Jennylyn Mercado, Gil Cuerva for My Love from the Star

Monday, May 29, 2017

We got to see them all in the red carpet press conference last week and here they are in photos! I'm one of the few, no a LOT in fact who's looking forward to see this show finally air it's pilot episode today on GMA's Primetime slot. The lovely Jennylyn Mercado together with the newest face in GMA's stable Gil Cuerva will let you fall in love again with the story of My Love From The Star, a Korean telenovela that is finally doing a Filipino version of it this 2017.

This has been in an amazing and surreal experience for the both of them because they know this show has a LOT of following. Aside from that, they will be directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal of which you are assured of quality. Mind you Gil Cuerva left his job as a professional model in Hong Kong, Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia just to audition, he made the right choice. 

Maricris Garcia provided the music this evening, she performed at the huge Studio 7 at GMA's Annex Building. It was nice to see them all suited up for the occasion. Her version was like three Octaves higher than the voice of James Wright (who did it initially) but both are good, they are great singers of course.

Everyone followed the routines to a T, and even showed how fun of a bunch they are even before the show. The red carpet walks and introductions were sometimes hilarious :)

This is Migo Adecer's biggest break. He'll play Jennylyn's brother in the show who somehow seems detached, but always ends up caring for her like what a real brother would do.

Raf Fernandez looks so good scruffy and all. Christian Bautista still exudes romantic balladeer ready to pounce on Jennylyn's character, whilst Glydel Mercado is a vixen Mom and very funny here.

Gabbi Eigenmann will be doing a role of a man who you will hate pretty soon. He's so good in these dark roles, I have lauded him so much since the Dading days and this is going to be a lot challenging still. Watch out how he gets the story complicated starting from the first episode.

Jackie Rice was a vamp during this evening. I like how she kept it sleek, so gorgeous in every angle. She will be envious of the career of Steffy, and you know what happens right?

Your Matteo Do will be Matteo Dominguez. Stay tuned on how he uncovers his mysterious persona on the show. No matter how much you think he's a noob, I'm sure you will end up liking him.

Jennylyn wIll be loved by you and me, it's like she's going to play a girl who dreams of that perfect relationship, of no matter how hard life may be she will still have her man, her funny persona doesn't stray too far from real life and she's very likeable.

Make sure you watch the show later on GMA's primetime slot.

She cried a lot during this presscon because as soon as the one on one questions started, she was asked about her Mom. Evidently she misses her so much, I mean who wouldn't right? 

I hope you guys support Jennylyn and Gil. I will watch the show from start to finish as I see how hungry they were to tell us how they worked hard on this show. They have been taping since last year and none of these were rushed. You'll feel that on the start of the show, I'll be posting Gil's interview in a bit... stay tuned! Haha :)

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Game of Drones at Circulo Verde

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wow! That was all I could say when I watched the races over at the first ever Game of Drones at Circulo Verde, a property managed and developed by Ortigas & Company. The last time I was here they opened The Bike Playground which was so awesome for hobbyists and bike enthusiasts here and nearby communities. 

These guys spent thousands of pesos just yo jazz up the usual drones and fit their rigs for racing purposes. True enough, these things zip by so fast, I fear it was going to chop off one or two limbs, but I'm so glad this sport is so safe for kids and adults, especially the ones who plays toys for the big boys.

I visited their main workshop area and found them making sure all their gears are in perfect working condition. Aside from that, once a drone crashes in the course, they fix it right away as they've brought spare parts too. 

I also love how they took really good care of their equipment. They personalize everything from blades to the actual controller, like this one in camouflage!

All these drones have eyes, they even monitor them real time in one station so as to make sure the spotters would see they pass every obstacle in the race course. They also have an organization going and these guys are mostly members of it. Circulo Verde is a sprawling property taking brave steps in making their community to be an active one, ecologically friendly and a really nice place to go to on weekends.

After a long day of eliminations, 8 drones will be battling it out in the finals. There will be also team time trials so whoever gets that will win these trophies and medals, prolly some moolah too. Ah this place is so competitive, I could smell the androgen from a mile away.

Have you gone to Circulo Verde?

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Smart Manila Masters Start Today!

Friday, May 26, 2017

If you are an avid fan of DOTA2, then it wouldn't be possible if you haven't heard that they will be here in the country. Mineski Events, ESL Games in partnership with Smart is starting Day 1 of competitions today as international teams Team Secret battle it out with Team NP, then in the afternoon it's going to be Faceless vs Clutch Gamers, any local or internarional enthusiast should not miss. (Lower bracket but equally exciting)

If you would want to win tickets to the coming semi final rounds, make sure you like Smart Communications Facebook page, follow their IG and Twitter accounts  because they will be giving them away there. Aside from that, they will have cosplay shows and Smart booths at the venue to get you more perks, exclusive promos and raffle prizes too.

As for me, I'm rooting for the local teams today because I know how much we fared quite good last year. If you're a fan of the game and not "weak", see you at the Mall of Asia Arena!

I'm going there now for the first match! 

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EnergyFM Vows To Be Great Again!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm currently sitting here alone in the crowd while munching on my favorite Korean meats at KPub Barbecue in BGC. Not that I don't want to but I just want to be alone for a moment as I listen to tunes dished by Tricoustics as they take part in the celebration and media launch of EnergyFM. It looks like they are taking an aggresive stance in forging partnerships and relationships with media people as they introduce more people from their radio station. You probably know the recent transfer of John Gemperle aka Papa Jack who is now known as Papa Jackson, aside from that they've got a stellar lineup of radio Dj's set to rule airwaves of Metro Manila and nearby provinces as they battle a tough market where everybody else was claiming they are number 1.

        KPUB BBQ was so good btw!

Now they were known to have been renting off time on their frequency in the past but now that they've added more people on their team, it looks like they are going to bank on the attention that they are getting. Would this prove to be a hard goal to reach? Or would this be an easy route? I believe it's going to be a very tough fight. Though I'm glad even in the past they have been able to get name recall with their byline "Wag Mo Sabihing Radyo, Sabihin Mo Energy!" which means "Don't say it's radio, say it's Energy!" (pertaining to EnergyFM). I still think they should stick with that and just amp up the individual programs they have the whole day.

But really, we have loved and always remembered EnergyFM as our "pangga" or love in our Visayan dialect. As owmer Ms. Rebecca Sy puts it "The celebrities are here, thank you for coming, even though I own McCormick, Clara Ole, San Remo, Lee Kum Kee, Tabasco and tons of other companies, I always thought greatness comes in how you face failures and focus on the goals. We only count blessings, and put everything to God. We don't have to be the number 1 radio station but have true love and concern with our listeners. Our mission is not just provide music and entertainment, we want to be an instrument of God to those who tune in to our station. Papa Jackson and Kuya Chico is now part of our team, and so does a lot of new members of the EnergyFM family, together with them I hope we all take priority not just to strive for greatness, but help people.  Please join us to make EnergyFM great again, thank you!".

Their Station Manager adds "For us at EnergyFM, she is our paradigm, she provides direction and deserves our thanks and congratulations Madam Rebecca Ang Sy. We have been lucky to have seen how our station has humbly grown, and for that we are also thankful too. You will see more things improve in programming, you'll be heearing us the whole week, weekends and Sundays included."

The DJ's all performed for the crowd which includes some of their sponsors, ad agencies and supporters. They also had everyone from the radio station thank the media who attended the occasion. I wish they prove true to their promise, because as they say... there's really no way to go but up!

Congratulations EnergyFM! I wish you guys all the best! And maybe soon, I'll be a DJ too, I think I had that on my bucketlist hahah! Oh and I really had fun, thank you!

P.S. Please make sure you ALWAYS listen to Papa Jackson's and Kuya Chico's (GabiNaKabahanKaNa) show on 106.7 EnergyFM from 9PM to 1AM weekdays and also Papa Jacksons much awaited Hello STG (sorry, thank you, goodbye) on the same slot on other days. You'll love them both! 

Thank you Papa Jackson and EnergyFM!

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