Tim Horton's Starts Warm Wishes Today!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It looks like Tim Horton's is starting to understand that Christmas season in the Philippines starts when the BER months come in. Just today, they just launched three new Coffee drinks to usher in their Warm Wishes campaign. Aside from that they also had us try a new donut holiday flavor which you will see in a bit.

They'll be sprucing up the stores as well because they want you to feel right at HOME. Those red and white Christmas decors would fit in here nicely and I'm sure you're gonna have that fuzzy feeling while having their cup of joes.

The three new flavors are Merry Berry Choco Chill (my personal favorite), Merry Berry Hot Chocolate (which is equally good), Rudolph Red Velvet Latte (if you want a stronger brew) plus their regulars which they serve all year!

You won't be leaving the store hungry either because for lunch they've got humongous BAGELS which I find so good and filling too. 

Plus don't leave without having their Christmas Log Donut. I already felt full after eating one for my cheat day. It was a bit sweet, had tangy strawberry streaks and a tougher donut dough than usual. One piece would be enough for one person, but really who's stopping you!

They have this in Uptown Mall in BGC but there's some other branch in SM North I think so you should find them there too! :) 

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Say Hi to Oishi Hi Coffee!

Spent an afternoon lounging at home and got comfy in front of the computer to work on some photos that I got from covering events this week. Aside from that, I've had two birthday celebrations, some celebrity shoots that I need to finish before the weekend starts. Lo and behold, our doorbell rang and there's an awesome care package waiting for me outside the door. Mailman was bearing gifts from OISHI and saying HI. I asked myself a couple of times about what this is, because all it says is HI.

It looks like clues were also given to me. The Fast CAFE LATTE In A Box is like an alarm clock, it will keep you awake from sleeping. Oh yes, these are new coffee drinks from OISHI, a brand we all love!

The Fast Coffee CAPUCCINO In A Box is a little stronger, keeps you cool in a warm tropical weather like in the Philippines. These tetra brick packs really came in handy because you can easily put it in the fridge or ice box and it'll be cold in no time!

For those who want it a tad sweet, don't fret because there's Fast Coffee CARAMEL In A Box. You get that caramel flavor in every sip so you know you're not shortchanged. Pretty good even if it doesn't have added preservatives or artificial colors.

For those who are addicted to chocolate, the last one is Fast COFFEE + CHOCO In A Box.You get the perk of having coffee itself plus the sweet and chocolatey drink we love during parties. Just open it up, connect your speakers to your phone and play the music so loud that you won't even hear your friends chat. Enjoy it as it is anytime of the day, even if you're already doing deadlines for work. Stop making excuses, get enough amount of caffeine so you won't be sleeping all the time in the office or your boss would get mad.  Be a good boy.

OISHI HI COFFEE is available now in mostly all groceries, huge stores and even some small ones. Do yourself a favor and get one so you won't be sleeping to take photos in your own turf.

I am still drinking it! 


Costa Coffee Sends Off Jyl Orila To London!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Serious. These three judges will be responsible on actually sending off one of the performers to London as Costa Coffee does the finale for #SingYourWayToLondon at the Costa Coffee Galleria Branch in Pasig City. I'm sure blogger extraordinaire David Guison, Paulo Valenciano and Kiana Valenciano will be having a tough time choosing the rightful winner because man... these contestants are gonna give it their all to get that all expense paid trip to the land of the Queen, Big Ben and all things British.

April Almonte of Costa Coffee says "We brought UK's best coffee here so we are bringing the best Philippine artist we could find to the UK, that's the best deal right? We are known to be good singers and this would be an opportune time to make that dream come true for someone and this would be it!"

Jyl Orila did a cover of SEND MY LOVE by Adele, pretty good, her upbeat version of it was done so it would be like coffee in the morning.

Inna Valera sang STOP by Spice Girls with her friend, despite some technical glitches they still sang their hearts out. Just like friends in a Karaoke booth, like no one is watching but in real life, the whole Ortigas Business district was there! LOL

Maqui Castelo sang Yellow by Coldplay, he was a bit nervous, we could actually hear and feel it but later on in the song, it was all okay. He did his best and that's what matters. They did this for fun, and we're already having fun! 

Maki Santos was doing this for her Mom's 60th birthday. She sang a medley of Brit songs. She startes with Adele's Rolling in the Deep, then Amy Winehouse's Rehab then back to Adele again though, she had angst and stuff. I guess the judges would have a hard time choosing the winner now.

Pia Gabrielle Alfonso sang something about moving on from a past relationship, it's called Your Song by Rita Ora. I actually enjoyed that song a lot. She was a little nervous but she did it anyway, she had fun too.

Then they announced the winner, congratulations Jyl Orila. I'm sure you'll love London! Congratulations Costa Coffee too, wish to join this too soon! 

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Fresh New Songs Heard in HIMIG HANDOG 2017

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It looks like we're up to hear even more FRESH songs in this year's Himig Handog 2017. I've heard all of the entries during the press conference this afternoon at ABSCBN, and so far I like a couple of them already. After screening about a thousand songs, ABSCBN and Star Music has finally chosen the final 10.


Here are snippets of the press conference together with Jonathan Manalo, the composers and artists who are interpreting the songs.

BAGYO will be performed by Jake Zyrus, BES will be performed by Migs Haleco, EXTENSYON will be done by IƱigo Pascual and Aikee, NARIRINIG MO BA will be sung by new Asian sensation Morisette, SAMPU by Jona, TANGHALING TAPAT by Unit 406, TAYO NA LANG KASI will be by Kyla and Kason Dy, THE LABO SONG will be performed by Kaye Cal, TITIBO-TIBO by Moira and WOW NA FEELINGS will be performed by Janella Salvador.

The Grand Finals will happen on November 26. All these songs will be available at Apple Music, iTunes, One Music, Music Video, Astroplus, Odyssey Music and Video, ABSCBN Store, and can be heard through Star Music channels, MOR plus their social media channels. 

My personal favorite is the song TITIBO-TIBO by Moira. It's catchy and when I heard it, it just was flawless. I hope she wins!