No Sugar Added, Low Calorie TRUE TEA Iced Tea

Monday, September 25, 2017

I am so fond of sweets and didn't know until I had a check up that I already have heightened sugar levels according to my doctor. Living with diabetic parents, I was pretty sure I'd be getting it too so I tried to follow my doctor's advice to cut down on almost everything with carbs, starch and sugar. 

I also got a bit addicted drinking powdered fruit juice drinks not just because they have cute and fancy commercials, but was just so good because they taste like real fruit and it indicated they also had it in them. I was a bit blinded about how these drinks actually contain a LOT of sugar, I even had withdrawal symptoms because on a normal day I barely drink water thinking all I did was healthy. So after all that and my Doctor's advise, I stopped cold turkey and did not drink a single drop of powdered juice, iced tea, or soft drink (well sometimes if I get discouraged Coke Zero it is). I took my coffee black often, didn't take Equal, then I heard about Stevia. This plant (photo above taken in a farm near Manila) sounded like a gift from nature, it is a naturally occurring, zero calorie sweetener. They've had it now mixed in food products, including cakes, pastries, even drinks. So imagine my surprise when a friend suggested True Tea Iced Tea.


So I thought it was going to be one of those drinks that tasted like chalk (oh yes I've tried them all), but really, TRUE TEA tasted like the actual iced tea we love. I then introduced it to my Mom, my Dad, then my sister helped herself, so that one box that I had was gone in one day. If that doesn't look like they liked it, I don't know what will. I have a huge mug at home which I fill with ice and water, even if it's a little more diluted I could still taste the tea on it because they use real black tea leaves which was a relief for me. Now I can have my usual fix of iced tea without the guilt because this has no added sugar and is low calorie. Perfect for my diet now, oh yes I am doing that.

True Tea Iced Tea is available online through Lazada, leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Hope this makes your iced tea dreams come true even if you're cutting down on sugar. I'm still enjoying it, it's got Vitamin C too. So cheers!


Jin Ju-Hyung and Devon Seron for You With Me

I was so glad to have been able to cover the first press conference of this movie because I got to actually get to know Devon Seron more. They invited me again but this time it was extra special because she's going to be with one of the lead actors Jin Ju-Hyung. The movie You With Me is about a Filipina who seeks freedom from her over protective parents and she chose to do her journey in South Korea to teach English, then meeting Korean stars Kim Hyun Woo and Jin Ju Hyung. I was more familiar with Kim Hyun Woo because I watched that KBS drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, so knowing Jin Ju-Hyung was going to be here, I got to know him even more other than his appearance in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth that was also shown in the Philippines.

Ju-Hyung said "This opportunity to work in the Philippines is a great thing. We are so blessed yo finally see it materialize. Hopefully this is a start of more things to come. My character is cute here, that's his weapon. As for the story, that's a secret. She is kind and I like her personality, her manners, for sure she is girlfriend material. We are just friends, we are close friends so we talk a lot. Working with Direk Rommel made me relax so I could act easily, I feel comfortable because we understand each other when it's shooting time. It's so different working with Korean directors because it's a bit more difficult. Compared to other Asian actresses I've worked with, it was more comfortable with her. I am interested in working here, if there is a chance to work with other actresses too. We had a lot of meal time together also with Devon and Filipino crew because it felt like family. That is what I want to also have in Korea, if possible. My next KDrama will also be exciting, it's called "Live Up To Your Name"."

Devon Seron explains the concept of the movie and said "You with me is a romantic drama about a family, doing online teaching that got her to South Korea. Ju Hyung is a very serious guy, I open up to him because he can speak English. Hyun Woo is a comedian in real life, so funny, and when we are together we're like a ruckus. To be honest, I got to talk to Ju Hyung a lot more because of that. I am actually nervous about this movie especially now that it's coming out. I was shocked to know that this was an international film, because when I auditioned I initially thought this was an indie film. I learned a lot about acting, I know I have a lot of things to improve. I just learned about it through a friend and got picked even if I gatecrashed this audition. I asked for a favor so I am so thankful. When I auditioned almost the all the auditionees were theater actresses. It was different working with them, their dedication is not normal because they wait there even if it's not their scene. They also set meetings just to read lines, and it's not a thing in the Philippines so for me that is impressive. During the audition I was just being myself, I didn't have to sugarcoat and get emotional sometimes and I get overwhelmed. They did a 4 days shoot here and did it fast, that accounts for 30 percent of the film. I would like to work with more artists, anyone would do."

Jin Ju-Hyung was kinda stiff in the beginning and I think he was finding it a bit hard to communicate his emotions to the press. Later on, he began to become super playful. He began teasing Devon Seron to guys like Jon Lucas and James Reid whom he probably read about in social media, true enough Devon began turning red because Ju-Hyung didn't stop mentioning their names as the press was asking questions. I began looking at Ju-Hyung differently, I think that's exactly what women find very cute about him... he was a bit crazy that afternoon LOL!

Anyway, I think Devon Seron would probably have two men escorting her in the upcoming Star Magic Ball, if all goes to plan, she will be flanked by two gorgeous Korean leading men in the occasion. Kim Hyun Woo and Jin Ju Hyung would really look good during that evening, I'm sure of it. Devon should really start braiding her long hair because it might reach Seoul South Korea once it shows on theaters this September 27 under Gitana Film Productions directed by Rommel Ricafort. I'll be at the premier night tomorrow, and I hope to see Kim Hyun Woo tomorrow (I'm a fan!).

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Xian Lim for the Key of X Album

You must have really missed him to actually read this article. Don't worry though because you're going to be lucky because we're posting a LOT of photos of him during the album promo he did at ABSCBN for his newest album KEY OF X. It only has 5 tracks, giving his fans and supporters a little bit of everything in this album that has been patterned with his sold out concert of the same name. I feel I also have to support him because I am a fellow warrior, as he's an athlete of UE in basketball. Other than that, he's half of #KimXi which I adore as well. This is a little different from his past ones because he was able to personally handpick everything. He also was able to dip his hand in arranging, choosing the songs, doing his own spin on it together with suggesting a ton of songs that wasn't included here. Those will be kept in a bank and will come out in future albums they say, also a couple of rap numbers which he'll also be performing in his tours (one is in Eastwood this month so go there!). Now here's what he said during the blogcon. 

Xian says "If only I could choose the 5 songs, Star Music actually gave me freedom to do that. I am actually very happy listening to these songs so I really planned to include these things from my youth. I am currently in the process of filming a drama, with Coleen Garcia. This is under Direk Gino Santos."

"I think we will be having a schedule with Star  Music too because Kim is also launching her album. There will be revivals but different and unexpected treatment, it won't be like the original jukebox vibe. I like April Boy and how he performs, on how he communicates with people when he sings, because you'll feel like you are singing with him while he is performing. The track "Manhid" has a lot of my work in it, you will hear most of the lyrics I contributed - and perhaps to get to know me more. To be able to sing a variety of songs is but an honor for me. I tried to also put in a little something for everyone."

DJ Jaiho hosted the event :)

He adds "I love acting as much as I love music, my Mom is a piano teacher and I have been exposed to classical music and piano ever since I was a kid. I couldn't choose between acting and singing because it's like you are asking me to choose between my Mom and Dad. I think I like songs of passion, it has nothing to do with my personal life. I talked about it with my producer who loves these kind of songs by the way and we love it. I have worked with Maxene in the music video and quite impressed because I made her run in Binondo, and she did it without hesitation. I know my fans are understanding because I really talk to them even on social media.

About the album he says "I sent a lot of songs, but the concept of the album had us limit it to a theme so it won't become repetitive. I talk to Kim about the charts in MOR and we laugh about it. It's fun (singing and songwriting), but I always ask the people around me for advise and I love listening to constructive criticism. It keeps me on my toes to always pursue my dreams, like writing, I do that when I'm alone and the creative juices flow when I listen to love songs, Bee Gees and Bread. I like the track called Download, it's something the people enjoy too so I think that's my favorite."

The thrust of this album is to have strong individual singles and not a lengthy albums because the attention span of people online are actually less, that a new song comes out every Friday but Xian wishes these songs he handpicked would be good for you. He would love for you to hear it and it's available in all digital stores worldwide. So play it on those streaming sites and buy the physical album on stores nationwide! 

He'll be so happy if you do!

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Glaiza De Castro for KUN[G]DIMAN at the Music Museum

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Having been able to see Glaiza De Castro grow as an artist these past few years has really been able to make me feel safe, a bit optimistic that there is a future for OPM. Not that I've lost hope, but I'm just so happy to see someone at this day and age to actually affect me, make me see, make me feel her passion. She's nothing short of a phenomenon on TV doing tons of different roles, GMA has taken care of her career but she's not just taking her off time lightly. Singing has been her first love, always have been, always will be. When I began seeing her on different stages, performing with bands, I could see how her face just lights up. When I talk to her, you could see her emotions, genuine and undoubtedly depict her stories as if she's on cloud nine. It's as if she was telling a very sad love story, but she was sparkling at the same time.

This talented and amazing performer showed us a sample of what she could do in her upcoming concert at the Music Museum this coming October 27 at 8PM. Other than excitement during the short program, I was listening to her sing while not looking at her. I know it would have been really distracting to look at her pretty face, I think I got what I wanted. She's matured so fast in just a couple of years, even if I missed some of her presscons and blogcons, seeing her perform in a different level this day had me asking, are they doing a good job managing such a talented artist? I think her music should be more out there... honestly, I began thinking she's extremely underrated. Her songs definitely should reach a wider audience, those who would appreciate it more because she deserves it. I felt tired just seeing her efforts taking her Synthesis album a couple months back, but she's here putting out another set of songs, people, don't stop her.

About how this all began Glaiza shared "I was called into their office (Polyeast Records) and they told me that it would be a good thing to have a concert together with this album. Doing a play on the word KUNDIMAN (kungDman), we will be doing covers of great legendary OPM artists. In the concert, we will have several guests and we already confirmed Mike Hanopol which I don't know if I'm going to be excited or floored because it's so monumental. It's not going to be all original songs, I'll be also doing a special number. Some of which I'll be doing with Gloc9."

She also was asked about her time dedicated to her work in GMA and this singing habit, she explained "I think I do have following in both music and acting. It helps that I have both, it just happened and there are a lot of opportunities. It would have been good to just have it in garage band but I had the right people to help me at the right time. It was chop suey, but there were people who pushed me to concentrate on it. It helped that my fans see me on tv and then get interested in what I listen to. They now know who I am through my music."

I think we do. See more of her in these photos.

So remember, watch her upcoming concert at the Music Museum this coming October 27 at 8PM. If you love her, show her you do. Be at the gate early or purchase tickets at PolyEast Records office 3/F Universal Tower, 1487 Quezon Avenue, QC during office hours.

I see. Dreams never end.