People Are Eager to Live Here: Amaia Steps Pasig Bianca

Thursday, May 16, 2019

I’ve heard after the elections, a LOT of people wanted to transfer to Pasig City. Well if you’re keen on really making that happen, this might be good news for you.

There’s a new mid rise residential structure in Eusebio Avenue San Miguel Pasig City called Amaia Steps Pasig Blanca. Made to answer the need of driven young professionals who are just starting a family or climbing up the corporate ladder, this would be a worthy investment at the heart of the green city.

It’s got 256 units across nine floors, spacious Studio, Deluxe and Premier units. It’s also modernly designed to fit the taste of young professionals, and their families. It’s also near the Ortigas Central Business District and commercial complexes like Tiendesitas, SM Supercenter Pasig and Robinsons Galleria. If you want your kids to also go to school, they’ve got nearby Pasig Catholic College, Arellano University and Rizal Technological University. Traveling to and from the community is easy because you can literally walk from it to jeepney stops, uv or other transport means. They also have a swimming pool, a jogging path, multi-purpose hall, basketball court and landscaped gardens inside the property. They plan to also build a few commercial spaces downstairs which will serve as their retail complex. Kids will also love the play area, they’ll all have fun without leaving the community too.

Amaia Land sells these with flexible payment schemes. You can get through cash, deferred payments and bank financing.

You may visit or for details. As east as that!

Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto for Between Maybes

It looks like Black Sheep is trying another formula as they pair up Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson for the movie Between Maybes. It’s not fully a romcom but a very light romance.

The setting is a little over 2 hours away from Fukuoka, in a place called Saga. The character is very close to real life Julia but she stressed “At the end of the day it’s my job and it was needed in the script and without it the gravity of the situation won’t have impact, it tells intimacy and it should be done as actors, it shouldn’t be an issue. My mom was happy and she appreciates Gerald in the film too. I don’t think he watched it or I don’t know if he will, he knows it and when he knew about it he told me he acknowledged it and if it is needed he’ll understand, I appreciate that part. I think people forget that we have management, this is well thought of and it’s all laid out in a plan. I have always liked tea even before the shoot.”

JP Laxamana says “The script wasn’t thinking with any actress in mind so when they asked for the requirement she did it. I really admire her, I didn’t want to get limited creatively. We did a workshop before shooting this film and they are good actors to begin with. As I said she is being a professional actress and they knew how to deliver the vision.”

Gerald says “There are days when I want to do this too, there are a lot of people who want to relate to it. I focused on Louie and how he found someone thinking it would bring him happiness but it didn’t end that way. Louie is very distinct, it happens to OFW’s and it’s not hard to emulate something real. I may not be much like Louie, but if you think about it he’s like much of our kababayans who work outside the country.”

Saga was essential for them because it was all quiet, during the whole shoot there they probably saw around 5 people in the community and it was normal, only a handful Filipinos from other cities went there when they got word they were shooting there too. It felt so serene and they had a conscious effort to not look like a tourist spot hopping location, it was rural Japanese villages, it was a decision for them to feature the community.

If you love Gerald, Julia, and Japan, take it to the movies and make them a box office success. This is under Black Sheep productions and there will be screenings in the US, some EU, Asian countries, Japan too. Gerald and Julia is currently in the cover of Saga’s official mag, if you can get a hold of it.

It shows May 15.


Ultimate Boxing Series on ESPN5

A new reality show on ESPN5 was just launched, but this time it won’t be like those other shows will petty drama because all those involved are up and coming boxers. It’s called UBS or Ultimate Boxing Series. The place was filled with world champs and olympic medalists, but we listened in to their conversation.

Two time world champion Gerry PeƱalosa says “Like what other people have said, boxing is our life. I am sure the next superstar of boxing is in this group. We went to different cities across the Philippines and have see so much talent. We need to guide them, discover and expose them to real fights. I will do everything to support them, Manny Pacquiao is also helping us, we are doing the grass roots programs and helping them realize their dreams. We try to check their records, to see them in the flesh and have them try out, we saw how good they were and picked those who have potential, all quality boxers and not just because of their sob story. We don’t have nuisance candidates. We picked those who have at least 10 fights, not less than 3, like amateur standouts. We even have people from the Philippine team, most of them have no loss record. The reason why we chose two weight classes is to make sure we pick quality fights and not confuse viewers if there would be more weight categories. We want quality not quantity. Hopefully we get around 3 wins before they get to the main fight which will be the undercard in the coming Philippine Mexico title fight.”

Our boxers, we are starting this. ESPN5 isn’t just about live events, UBS is going to be like ESPN sports stories featuring the life, their background, how they fight hard in and out of the ring. It is real drama and we hope to put this out hopefully to give honor and prestige to the country. To share the stories and the journey of the athletes, and yes people will relate to us like when we did Kwentong Gilas. This format is open to everybody, we asked Gerry to make this all inclusive and some were able to join, some were not able to do it but we have promoters and stables now in the program. As long as we feel if is relevant, we will continue doing this because it helps a lot in what we are doing in the channel, not just basketball or title fights, we want to show the developmental journey and support all sports programs. We flew the boxers here, we housed them and have logistical plans involved. Maybe in the future we’ll have more.”

This looks so exciting because we’ll get to see how their story would turn out, the fights will also be supervised and they have reserves in case they get into trouble. They have their own managers and trainers, if they hire someone it won’t be much trouble. They also have contracts with each boxer and they will be compensated, they made sure they will be happy. Rules will also be under GAB, so this will be a good fair fight in Novaliches. They will be housed in one roof and they wouldn’t be scripted, just their everyday life on TV. It will premiere on June so stay tuned!


Quezon's Game Media Launch

Just got off the media launch of Quezon’s Game, a heavily awarded film by (all 23 of them) to be shown finally in the Philippines this month.

Director Matthew Rosen says “Good question, when we started and because they were such important characters, Quezon has to be Quezon and Aurora is Aurora, 90% is casting and the rest is directing the set. I always try to make sure I have the right cast and generally, as soon as I saw them read, I knew they were Quezon and Aurora. They have always been the presidential couple in my mind. I came across this story about 10 years ago, when I knew about it in a local synagogue I felt it was a remarkable feat of humanity and we need to bring it back. It’s not a pro jew, pro american or any political agenda, it’s about being proud to be part of humanity.”

Rachelle shares “Matthew saw me first time in Spamalot, a musical and I sing and act. I was invited to audition, they had so much suggested but we had to do a lot with chemistry.”

Raymond on the other hand told us about his casting and said “I didn’t know it was me but I had to go to Kinetek, offering me a role for this movie while I was in Pusong Ligaw, so I was tired and really needed sleep, but I went there and talked to them. They said, you’re the favorite actor of my wife, and they asked me to audition. They gave me a long speech, I did it then redo it with a Spanish accent. Then they said they’ll give me a call, the whole two months I was swearing because I needed sleep that day. I was again, coming from a shoot the whole evening, but they said I had to come in and read again. Direk Matthew said they fought hard for me, albeit some other actors were being shot for the part. They fixed my hair and the suit, that’s when it started.”

Their agenda is for people to open up their history books again, for young ones to understand and help others realize how great of a country this is. This movie is also a thank you from the Director to the Philippines, to tell the world that there exists a country that is hospitable as a people, and care. This film shows on May 29, 2019.