The URGe: Urban Rugged Gear

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Walked to Makati this afternoon to check out URGE, a monicker for Urban Rugged Gear which is a new lifestyle store at Greenbelt 1's 2nd floor. Honestly, this is my first time to hear about the brand but I'm glad they're going this direction as they are bringing international brands to Philippine shores. These are premium ones and their two stores (there's one in Greenhills too!) would br great starting points to bring style and convenience to modern men and women who are active, or have diverse lifestyles.

Yurbuds, a brand made and designed by Triathletes have several earphones both wired and wireless that securely fit in your ears, comfortable, sweatproof and allow ambient sound so you can still hear people in the road so you don't get into accidents. Making aware of your sorroundings can keep you safe, that's good.

FRÉ iPhone cases are also there. If you just bought one (yes your iPhone 7 needs protection) then you should consider something that would completely cover it from everyday elements, like dust, water splash, and not too heavy on your gadget. They've got it taken cared of.

This is Go Pro Hero 5, they've got that too. For adventure seekers who want to keep their memories on full HD video and photos, this is a necessity. It's surprisingly clear, I'm using one right now and it's capacity to catch my humiliating swims and beachcapades remain to be my favorite past time. Including editing them out on Youtube of course haha!

Otterbox needs no introduction. It's the best in protective cases and mobile power solutions and URGE is one of their original distributors. It's more convenient to see them in one place, and this is in the heart of Makati so how can you not drop by the shop.

Tons of things like Bang & Olfusen Play (which you can bring outdoors for small parties), Goal Zero, Lifeproof, Watershot, Mission Workshop (makes awesome bags) and Ethnotek (makes bags wuth fabric from different tribes of different countries) are all there. They are all in one place and if you were probably thinking of what to get for travel or leisure, this lifestyle store must be it.

Visit them today at 2nd Floor of Greenhills Shopping Center's Theater Mall or at the 2nd Floor of Greenbelt 1. Take your shopping chores here sometimes, it's healthy.

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Kian Dionisio Releases First Album Under GMA Records

Sunday, February 26, 2017

It's my first time to meet him and my first time to talk to him. I was excited though when I read his credentials, because my face lit up when I learned this humble guy is from the same school as I am. He's a late bloomer, he started to write songs a couple of years ago but he didn't get to play music during college days because he was barred from doing so by his girlfriend (which he followed strictly). He started playing in small clubs, restaurants as an acoustic singer (he applied for it when he saw an ad on a newspaper) and got it right there. A friend has been listening to his soundcloud recordings and asked him if he could give it to a couple of people. It landed on GMA Records table and suddenly, Kian Dionisio already talked about recording for the label. But they took their time instead of just doing his existing ones. I must say when I heard him sing, I already knew why GMA Records signed him up. He's freaking good!

He also started to tell us about how he started, and a couple of things about the album. Listen in.

He's optimistic, hungry for a challenge to step up the plate and be much like his idols Johnoy Danao, Ebe Dancel, Noel Cabangon and the other great musicians, artists and composers. I have very high hopes for this guy who also hails from University of the East Caloocan, and although he's not fully doing his Communication Arts degree, he's a great singer, a diamond in the rough that is worthy to get discovered. 

He's currently opening for current GMA Records artists like James Wright and will also be doing the rounds in mall shows plus the Sunday afternoon show on the same network. He also has the album released digitally as an EP available in all Digital Stores including iTunes worldwide! Make sure you check out his music. Pretty good I tell you! Pretty good!

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The UREKA E-Commerce Forum in Mega Manila

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Micro/Small/Medium Enterprises got a little cultural treat and a HUGE help as they opened the UREKA E-Commerce Forum in Mega Manila. At the SM Megamall's Megatrade Hall, they got MSME's to put up their own businesses online so they could grow their businesses together with Air21, AMTI their software partner, Dragonpay to support payments, Shopinas, Esquire Financing, Geiser, PLDT, and more champions like Facebook Asia Pacific, Microsoft Philippines, Taxumo, which all or in part would help their quest to sustained and inclusive growth in UREKA. It's a great equalizer and Ubion Bank knows how important this is so their customers achieve their dreams and their communities. It's an untapped market, (E Commerce) and it's a great equalizer. This means you'll get a 24/7 shop open, makes you earn while you sleep.

Unionbank CEO Justo Ortiz suggests there are tons of opportunities on the internet and people can earn more in e-commerce so you get more customers, some of which can get you big profit while in the comfort of your homes and offices. He adds "There are a lot out there, some of them don't know you, and are waiting to see what you have to sell. This is UREKA forum, and they want you to have the tools how to make this platform work for you. We have gone to Iloilo, Davao, Baguio, and now with the Mega Manila leg, they want business here to improve and start making bold steps and calculated risks. You are an integral part of the economy and this is just a start."

If you are around SM Megamall, make sure you drop by the SM Megatrade Hall to get your businesses started or improved with the services they have during the forum and even beyond the event. It's going to connect you to the best institutions to also lend you money, the government and these businesses are already there and all you have to do is work hard and show up!

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TNT Tropa Challenge Qualifiers Today!

So last year TNT invited various groups they call "Tropas" and registration ended on November 15, 2016. Today at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, we're going to see tons of them vie for the Tropa Challenge Champions today after registering through last year. This isn't a joke because the prizes are crazy good, as TNT will be giving away almost 2 Million worth of prizes. In the quarterfinals alone, they will be given a couple thousand of pesos if they get to place today so it is as equally important to do good later in the games.

Aside from the cash prizes, they'll also get the chance to join stars such as VMiguel, Jhonh Hilario, Loisa Andalio and the newest TNT Teen Tropa!

If you are not doing anything today, make sure you head on to Quezon City Circle for the Qualifiers set to be held on this day at 10am onwards. It'll be a whole fay of fun and amazing prizes plus your favorite stars in one place! They also get to help the school where they come from so it's just a start!

I'll be there too later so see you! This will be good!

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