The MMFF Family Film Called "Kabisera"

Friday, December 09, 2016

There's a system to the "dining table" that's quite unique in the Philippine setting. It's called the "Kabisera" which is a chair set at the center of the table usually given to the head of the family. It's like the King's throne to put it bluntly, but really an unspoken rule of respect given to them. At the halls of Salu (a restaurant at Scout Torillo in Quezon City), RJ Agustin welcomed us and promised we'll like what their film "Kabisera", this is Firestarters Productions official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2016. He adds "This film is very timely, it's full of social relevance and good family values. We tell a story that inspires movie goers and when they go out of the theater they'll have something to take home. Who am I in the family? Do I have a strong character? Am I the breadwinner and do I have the right to be there?! We made a point to get the best ones so it would balance out since we had Nora Aunor in it. The Filipino audience now has different taste, you will see a different set, quality is a standard and taste is subjective and there is a high demand for high quality films." 

Director Real Florido says "I told myself, lMaybe this time, we could make the cut". Our last shooting day was two days prior to submission and this is really important for the industry to promote films that tell authentic real stories. Everyone in the production feels we did our best and what the Jury saw this year just gave us hope that there's more to this movie. Don't say we don't have a big star because we have the one and only Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor and 9 former awardees. The importance of family, giving value to what our conscience says and continue to ask questions. It started with a concept of a family drama based on real life. It's a personal approach, talks about tragedies of families. We already have Nora Aunor in the cast and it just happened later on that we had awardee actors as well. I learned a lot too from Direk Boy who also is part of this film. It was a collaborative work and we need to make sure we get to do our jobs as actor and Director properly, I've never met them and this was a great experience. We're already preparing for international festivals and screenings so I see more in the horizon where this film will earn. We're excited like the other entries, we hope we all do well." 

Now's your chance to prove if the jurors of MMFF this year did the right thing in choosing these 8 films. They are all pushing for a PG rating and they want you to know that this deserves your attention, it's about a family and happened during 2007. The case is not even done yet but they can't divulge who it is. It's classic, it's powerful, worthy of your time and money for a strongly statemented (if there is such a word) film.

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Pinoy Boyband Superstar The Grand Reveal

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

If you're reading this you probably are following these guys perform every week on stage as they vie for the title of Pinoy Boyband Superstar. I have been able to watch a couple of episodes and have my personal favorites. I've listened to them sing on TV and live (last night) to probably know who actually sounds good or not, but of course it's just my standards. They (the contestants) actually have to impress not just me, but the judges, the audience that evening and the people who are watching at home. Honestly there are only a few who could sing, but admittedly much of them only have good looks and hopefully a personality that could sweep you off your feet and the judges nod which could probably help them win a spot for the first ever Pinoy Boyband Superstar. 

This week is not for the weak of heart as they do The Grand Reveal with hopefuls Ford, Joao, Mark, Niel, Russell, Tony and Tristan. Everything will end on December 10 and 11 so if you are rooting for your favorite, now is the time to vote for them so they could fulfill their dreams. 

Remember, they only need 5 boys to be included in the group. They will win exclusive contracts with Star Magic, a great recording contract with One Music PH, their very own Yamaha Motorcycles and Php 5 Million in cold cash. It's even easier to vote now by sms. Just type in BB(space) Name of Contestant then send it to 2366. Or you can just go to Google and type in on the search bar PBS VOTE and you can vote from there. Remember, you can only vote once per sim and google account so don't try to cheat, they will catch you!

The show starts 7PM on December 10 and 11, 2016. Don't be late!

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CHINOY: Mano Po 7

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

They might have been snubbed during the MMFF but they're surely going to be an interesting to watch this December 14 in theaters nationwide. MANO PO 7 CHINOY is another installment of the famous "Mano Po"series under the Regal Films matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde and her dauhter Ms. Roselle Monteverde's outfit. This year, they got Filipino Chinese actor Richard Yap, Jean Garcia, Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador and Jana Agoncillo. 

In this film, Richard Yap will play a very protective businessman that is always on his toes making sure all his Filipino Chinese ways would be followed by his family. We were actually in one of the scenes too where Enchong Dee who played the black sheep son, sunddenly went on a rampage while they were being introduced to the Chinoy community. This will tell you more about how most Filipino Chinese families in the Philippines still employ the same old chinese traditions but finds it difficult now that they are getting into relationships with Filipinos. They shot most of the scenes in Taiwan and will fulfill the promise of presenting how it causes family problems and rifts in modern times.

This is another powerful drama about a family that hopes for love, tries so hard to find how they could weather the hardships of culture and differences and still get the family together. 

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DELL Launches Powerful Inspiron Gaming Laptops

We all love gaming and we're not done yet because DELL is coming out with a new gaming laptop line designed for casual laptop gamers. Would you believe? A gaming laptop that doesn't look like a gaming laptop, presentable even in the office and very capable for play too. 

Dell Country Manager Chris Papa says "We're catering to a booming segment in the market today. People are actually going towards gaming use specific for casual gamers that have gone back using their laptops and use it for productivity as well. It will allow you to use it with heavy graphics, as for the last few quarters we are growing our business in double digits in different segments and we're excited to show you what we have in the new Dell Inspiron series."

Dell's Alvin IbaƱa, Brand Manager for Desktops adds "You can now use laptops like the Inspiron Gaming laptops with specs that could satisfy real gamers like you and me. The Inspiron 15700 are professional looking laptops, need not be like a spaceship using the latest Intel processors and GTX 4G DDR5 graphics  that can support 4K and FHD resolution. It also has got a dual fan thermal system that won't get your unit to overheat, plus a subwoofer so you can hear great sounds when you need to play. Dell also has really good after sales support plus a premium one so if you get your laptop broken, our people can diagnose and let technicians go to you instead. Dell also has excellent gaming monitors like the S2716DG so hardcore gamers that are used to desktops can now enjoy an even better gaming experience when you need it." 

The Dell Inspiron 157000 starts at 49,990 for the full hd version i5. The 4K display is at 69,990 and uses i7.