Sakura "Cherry Blossoms" Season Starts at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sometimes I always get so lucky. To be welcomed by this cake from Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan Avenue was something I didn't expect. I've been a regular of this establishment in the Eastwood branch because of their good, well made dinner choices - they can whip it up in a few minutes and I won't be late if it's just a break. This one you see above is their Sakura Mango Roll. It's Sakura season in Japan and it's just the perfect time to have these new items in Tokyo Bubble Tea - and get us in a celebratory mood too. 

We took a slice out of it and made the best decision of our lives. We tasted it. That cake and icing had an aroma of cherries and strawberries, really fruity and pleasant to the eyes. The middle part had really good mango tidbits and the cream was really fluffy. The sweet and great smell of the cake permeates after each bite so it was my favorite. Little did I know they did some more as part of the Sakura/Cherry Blossom celebrations!

It's summer and what better way to hose it down but by getting one of these Sakura Milk Shakes. The fragrant flavors that were found in the cake's base is also present on this one. It's a frozen beverage so you can expect it'll be the great thing that will extinguish that hot sun outside. There's also some small chewy pearls on the bottom that's going to give you something filling if you choose not to eat lunch or breakfast and want that beach body LOL.

If you don't dig frozen things, this Sakura Milk Tea might be the better alternative. It's got the same flavor profile and you'll find it sweet and fragrant like the rest of these things on top. I love the Sakura Milk Shake better, that's if you want to choose between the two that is.

Aside from these wonderful sweets and drinks, you can try their specials like Bulgogi Nachos (which had rave reviews from the people who tasted it that afternoon), the Nippon Ebi Maki, the really nice Samurai Burger, Omurice with Steak Mushroom Sauce with Hamburg Steak (which I absolutely recommend you get because it's like the real thing in Japan!), Korean Bibimbap, and the Grilled Porkchop on Roasted Tomato Sauce.

The Interiors

The place is like modern Japan. It's got great clean lines, two floors and a very nice area for customer comfort. It's very conducive to chat so bringing friends and family along would be a nice thing to do when you visit this place. The left and right side of the ground floor houses two establishments, but they operate like one and the same because these are sister establishments. They complement each other very well. The First is Tokyo Bubble Tea and the other is called Honeybee Patisserie and Cafe.

I would probably go back and order one of those cakes in the shelf because it's beautifully done. The Sakura Mango Roll and the rest of the Sakura themed drinks started March 20. If you haven't been to Japan to enjoy these cherry blossoms, the Tokyo Bubble Tea in Katipunan Avenue might be a close place to experience how it is to have that on a dessert plate. If you don't dig the busy ground floor of this place, there's the swanky second floor that you can go to for a more intimate cozy hangout kinda feel.

Some of my blogger friends even did a little crafting that day but I bet this place will be perfect for those who wish to have their computers or phones on the side. They have wifi and it's huge floor area can be good perhaps for small events if you wish to have one. They can probably arrange that. By the way, if you upload on your social networking channels a photo together with the Cherry Blossom Tree inside the store you can get the chance to win Php 500 worth of gift certificates. For more information about that, just follow their channels below! They also have branches in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, Tomas Morato, Wilson Street, BGC, Robinsons Bacolod, Trinoma, Eastwood, Katipunan (this one) and in Centrio Mall Cagayan De Oro.

Thanks Tokyo Bubble Tea for the great food and company that afternoon. I can't wait to go back and spend a couple of hours with your new Sakura Milk Tea, Shakes and cakes soon! :)


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Jackie Rice Spends Meaningful Birthday At Philippine Orthopedic Center

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hi guys! It's been a while since our last event with GMA and this time we're covering a very special one because it's the birthday of Ms. Jackie Rice, one of GMA's most gorgeous women. I dare to say that because I've seen her in the flesh that afternoon and aside from the fact that she is physically gorgeous -  she's got a heart of an angel too. As seen above we had the funny Tess Bomb hosting this gig because the last thing that they probably want to hear is something sad during that occasion. We are in the Children's Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic Center. Honestly, it wasn't the nicest place in the world if you see the condition of the kids, but the thing we're doing here means a lot to Jackie as she had been in an accident a few years ago. Aside from that, she personally feels that she had to help these people because I've seen how they've been in this public hospital.

She went in and said hi to everyone. She has been going to other parts of the hospital and personally talking to some of the patients. Most of the admitted ones in the hospital are charity cases and don't pay a single cent because of their current economic conditions. They check the patients background to see if they are -  and most of them are also in serious state. I've never seen so many slings and screws inserted in people's bodies in my entire life. It was my first time there so forgive me, I was a little shocked to see that. I wasn't giving them any clues though because I know this is a good cause.

 The hospital's chaplain explained how the patients need people to care for them, some of them even have cases like bone cancer of which they need to travel from the far flung provinces just to get care in this public hospital. I've seen the room and it was a little cramped. Some of the beds even had two patients in them which I was so worried about. It was quite disheartening to see them but it was a good thing Jackie Rice and everyone else was there to at least let them feel that people do care.

Tess Bomb was cracking jokes and that was the thing we needed that afternoon. I appreciated what she did for the kids and the relatives there because she kept them on their feet laughing crazily at her antics. I think more than the fun, they both brought them hope that they can get over this place and go back to their homes and be as productive as normal people too. 

Jackie Rice was quite contented about her career. She's got regular shows and even a soap in the afternoon. She's part of Bubble Gang and also Inamorata. She's got dreams but was quite confident that she'll achieve success soon. She's not in a hurry nor is she not contented. She's thankful for the blessings that GMA has given her in the past years. As for getting married, she doesn't see that in the near future. I think I've seen her boyfriend on the sidelines when this event was happening. They look good but I'm sure that guy isn't in show business. Thanks to Petrol, Sweet Escape Cupcakes, Fernando's Bakeshop, Nail Files, Footworks and LeonPhilippe Dairy Fresh Milk who gave them what they need for strong bones. Perfect fit no? :)

You know what, this trip was all worth it. This is the reason why I love going with GMA Kapuso stars during charity events. When you see them approach the needy, their face lights up seeing stars like Jackie Rice lend a helping hand. I can't see why other stars shouldn't do this, after all they did help them reach where they are. Jackie Rice was humbled to have been able to help in her own little way and said if there was an opportunity to do this again, she'll say yes in a heartbeat. She's got a gorgeous face and body, but more than that... she's got a good heart. The hospital chaplain even said that she's been visiting this place a few times already and wanted to talk to each and every patient she can in her limited time. You've spent your birthday celebration with these patients Jackie, that alone is insurmountable and selfless of you. Happy birthday and hope you make more people happy!

Oh before I forget, she's still in the works of a new project. I hope they get to pair her with Dion Ignacio. He's a good guy I know. You would really look good together on screen and I hope GMA Artist Center makes this happen! :)


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Paolo Onesa: Pop Goes Standards

Paolo Onesa sung before us during a small bloggers gathering at the MCA offices in Ortigas. To tell you honestly I didn't know him that much other than he performed during The Voice Philippines. I had my own personal favorite that time and only rooted for one but it didn't matter later on because my bet didn't win haha. Anyway, I'm always up for anything so I listened in. This is his way of introducing himself and from the looks of it, he's bound to be a good one.

Apart from the fact that he's a looker, he sounds so much better singing some tunes. In this album, he's doing some pop songs and treating it with a standard style. If you know Richard Poon, he sounds mighty close to that. Not that he's competition but I guess MCA wants to present him as a younger version since that is pretty much his genre of music. While in the competition, he was actually advised to find his niche because he was pretty much everywhere in terms of music. When he wanted to finally concentrate on one genre, this was really a good match. 

He wanted to sing more originals and some of the difficult songs that divas usually sing. He even did a spin on Love on Top which was sung by Beyonce and it sounded good. This album was a split between what he wanted and what MCA heeded he does as far as song choices are concerned. No arguments though because after all the arrangements were done, it was all good. I went and listened to the tracks these past few days and I guess they've achieved what they wanted to do. It was relaxing, something that you would want to be played at the end of the day when you want to just put up your feet and get a well deserved rest. It could actually even pass as a zen song for spa's but it'll probably be those youngster frequented places. 

While we were interviewing Paolo, his tone reminds me of Matteo Gudicceli. He's young, so he feels like he's a sponge and is willing to actually learn what this industry has in store for him. He's a bit shy but he knows how to crack jokes when needed. That implies he's a smart one. 

His album contains 10 tracks and is available online including iTunes

Lucky In Love
You Are So Beautiful
Make You Feel My Love
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) featuring Klarisse de Guzman
Marry Me
You're Beautiful
When I Was Your Man
Which Way, Robert Frost?

I strongly suggest though that you get the physical CD because it's way better to have a hard copy. Digital gets lost these days but if you're just buying single tracks, that could be the better option. Thanks to MCA Music for letting us get to know Paolo Onesa! He's bound to charm his way into your heart soon!


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