Good Food Need Not Be Expensive

Friday, September 22, 2017

Do you often go out for lunch or dinner while working and spend so much money for it? I guess it's time to put a stop to that because it certainly isn't a smart thing to do if you are working just paycheck to paycheck. Eh? That's not right. No, you don't have to call on the whole team and run for your lives using a robot. Exhibit A:

Well, what's  a better idea than to actually face the problem head on. Get your gears going and never skip a meal because Jollibee has them all. Have you bought JolliSavers meal? It saved me a ton because it only costs Php 50 for a Burger Steak. Imagine my joy to have that with a 100% beef patty, smothered with mushroom gravy and a cup of white rice. The same goes for the Jolly Spaghetti, made even meatier with slices of ham, ground beef and hotdogs... then topped with cheese. They also have Jollibee's YUM Burger, affordable for only Php 30 so how can we not be full after that meal?

See? It doesn't have to be expensive because there's always a hot, satisfying meal at the lovable Jollibee store near you. Really, good food need not be expensive no? 

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Ascof Lagundi Showcases ‘Biyenan’ A Family Story Online

You've always seen them be portrayed on Philippine cinema as the main antagonist, mean, and puts most of the husbands and wives in situations often left not discussed over family dinners. Being a very matriarchal country, we often see the "In-laws" as not so good news and it does happen in real life. Albeit controversial to be a topic, Ascof Lagundi takes this to a short film directed by prolific film maker Chris Cahilig who won awards for ECHORSIS a few weeks ago. This film is called BIYENAN, a film that talks about two women of different generations, raising kids, our family culture and our boundaries.

Being a matriarchal nation, we take respect to another level with our Grandmas. It's even common here to live with them sometimes and that takes a lot. They do have a say with raising children, as they ultimately have their safety in mind. You should find out how these women Jenny and Marita clash inside their home, to see if spoiling the kids or disciplining them would provide conflict. It is played by Dalin Sarmiento and veteran actress Lui Manansala. 

How far should one go to do something about raising their children? When does it get overboard? Is it the right thing to do? How would your kids feel? When do you tell them to stop? When do you start to reconnect and respect each other?

Biyenan” would make you answer those questions and realize, that in some way, you are actually doing the same thing. You have the kids in mind and you only know what's best for them. Their health would get Ascof Lagundi in the mix, and perhaps make them know how to take good care of them when they've got cough related concerns and fix it in a jiffy.

Ascof Lagundi has helped countless Filipinos with their cough remedy. It's one of the safest way to relieve cough and bronchial asthma and “Biyenan” showcases that too. You may watch the full version of the short film at the Ascof Lagundi Facebook page. Or maybe, you can watch the embedded video below.

Isn't it a heartwarming story? Start sharing this on your Facebook accounts, you may find the post here and tell us how you feel after watching it.


Llaollao Yogurt Shop Opens at Trinoma

I've seen one of their branches at the back of Glorietta just before you go outside Landmark in Makati City. I was pretty much intrigued about what they were selling because most of the time they were covered in people, just like this one today. Apparently they've expanded and set up shop at Trinoma. This was a blogger friend's favorite and I didn't know why he kept on going to this Llaollao shop (pronounced Yao Yao) in Makati even if he was from the south because he says he really likes it. I bought one just for kicks and chose three different toppings. This is a Yogurt shop, but a bit different from the ones I tasted. This one was more tangy, one that would make you grimace a little, like a kick if this was chili. I guess that's why they've been very popular among Filipinos. I like it too.

Now since they've opened this branch in Trinoma, they also held a REALLY GOOD promo. They announced FREE SLUSHIE for every purchase of Php150 on any of their products. People started lining up as early as 5AM this morning, no joke. I wasn't really surprised though, they were so excited to get their hands on yogurt this good.

So I picked up a cup too. I was a little too shy because it was my first time doing this. Swirled my cup slowly, but the guy beside me (who was from Llaollao) was already panicking haha. I forgot to put more space on the sides for the toppings LOL. So I basically have a cup overflowing with Yogurt, and by my standards it wasn't that bad ah! Again, I loved how tangy their yogurt is and that evidently tasted like it.

Then I prepared space for the toppings, by pushing the frozen yogurt on the side to the center. I guess I have about a few centimeters more. So I got real fruits in the mix. I took grapes, mangoes, kiwis and 4 small chocolate coated peanuts (I think) and crushed grahams... which was so good. Ugh I wanted another cup, but had to cut down on sugar these days. If I didn't think about my diet I would have had 5 haha.

Tada! This is my very own cup!

I got my perfect cup made, I liked it a LOT. Now, it's time for you to experience it too. Go head on to Trinoma's second floor and look for the kiosk right after the escalator and you'll find them there. Fill up a cup with yogurt, get the toppings and experience it yourselves. See why people have been raving about this cup of good yogurt for years now. This ain't just a brand from Spain, it's something that Filipinos love now. I absolutely did.

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The Most Luxurious Airlines in the World 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The most luxurious airlines in the world. Photos from here and not mine.

Nowadays, it is not necessary to travel in the lower class since customers have an opportunity to find business class flight deals at a significant discount. The same thing refers to the top class of air journey. Besides, air companies lead a severe struggle for each premium client by introducing new attractive features and extraordinary solutions for clientage. At the same time, only a limited number of companies can be referred to the cohort of luxury transporters. If you are interested, the following selection of companies will be useful for choosing the carrier for your next air trip with a focus on the most luxurious conditions.


This company has deservingly taken the first place in the rating since it is the richest air transporter on the globe. However, is there a relation between the company’s prosperity and quality of its products? Of course, it is! The company cares about each client using its products and endeavors to achieve the top level of performance both in the cabin and in the lounge. Qatar can boast of numerous titles and regalia but it is definitely one of the luxurious companies in the sky.

Luxurious cabins, tons of legroom should be a requirement. Photo credits belongs here and not mine.

Singapore Airlines

This brand is not as award-winning as the previous one but also has something special to offer to its clientage. As for the elite guests, they can experience the so-called SkySuite. This spacious cabin resembles a small but luxury hotel above the clouds. Each suite is equipped with sliding doors to ensure the highest level of privacy for the onboard guest. The real pleasure of watching and touching any detail in the cabin is guaranteed.

Etihad Airways

The major UAE airline can dispute our rating since it aspires to the title of the best air company on the globe in terms of luxury. Actually, this brand has everything to become the best. You will hardly find any passenger who would be unsatisfied with the degree of services rendered in the cabin regardless the ticket class. Those who pay the highest airfare plunge into the ocean of luxury and comfort in any detail. Etihad’s top class suite represents a small lodge with three rooms equipped with all necessary items for an unforgettable journey.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Asian companies boldly compete with representatives from the Middle East. For this reason, the prominent Hong Kong air carrier is highly ranked in terms of top-class services in the air. Besides, the transporter pays a huge attention to the airport facilities for its clientage. As for the cabin, the elite guests of Cathay can enjoy multiple luxury features such as chairs equipped with massage function, superb materials used in the interior and top-notch servicing.

Food and service should be top notch. Photo credits belong here and not mine.


It is not necessary to be a regular air traveler to know this air company. Indeed, the marketing campaign of Emirates is beyond words. At the same time, the company does not talk to the winds and tends to comply with its high status in practice. Those who are lucky to visit the top class cabin of the transporter are unwilling to exit. It is nothing more than a joke, however, the interior and outfit of its elite class product resembles the highest level of luxury. Personal mini-bar, sliding doors and a personal shower in each suite make the difference for the bulk of customers.

British Airways

We could not end the rating without mentioning at least one European company. It does not mean that the best British air carrier does not deserve the title of the luxury airline. Quite the opposite! Elite class places are rather competitive among the previously mentioned rivals. Besides, the quality of services on the board of the air transporter is known far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.