A Uratex Foam Plant Visit

Monday, January 26, 2015

If you've got a bed, a pillow or soft foamy things at home, most often than not you've got a URATEX product. The company that have started to produce polyurethane foam in 1968 by Robert Cheng promised only one thing in particular, to provide comfort for life.

We visited their plant in ParaƱaque a few months ago and it was a first for me. Honestly, I felt like a kid going on a field trip. Though the place was filled with onlookers wondering who we were, and what we were doing there. Security was strict, you can't go walking or crossing the street if you're not in a designated area. They said it's because they wanted both visitors and employees to be safe since their trucks and forklifts travel very fast inside the plant. A single mishap would disrupt production and they just want things in order. That part is really understandable.

Each foam maker have their own formula in making this, but what they are basically doing is trapping air inside the product after having chemical reaction. These chemicals are stored in huge silos inside their property and are kept in constant temperatures to make that perfect foam. It is in liquid form and when they get combined in the machines, they just let it expand and stay on its form. 

A special wax paper is also used so it wouldn't stick on the conveyor belt. It just basically "happens" on its own then they let it rise.

Then they cut it into the length of their warehouse so it could be arranged and sit to dry them for a few days. You might think it's already good foam at its state but inside, it's still hot, wet and raw. 

They use huge cranes to arrange these on lanes that are also either manually done or computerized. The drying also goes in stages and after it dries you can already cut them up for whatever purpose you want to use it for.

They also use metal rods so they can stick it into these foams to check for temperature. The outside layer may look dry but it's bubbling hot inside if it just came out of the machines. People here take precautions so none of them get into an accident as safety is their first priority especially in this part of the production.

They cut up those huge logs into blocks like these, some of which could be 10x as big as your bed. Different densities for different applications. If you want a softer bed, a softer foam. If you want a firmer bed, then they can make you one as hard as a rock.

They drop, spin and cut them with knives and hot wires so they would look like your everyday foam beds. They also have these processes organized so they don't have to go to other warehouses to finish one product. 

They even make special foams for sound proofing, the ones under the carpet, or the ones carved like hands for sports events like UAAP or PBA. I'm sure you've seen some of that!

As part of URATEX's environmental responsibility, they don't waste any materials and use them jagged cuts to create new foams for flooring and carpet appliques. Unfortunately, old foams would not be safe to recycle because of hygienic purposes. It's understandable because imagine the years of dirt that goes through every bed in a lifetime. Uratex is always finding ways to be environmentally responsible, starting in their own turf in Alabang. Utilities, Water, garbage, packaging, are all monitored so they would be sure to keep clean in the facility.

If you wish to visit them at their ParaƱaque plant, they've got a full store too in front of the property. The store can cater to your needs if you need plastic, foam, quality premium beds that can satisfy even the most discriminating people. For those who want to have the dreamiest place to sleep when they get home from work, I suggest you also try and check their premium mattresses - especially the models that are firm to lie on, some of which are so awesome, soft and cuddly to sleep in - we all tried it there. Oh yes! The whole line is available for viewing, so you may go ahead and try it out if you're looking for the perfect bed. We just did!

It was a joy to be with very nice people from Uratex, thank you so much for having me that afternoon. I enjoyed it a lot, and really learned so much in just a few hours. Thank you and I hope the next time I write about them, I can tell you more about why I have Uratex in my home too.


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Sun Postpaid Comes Out with Great New Year Deals

A great new year just deserves tons of great new deals. That's what Sun Cellular is exactly going to give you this 2015 as they bring unbelievable plans and freebies on even LOWER rates and... even SHORTER holding periods. Is that even possible? Of course, if you want something done, you just have to be with the GOOD CHOICE.

First, meet the Alcatel Scribe Easy. At a limited time, they're offering this plan on a huge price drop. What's a price drop? A price drop means that the original Plan 450 for the Alcatel Scribe Easy is now available at Sun Plan 399. Aside from that, they're throwing in an even shorter holding period from the previous 30 months, the Alcatel Scribe Easy plan is now available for 18 months holding period. If that ain't crazy, they're throwing in a FREEBIE. A brand new spanking FREE Alcatel 10.11d with it. Plus, there's no incremental line subscription required. If that ain't enough, they've got more!

There's more than one of these great phones on their shelves. They're offering the Alcatel Pop D3 in a much cheaper price too, just tons of savings! Imagine, from the original Plan 399, the new Alcatel Pop D3 is now available at Sun Plan 350. Aside from that, they're also offering it under a 30 month holding period. It's so affordable, pretty good for students and kids who just want to have their first Android phone. Isn't that nice? I know! Well there's more!

If you want two or more family members to benefit from your plan, why not take the O+ 8.31z + O+ Pad 7.3 bundle. They're putting in a shorter holding period offer so you don't have to worry anymore. Better call and text plans, even those for other networks. This bundle was originally offered under a 30 month holding plan but now, you can get the O+ Sun Bundle (that includes O+ 8.31z + O+ Pad 7.3) at Sun Plan 600 + P49 as amortization under a short 18 month holding plan instead. You can give the phone to your son, you can give the tablet to your daughter. They really think of your family when packing things together. I love that part. If you want to learn more, you can check out Sun Cellular's website here

Now, there's no more excuse why you shouldn't have Sun Cellular as your line of choice. Why settle for less when you can have more free stuff in a shorter amount of time. It's all given to you by the good choice in mobile networks, that's Sun Cellular! Hurry and order via their Sun Online Store here!


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Live Blog: The New Gillette Mach3 Turbo!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

We're now here at the Eastwood Mall atrium to be at the launch of the newly designed Gillette Mach3. It's the shaver with diamond like blades with Zero redness guaranteed. I shave every two days so I know how its important to have a grooming tool that does not irritate your skin. I've tried this already and I knos how this product works. I don't shave against the grain unless it's needed but with the Gillette Mach3 you don't need to because it's the closest shave ever and it follows the countours of your skin which makes it 50% less blade pressure so you don't get knicks, rashes and wounds.

During the event we got gentlemen from the media also try it out and I've seen the difference between using this and the oridnary disposable shavers. You get a smoother, cleaner cut without worrying about getting injured. The Mach3 also has lubricants on top to help avoid cuts making it easier to achieve that perfect shave. Beards, moustache? No worries, Gillette Mach3 can take care of that.

Would you trust your skin with cheap disposable shaves when you can get premium ones which you can use for a longer time? You deserve the best, you deserve the Gillette Mach3 Turbo! A great shave awaits you!