MEGA Sardines Presents FIRST DAY

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I am impressed, it looks like MEGA Sardines is at it again. 

 With the success of their first two viral videos called “Adulting” and “Tipidity”, they recently came out with another short film called "First Day", a play on one of the most pivotal moments in your life, your first job. Do you still remember that day? 

 Director Chris Cahilig puts in a little dash of romance as character Joseph played by Jindric Macapagal tries to make it big in Metro Manila. He then finds himself smitten over coffee breaks, lunch outs, with an angelic ward as he enjoys every moment with comfort food so close to Filipinos, over a can or two of what could cause #MegaGandaAngBuhay to happen.

This short film was made through the efforts of Tiu Lim Foundation (executive producer), Rommel Sales (cinematography), Yuji Gonzales (screenplay), Jegs Morales (offline editor), Kenneth Amparo (online editor), Melai Entuna (line producer), Clark Lopez (assistant director), Kat Salinas (sound design), Richard Gonzales (scoring), Det Moldera (accounts manager), Yani Bautista (production manager) and Johanna Evangelista (production coordinator). 

 If you would like to see “First Day”, it can now be viewed at MEGA’s official Facebook page and their YouTube channel (just search Mega Global). Currently, “Tipidity” and “Adulting” has almost 3 million views on YouTube. You may also watch these short films through MEGA Sardines’ official FB page too. 

Thanks to Mega Global Corporation for doing this. As you may well know, they are also the manufacturer of MEGA Sardines, one of the country's freshest sardines packed 12 hours from catching to canning. You can get it in easy open cans and pouch forms. I love their Spicy version personally for breakfast. 

 Now go watch it. You'll love how the story would turn out.

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SIPHAYA Ready To Splash On GMA

Monday, February 18, 2019

BiGuel fans will have a definite treat as the teen idols become more matured in this epic series called SIPHAYA.

GMA released photos from the set and they did not disappoint. See how the stars adorn their costumes as Miguel and Bianca take this to primetime.

Do you like these changes? I sure do. Can't wait to see these all on the boob tube!


Gina Lopez Partners with Nat Geo

Friday, February 15, 2019

It’s the third season of Gina Lopez’ G Diaries and this time, they’re going international with a partnership with no less than National Geographic Channel, sounds fun? It is!

This new season will feature the 8 communities she introduced in the past events (remember Quest for LOVE?), a project she called I LOVE (Investments in Loving Organizations or Village Economies). NAT GEO will take part in Creating a Planet in Balance to dip their hand in championing communities to make them sustainable agricultural, fishery, forestry and eco tourism sites by including them in their broadcast and digital assets to promote awareness elsewhere in the world. I LOVE sites currently include Benguet, Sorsogon, Zamboanga, South Cotabato, Tawi Tawi, Maguindanao and Bukidnon. Present at the occasion was Ms. Gina Lopez and FOX International SVP and GM Jude Turcuato as they signed a MOA of partnership. This means you will see G Diaries through Nat Geo.

They are also working with PDP (People Design Places) Architects, ESCA Inc. and IIEE (Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers), Wilcon, UP Mountaineers, Powermac, and they want to tell the story of the Filipino people. She says “We want people, we want change agents, so they can work with 8 government institutes, other organizations that can do things for our country. What we can bring to the picture is prove it. I hope you get to watch it on March 3.”

Can’t wait to see this happen soon. It will start on March 3, 2019 and they need people to watch.


Show Love Through Paymaya

Thursday, February 14, 2019

It’s Valentines Day today and I already felt it when I rode a Grab car this morning. As soon as I sat down, the driver asked “You don’t have a date today Sir? You’re the fourth passenger that doesn’t have a date today sir.” and I was like WHAT!???

Anyway, there’s a lot of other things you can do to express love through convenient ways with Paymaya.

- If you purchase prepaid load before the 15th, you get cashbacks of Php 50

- If you purchase 500 worth and up of goodies, you’ll get 20% cashback up to Php 300, but again, do it before the 15th! Use PM12OFF in Zalora and you could get 12% more on top of that.

- If you purchase stuff through #ScanToPay Paymaya QR codes, you’ll get the chance to get 1%, 10% or even 100% randomly (had done this and it’s like magic!)

- Order Dominos or Shakeys Pizza, stay at home and chill.

Download the Paymaya App today and discover how much convenience you’ll get this Valentines day. I sure did pay that Grabcar ride with Paymaya through the MVP card. I got a rebate countless times and I feel it’s normal.