and not usually seen in story lines elsewhere. He adds that everybody should wait for the trial scenes as that will be very draining, but you'll still want to see it.

"I gave the actors enough time to study the role. The key actors worked here event if we had a few stars. You will see the characters pain, dysfunctional and hard in some cases. You still see great performances in every scene because that's what I asked from them" says direk Chito Roño. 

Jessy Mendiola says "I had more confidence here and if I'm ever going to work in another project I can really apply the Chito Roño experience. He knows what he is doing."

They went to an orphanage that also had some cases similar to John Llloyd's character. That's how we got him to study it. They've done a lot of court scenes but on this one they've talked to real deal lawyers and practitioners so it's not going to be a question if this is close to real life.

John Lloyd is really in character while in the set, you can feel he's already carrying a burden while he's portraying this role. If you don't see that in the film then that would be a failure in their part telling the story. You should watch it. There's a ton of reasons why people are talking about it already, it's complex but should be seen by a lot of people who at least would be interested in a family drama which Star Cinema has never done this way yet. It's showing now!

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