#LoveThrowback2 the Concert: Timeless, All Star, OPM

Saturday, January 21, 2017

It looks like the stars are aligned for love struck people this Valentines day as some of the greatest OPM artists like Ariel Rivera, Joey Generoso, Jinky Vidal, Nina, Christian Bautista and Hadji Alejandro swoon your hearts away as they sing timeless and classic OPM songs at #LoveThrowback2. This concert will happen at the PICC Plenary Hall this February 14 at 8:30PM. 

Make sure you get your tissues ready as they delve more into Filipino ballads that'll send you to feelings of love, heartaches, loss and even acceptance in this February. Now I know you miss Ariel Rivera a LOT but we're sure he'll whip up his hit singles "Sana Kahit Minsan", "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin", and my personal favorite "Ayoko Na Sana" which you shouldn't ask why ha-ha!

Former frontman of Side A Joey Generoso will probably sing your favorites "Tell Me" and if you're good that evening he might add in "Forevermore" too because nothing beats the original. Jinky Vidal, power and all will bring you to her hay days with Freestyle as sing hits such as "So Slow" and covers of "If I Believe" (I think a Patti Austin original) and "One Hello" which she did awesome in the past. Soul Siren Nina will get you her I woke up like this type of singing for her successful renditions of "Through The Fire", the heartbreaking "I Love You Goodbye" and if you're in the mood she'll also sing "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways".

Asia's Hunky Balladeer Christian Bautista on the other hand will get you feel the reason for Valentines day with his hits such as "Colour Everywhere", "The Way You Look at Me" and "Hands to Heaven". Hadji Alejandro will also get you to see the reason why he's called "Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala" as he sings "May Minamahal", "Nakapagtataka" and for those who are in rebound relationships "Panakip Butas". 

You may purchase tickets through Ticketworld by calling 8919999 or TicketNet via 9115555 or SM Tickets at 4702222. This is produced by Royale Chimes Concerts so make sure to follow them @RoyaleChimesConcerts on IG and @RoyalChimes on Twitter for updates and behind the scenes footage of this concert. I'm watching this so see you on Valentines day!

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Miss Universe at the Governor's Ball #SmartMissU

Friday, January 20, 2017

Miss Universe delegates were at the Governor's Ball in Manila a couple of days ago. Donning stunning dresses and gowns, these ladies had the chance to see some of Manila's brightest stars, politicians, the society people in one place. Now don't fret if you didn't have access to that party because we got photos from our friends at SMART and PLDT. They're doing a coverage both on usual media, and on their social media channels. Make sure you enjoy the show while on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Smart's social media channels. Here's a rundown of what they wore that evening. Imagine the world's most beautiful women in one place, prepare to be awed!

Ms. Aruba Charlene Leslie at the Governor's Ball in Manila wearing a mustard embroidered long gown.

Ms. Barbados Shannon Harris elegant in a beaded white and gold gown.

Ms. Denmark Christina Mikkelsen wears a black peekaboo long gown, she looks so elegant in it.

Ms. France Iris Mittenaere looks stunning in a long white gown with crystals.

Ms. Germany Johanna Acs gets a do worthy of a 50's red carpet event, lovely.

Miss Universe in Boracay #SmartMissU

It looks like the girls are having fun with one of the most beautiful island in the world BORACAY. Thanks to our friends from SMART they got us hooked up with photos of them while doing their rounds in the island paradise found in the Visayas Region, at the middle part of the Philippines.  The country has 7,107 islands and has got a lot more to explore. If you don't like this one, we've got tons of others and as you can see, these ladies got immersed pretty good with the local community. They also spent a lot of time with them during this activity with ETC and the Miss Universe Organization. Check out the photos below!

They were all beaming, Miss Argentina Estefania Bernal loving the tropical weather.

Miss Turkey Tansu Cakir and Miss Malta Martha Fenech looking so good in their day dresses.

Ms. Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks, Ms. Honduras Sirey Moran and Ms. Namibia Lizelle Esterhuizen couldn't help but take selfies on one of the most beautiful islands in the world!

The ladies are here to experience what it's like to have an island life in the Philippines. They will also be talking to local folks and do activities in the hotel's grounds.

Tribal music is provided by our friends from Smart!

Ms. Guyana Soyini Fraser, Ms. Nicaragua Marina Jacoby and Ms. Costa Rica Carolina Rodriguez was also there, and wanted to be in the sea already, but they've got to experience something first.

Ms. Poland Izabella Krzan, Ms. Myanmar Htet Htet Htun was taught by a local on how to weave baskets.

Boracay employs the local Ati Tribe, making locals part of the workforce is good for their families too.

They sat down on local mats called banig and spent around an hour to finish their basket weaving.

The others made souvenirs made from cement and broken rocks from the shore.

Ms. Honduras doesn't let this hot day hamper their mood, she says hi!

These ladies learn what the locals do to earn a living. These souvenirs get sold to tourists in the island, and locals profit from it.

Ms. Mexico asks about how the locals earn and how the hotel pays for these cute gift baskets which they also use for souvenirs in the hotel.

Ms. Myanmar is happy about her work, she chooses colorful hues for the strands on her basket.

The local Ati Tribe has lived in the island for years. Some of them are now employees and being trained for hospitality service and cater to people flocking the island all throughout the year.

She's so pretty!

They also whipped out their gorgeous swimsuits and enjoyed the beach for a few hours. The sunset is so gorgeous in this part of the Philippines.

Ms. Malta showing off her hard work.

I like how Ms. Argentina looks on this shot.

She's a stunner, so is Ms. Mexico.

Ms. Malta chooses to frolic in the waves of Boracay.

Ms. Belize Rebecca Rath with other contestants, she looks pretty!

They also rode the Dragon Boats, one of the Philippines' sources of gold medals in world championships. It can carry the candidates in one go!

Yes they all tried it too!

Beautiful ladies show their best day dresses for this activity.

Social Media plays an important part in the Miss Universe, better if you get data and LTE connection with SMART because they're the best in Boracay!
Then it's time to take their selfies!

That sunny disposition of Ms. Australia Caris Tivel, and that smile!

Ms. Costa Rica feels at home since she's also from a tropical country, but I'm sure she appreciates the beach!

Ms. Nicaragua is probably looking for a date, there are hot guys in Boracay and plus 1 if I'm there!

The ladies will be in different parts of the Philippines and will be covered by PLDT and SMART so if you're raring to get news about these ladies, make sure you follow SMART's social media channels. They will also be seen on Instagram and Twitter so you know the drill!

Hoping to see them in person, hopefully soon!


For more information about their artists:
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Foolish Love from Regal Films

Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's a day for love, romance and a little funny. On January 25, 2017, Angeline Quinto, Jake Cuenca, Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida will make you fall in love with 4 new characters in the movie entitled FOOLISH LOVE which is produced by Regal Films. This is their first movie this year and it couldn't come at an opportune time because Angeline Quinto has improved a lot since "That Thing Called Tanga Na". They also have paired her with hunky Jake Cuenca who's surely going all out after doing acting school and several master class opportunities in the US. Direk Joel Lamangan has nothing but good words for them. Angeline plays a crazy love thirsty woman who wanted to have Jake Cuenca to be the man of her dreams. He turns out to be a different kind of guy and it'll be a riot from there. Will love be enough to fix this relationship? We're not sure, but Angeline gave off a very convincing love scene with Jake in this movie... so that alone is something to watch about.

Aside from that, this is the first time that Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida are going to be seen on silverscreen. ToMiho as fondly called by their fans would actually be a great addition to the ensemble as baristas in the film. Now imagine Miho being actively sought after by her boss played by funny man Jerald Napoles. She still wants Tommy but would probably be afraid to get fired anytime if her boss finds out. Tommy and Miho are inseparable, so if you're looking for reel and real romance then they would gladly show you how.

"Sometimes I forget the script and I'm glad I have my co actors to ask for help. Of course I need to learn a lot about acting, but I'm glad I'm doing this with Tommy. Nakakabaliw naman talaga ang pagibig eh, pagperfect ang boring eh."-Miho Nishida

"I fight with Miho's boss in the movie and I'm suppsed to punch the boss and I'm hesitant to do that. Direk keeps telling me I can do it, I ended up punching him on the scene... for work! We want to be successful actors and even if we end up get paired with other actors, I suppose we can learn from that. Love is a beautiful thing, love is crazy"-Tommy Esguerra

"Working with Direk Joel you will learn a lot and this is the best take away, having a film with him." -Jake Cuenca

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