Angelica, Sam and John Launch Bright Bulb Productions

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Had the chance to drop by the launch of Bright Bulb Productions and "Malaya"(Free) which is the new MTV of talented singer Moira Dela Torre. This has been part of a soundtrack for a movie they did a couple of months ago but they didn't have a music video with it and they started it off. Sam Milby has been good friends with Moi, John and Angelica so they decided to make this their first official venture under their new production company.Moira is definitely the talk of the town because of her songs which recently gained airplay plus "Malaya" climbed up the Billboard Philippines charts so they felt it was just the right time.

John Pratts directed the shoot with a single camera on hand and he says "While editing it we felt that the emotions was right, this was Moira's personal story, a song that was for her Grandma. Freeing someone is hard, but you have to let go even if it's painful. It was easy to direct them because you can tell them what your vision is and they give it in one shot. It wasn't sad during the shoot. I think on the scenes, I caught them on the most vulnerable parts of their lives. I want to make them a part of the cast and make a concept that would be perfect for them. It was just awkward at first but since they are involved in production they gave it all and more because they are invested in it."

Angelica had a hand in the creatives and says the process was pretty easy since she was working with people she already knew, she adds "For me if you love someone, you have to fight for it but never force it. If they don't want you, it's not real love if you don't give them their happiness. I was a bit shy when those kissing scenes happened but it was inspiring to actually do that. When I started kissing him I didn't want to stop. It was addicting. (Then they laughed) The scenes in Moira's MTV was more of an open ended wide conceptualized thing so in a nutshell we just did it without any scripts. We just talk and execute. We didn't use any personal experience or talk about it otherwise we would have all gone home and packed up the shoot. The things we do elsewhere, it was raw and people could relate to that. It was just good to do it. I didn't have an awkward phase but just followed their direction because I know how to put up a wall between professionals and friends."

Sam Milby was in good spirits, he gamely answered he plethora of questions about love and letting go asked by other people in the small talk and says "It must really be that way, if you love someone you have to laugh about things. It would be more okay to free them if you value yourself. I don't know where to cry, I was just sad there and on the scene you just have to be mum. If you are guilty you just don't have to say anything just like what happened there. For me it was awkward at first because I never worked with him in that setup, but since it's a music video it was light even if the song was so sad. It came out fine because we could communicate easily. We know our own strengths and we work quite nicely and I even do tech, so I suggest things. That's how we work together."

For those who want to see the video, here it is as posted on their Youtube channel:

Saw this already earlier and I think it was awesome. It had that raw feeling that takes you in the situation, Angelica and Sam both had us engulfed at the flames of their pain, his eyes of guilt included. You'll see more of this and their future works because by the looks of it, this is just the start. Perhaps soon, they'll get to do short films, full length ones and release it in movie houses.

They assured us they will.


IMPOSSIBLE at the Araneta this Christmas

Monday, November 20, 2017

You've already seen Ben Hart on my earlier article about this show but today we're delighted to see another guy who's monicker explains it all, he's Magical Bones!

He hails from the south of London, known for his antics about street magic and conjuring. The title bestowed upon this chap is The World's Best Hip-Hop Magician that stems from his capability to mix magic tricks, break dancing, sleight of hand and a whole lot more. So from December 25 to January 3, make sure you get tickets to the show with the biggest and most breathtaking performances, the greatest magic show on earth!

"As a magician, I like other street magicians like David Blaine and other UK based street performers. I think it's all about practice, sitting in front of a mirror and it takes a while perfectinga trick, you can always improve. You might take a long time doing it because it's a skill but the wonder and astonishment is real. We do have a lot of death defying tricks in the show, life threatening but you'll see that during Christmas. I did a couple shows with really big stars but we focus on doing our job. Everyone has a segment on the show and we all have the same amount of time in the show. Maybe when the internet came out, it may have had the kids enjoy figuring it out but what I do is different. Dancing and magic happened in London, during breaktime in the sets I just came up with it like a natural progression. It's just doing me, who I am, my taste, in different hiphop tracks. There's only a few, I may be the only one doing this so I'm the best. We have dancers in London that are Filipino, amazing but quite a few. It's fun doing what you do, you'll see Crunchy, my signature act. You'll see the best magicians too aside from me, and you've got variety, different ranges of magic throughout the show and each is unique, you won't see any other acts like it in the world. Maybe, maybe, you'll get to see us all in one act, that's a secret. We also will have our team's Christmas dinner here so I'm excited and really looking forward to that!"

Visit and get tickets at TicketNet or the Araneta ticket booths that's open office hours. Your kids would enjoy this as much as you!

Fresh Blogs Fast!

Golden Fiesta Kicks Off Heart Healthy Camp in Nuvali

I think I've written about this activity which was slated a few days ago, good thing the weather cooperated so they got to have the Heart Healthy Camp which was initiated by the people from Golden Fiesta. Solenad 1 in Nuvali Laguna is a mixed use property so you've got a combination of BPO, regular office, school and residential areas, people who come from different walks of life who want to at least get breakfast, have an activity and Golden Fiesta Canola Oil is making it even better.

They've worn their exercise gear as early as 6AM and through the Heart Healthy Camp, they're doing different excercise routines and regimen in this strength and conditioning themed fitness camp. Families, groups, friends all came from different parts of the city and joined the fun trying different excercise and workout routines, and boy did they have fun!

Mind you they were no joke because the workout activities included Plyometric Box Jumps, Low Hurdles, Agility Ladders, Fitness Band, Kettle Bells and Ropes. After whetting their appetite, Chef Jose Sarasola prepared hearty meals for them later on so they also get schooled also about using Canola for their everyday cooking and use it for Salads, Frying, Savory dishes and just about anything you would want to prepare in the kitchen. If you didn't know, Canola oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which could aid in making your heart healthy. If that won't be a reason to enjoy it after working out all day, then I don't know what will.

If you want to join their other Golden Fiesta Heart Healthy Camps, they'll have another one at the Track 30th in Bonifacio Global City come November 26 (Sunday). They'll also have another one at Eton Centris on December 3 (Sunday). If you want to join and check out updates from the event, like their Facebook page at because they plan to do more in the future!


The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Plans from Smart

I was one of the few who stayed up late and waited for the reveal of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to know if it'll fit me because honestly, I am in dire need of a phone because my current one is in need of an upgrade. Well, almost. This has been with me for years already and it still works, my other phones have already given up on me but I still do a lot of things with my 5S and 5. I could still function lol.

Just recently though, Smart has come out with the plans for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you've never heard of it yet, then I bring good news.

Their iPhone 8 plan only costs Php 2,699 a month which include 12GB of data, 1 free app (so it doesn't get counted over that), unli text 70 minute calls to all networks, plus a month free of Gadget Shield so you're good if ever something happens to it. If you prefer the iPhone 8 Plus, just shell out a couple more bucks which means you can pay Php 2,999 a month and get the same data allowance, calls, texts and one free month for the Gadget Shield too.

What this means is that you can get the phone without that huge CASH OUT that everybody's afraid about... and just pay it monthly like it's included in the bill. You'll pay less if you finish the whole 24 month period which gets you the phone, so head on to now if you want to know more and avail it. I might be doing that in a few! Imagine this lovely phone with the best camera and processor to boot, if I'd be getting one it'll definitely be Smart!