The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Hack

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Now I don’t know if a lot of people actually know this but I just find this a good deal at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro.

I used to order just a latte while I work at their branch in BGC but I was a little hungry today and ordered French Toast. It’s bread dipped in egg, milk, with powdered sugar, cinnamon, honey and drizzled with honey/Maple Syrup.

It only costs Php 190 I think. Around 200 for the tip lol. But it’s pretty much bang for the buck if you think about it. You see, they actually serve this with brewed coffee with milk and sugar on the side. So in a sense it’s a latte that you’re getting at the price of your usual coffee cup in CBTL.

So the next time you order, get the French toast! :)
This just made me happy today LOL, like I cheated a system hahaha!

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Kyla’s Only Gonna Love You Music Video Released

Friday, January 19, 2018

Queen of RnB Kyla is celebrating her 18th year in the industry, you feel old yet? A little, but I’m so glad she’s back and releasing a new music video for her single Only Gonna Love You under Star Music which she did with Singapore based rapper REQ.

The music video is directed by John Prats, Sam Milby and Angelica Panganiban which they did under their new outfit Bright Bulb Productions. She’s managed by Cornerstone and they plan to release the second one Fix You and Me on February 2, that’s the first Friday next month just in time for Valentines day.

Kyla added “While we were working on this album, I was really thankful. REQ is authentic, I didn’t have much previous singles that had rappers and his flavor was just there. I don’t know what the plans are but a full length album happened, we just enjoyed it and the 14 tracks were there. There will be future collaborations with Inigo Pascual and Jay Durias which you have to watch out for. I have very challenging songs from Jonathan and we have very similar backgrounds, you will hear that in these tracks. I hope people would love it as much as I do.”

Composer Jonathan Manalo says “It’s not just RnB, but in between a ballad rnb and pop. We just had to go back to her roots, so this super represents that. She had to flex her muscle, I’m so proud this actually came out. Only gonna love you is a new song I wrote for her, my heart is there even before she started in the past. I came here while she was in another label and when she came in I was so happy I got to work with her. This is about finding true love, a relationship that grows and you have to wait for. It’s for hopeless romantics, opm but still rnb and very narrative. Please also watch out for the next part which will come out on February.”

You may download these tracks at digital stores today. If you want to know more about it, visit their official website or their facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account StarMusicPH.


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Start the Year Fun with UnionPay

I've been contemplating and thinking of a short vacation somewhere in Cebu. This year's Sinulog for example is one thing I shouldn't miss, with all the parties, the revelries and religious stuff to do, it's the perfect place to be in. 

I don't have sponsors for that so using  UnionPay might prove to be useful ar these dates because UnionPay Cardholders have special perks at Days Hotel in Toledo Cebu. The catch is you need to spenf 3 nights, Pay 2 nights for a Deluxe King Room. They also have even better promos for Platinum and Diamond Cardholders, they can get the same offer but get the Premiere Room instead. You may check out on how to get the special rates because it's all there!

Days Hotel Toledo also gives 10% discount on food and beverage, now that's a treat for all UnionPay Cardholders, it couldn't be better you say? But there's more! 

Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria and Holiday Inn Manila Galleria gives 15% to 25% off on room rates for UnionPay Cardholders if you stay Mondays to Thursdays. You can also get 25%-35% discount on Fridays to Sundays, that would be a great offer to get if you're planning a staycation, it's near all the malls and restaurants so don't hold back if you're planning a day of rest or retreat if you've got a stressful home.

If you wanna go further north the metropolis, Microtel by Wyndham at the UP Technohub in Quezon City also has special offers for UnionPay Classic, Platinum and Diamond cardholders. Stay 3 nights, Pay 2 nights for two queen beds if you're a classic card holder. If you've got a Platinum and Diamond Card, you may get an extra 10% off on food and beverages aside from the Stay 3, Pay 2 promo we mentioned earlier.

A place I stayed in a couple months ago right in front of Eastwood City is Microtel by Wyndham Acropolis in Libis, Quezon City. For those who have the  will be Classic Card, you may get the  Stay 3, Pay 2 discount promo, plus an additional 20% off on all yoga class packages at Yoga Tree Manila which is nearby. You can also take advantage of the 30% off on all services at Lumiere Spa so you can really take a long time for rest and recreation. Platinum and Diamond cardholders on the other hand will have a 2 p.m. late checkout perk, you can stay longer for lunch if that's the case. 

There's more perks over at so if I were you, I'd take these promos because it's not offered anywhere else. You can check the site because there's a lot of things there that I haven't even mentioned here yet. Thank me later people! 

You may get these cards at BDO, BOC, Omnipay, PNB and RCBC Bankard branches nationwide. These UnionPay Cards can alsp be accepted at major retail, lifestyle and food and beverage outlets in Manila and other major cities. It's time to make that shopping, dining and travel perks to a different level with UnionPay!

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Camp Livebetter with Solenn, Nico and Raymond Premieres Tomorrow

Thursday, January 18, 2018

We had so much fun during the advanced screening of Camp Livebetter, the reality web series of Philam Vitality over at their Youtube channel. You might have seen one or all of these episodes while watching Youtube and they are showing the final episode tomorrow at 2PM.

Before the activities, we were treated to good organic food at Green Pastures. It was ultra healthy but filling, I didn’t get to eat much because they had seafood but twas okay! Anyway it’s part of the journey of these guys and gals were taking because in order to have a good life, we all need to have better lifestyle choices and invest in ourselves. Health, activities, even financial and life planning is essential nowadays and should be part of adulting. Here’s how our plates look like! :)

Ms. Abbie Remo of Philam Life went in front and told us about their recent campaign, she said “Camp Livebetter are episodes meant to incentivise people to live healthy and eat better so their can earn points with Solenn, Nico and Raymond and the Philam Vitality App. We are going into the wellness phase, we want to help them to go from where they are to their goals. I hope you were able to enjoy the first two episodes. This time you are going to see the advanced screening of Camp Livebetter”

Josh, Arman and Arnold (all financial advisors of Philam Life says “This camp will make me understand my health and fitness goals, I lost weight already but with the help of my friends, I am checking my progress so they can support me, gain new friends in the process and that’s what I got from Camp Livebetter.”
“It’s not just health and fitness, but also managing our finances. Knowing the steps to get there while improving our health, those are our goals in life.”
“Raymond gave us his secrets, that it’s not a secret at all. We just have to be conscious about what we eat, read labels and see the ingredients as is. Put in excercise everyday to maintain it and be consistent. He told us his old photos, that’s what keeps him motivated. I’m happy about what I saw he can do, thanks to Mond we’re going to Bali!”
Now if you’re reading it right you might have a clue who won already but just to be sure, stay tuned on Philam’s Youtube channel and find out who will win at 2PM tomorrow!

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