Myrtle Sarrosa for NOUVÉ Fragrances

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

This was launched last year and I guess they’re pretty much stepping up their game as they now have a new brand ambassador. 

Myrtle Sarrosa is the new girl for Nouvé. She says “I am very grateful for Nouvé, Miss Kris Aquino told me that the scent is important and being part of Nouvé now means I can smell good every day, differently. It makes me feel good, confident and ups your mood everytime. Only Nouvé keeps me fresh all day! Like now, I am wearing Amber, sometimes I use the Pearl variant. I am starting 2020 with a lot of blessings, I couldn’t disclose my projects in the next few months, but it’s a big one so there’s more to come! I am very happy about the three films with Regal, when this arrived I told myself I’ll help them introduce the brand throughout the country.”

Nicole Pamela Young-Chu VP for Business and International Sales says “Thank you to everyone who took time to come here and welcome Myrtle to Nouvé.”

Philip Young Chairman and CEO says “Your support is indeed overwhelming. Thank you for coming here. We see in Myrtle a dreamer, a simple person from Iloilo and she’s talented, beautiful, very intelligent. This is the image of Nouvé that we want to position.  Aside from the media campaign we are strengthening our distribution. Our food products are already in 40 countries and now we will have the Nouvé line in these countries, we are ready for export. We had a soft launch last year and we studied our market, we now know what to do. We looked for beauty and brains, we saw her following and we agreed it was Myrtle for the brand.

Philip Norman Young VP for Sales and Marketing “We are very happy to have Myrtle as our Ambassador. I use the Garnet scent and Topaz. We have scents named Garnet, Topaz, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Moonstone so we have different scent to use on other days, it’s very refreshing and not too strong, more citrusy and a little musky.”

Noreen Pearl Young-Ong VP for Finance says “We already are talking about a male endorser this coming year, hopefully soon. We are aggressive in media and we are very excited for Nouvé this year.”

Now that they’ve got their Philippine presence already set, they’re going to start distributing nationwide. They are currently available in SM groceries, SM Hypermart, large beauty shops, online in Lazada and in Shopee. All you have to do is try it out, I am currently using the Topaz and Moonstone, they’re pretty good for everyday use. 



Tuesday, January 14, 2020

We all look for variety and yes, the Vikings group is bring a whole lot of it on the table as it just opened a new branch of The ALLEY by VIKINGS at Bonifacio Global City. It stands a few strides away from the Adidas store specifically C1 Upper Ground Floor of Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig City. It gets inspiration from different street food lanes from different parts of the globe and yes, it looked so fancy when we were there a few months ago.

From Italian country style yards to Parisian cobblestone streets and American diners, they've pretty much did their homework doing the interiors of this joint. One begins to ask, where do I start?

Hegz is pretty much their drink station. From signature drinks to your usual fancy cocktails and juices, they've got it lined up at the bar and the side entry. Ask the kind gentleman behind the bar on what they could whip up for you because there's a lot to choose from. They also serve the usual drinks in this joint, no one is left behind!

Street Wok has a multitude of stir-fries. Covered in different Asian sauces, you can take your pick on various dishes. I suggest you get the Pad Thai and Shrimp but don't go overboard on the carbs, there are a lot more stalls to go to.

Lost and Pound felt a little or less, a Tex-Mex joint. You wouldn't run out of bar chows and yes, they've got pretty good wings. Go get a bottle of Tabasco so you can pump up the spice when you need to. I had a couple of rounds here. The Chicken Fajitas are not bad either.

I thought I was dreaming when I found that mound of Ilocos Bagnet at the Frituen Batsoy stall. If you like crunchy fried stuff and sisig, take time to have them chopped up, then cooked fresh as you order. You're bound to smell a little porky after but that's alright, it's gonna be worth it!

O'Sean Eleven is a play with words, but dang those baked oysters were gone in seconds. People who were just passing by suddenly stop and pickup stuff from this table because it's seafood heaven. They also have gumbo and seafood boils, all quite amazing to think they won't run out of it. That is the best part.

I ordered here thinking it would take a long time but no, they sear the meat a few minutes and serve it with a side of Asian pasta and a runny egg. I suggest you get the protein more, the soft parts are good, take in moderation of course! Steak a Minute didn't have much fatty slices, but ask away, they're pretty generous.

Buono is much like a carving station. They also have pasta and a couple of pizzas on the other side (New York Pizza). Time your meals well and you could get a hot one when they replenish the pizzas. I sat quite near so I got them fresh each time.

Film To Rid Thirst for Art: The Revolution Knows No Gender

The Sinag Maynila film festival will happen on March 17-24 this year and yes, there are those who would dare tell the story of Paolo, a filmmaker, social activist cum revolutionary fighter. His roots are filled with his life experiences affected by the current socio-political situation that this country is still under. The film depicts a repressive and oppressive government, and tells of how he as a child, artist, become a seed of his own revolutionary movement. 

This is written and directed by Joselito Altajeros, same director who did movies such as "Ang Lake Sa Parola (2017)", "Ang Lihim Ni Antonio (2008)", "Take of the Lost Boys (2017)", "Gino and Marie (2019)", among others. He wants to pursue films that injects his advocacies. This includes his democratic ideals showcasing the struggles of the masses. This is produced by Harlene Bautista via Likhang Silangan Entertainment and his new group called 2076Kolektib who's aim is to produce content with socially conscious themes. They are also joined by Wilson Tieng (Solar Group) and Director Brillante Mendoza of Cannes fame.

Again Sinag Maynila 2020 will happen on March 17-24, hopefully you can get to catch Walang Kasarian ang Digmang Bayan when it shows during the fest. The film stars prime indie actor Sandino Martin, Arnold Reyes, Rita Avila, Ruby Ruiz, Iana Bernardez, Many Garcia and a lot more.

Stay tuned for updates on their social channels.


Rey Valera and Joey G for The Acoustic Playlist

Valentines will be a little sweeter as singer song writers Rey Valera and former Side A frontman Joey Generoso will be coming together in a concert called "The Acoustic Playlist", an unusual but very interesting combination. 

Joey G says "Ana Puno suggested this combination and I am excited to do this with Rey Valera. It's called Acoustic Playlist and we will have duets, new things we could do because we haven't had a show before. I still do gigs at night and couldn't join Tawag ng Tanghalan. We both like the band setup, we both like love songs, we figured we could do it both. Who knows, we might figure out a dance number (he kids). I loved singing, I love playing instruments, my family is all inclined with music. I always learned it when an instrument arrives at home. It's good being a solo artist now because I handle my own time. I personally decided to do this five years ago to have another story. I didn't have any bad things with Side A, we're too old for drama. Wyngard used to tell me it will happen and it did happen, I had hesitstions but when I did it I saw myself in a different light. It's exciting to work with Rey because I was always fond of his compatriots like Rico J, Hadjii, they had a different kind of music. I would like to work with new artists but mostly with sons/daughters of musicians before, even Moira. Music is never ending studying, I would like to explore other genre. The type of songs for me are different because I decide most of it, not when I was in a band where 5 people had to butt heads. When I did release my first single, iTunes got it on number 1, we didn't go far from my sound. Fans are expecting. "

Rey Valera says "We have song choice in Tawag ng Tanghalan and it's where we experiment a lot. Given a challenge to make it funny or put it on a different situation, I would accept it. Dancing? I could do it, but I just got out of the hospital and I might fall off the stage. Joey has a reputation of being so good on stage, womanizer (he kids) but I will adjust on his kind of songs, I will have to introduce it to myself. I have to make millennials know of me, we could meet in the middle of our music. Unlike when I do it with Rico, Joey has a different audience. I did get to be with him in some bands but I had no idea how he is as a solo artist. Joey G, Aiza and Me always make stadiums full, we will get to try this out in our homeland first before we try to put this on a tour in the US. Our song choices are not that different, but it is how we play it. I am more masa, he is more kolehiyala who can now afford. We now are entertaining a different generation and I don't have to adjust too much, we just have to project an image worthy of that concert. We have to practice song progression, we are both writers and we arrange music, we do lyrics, different jobs and realize there are different disciplines not unlike here where we do everything ourselves. One thing I have learned in life is if you are controlling, don't if you can't, God willing we will be there. I felt I was going with Rico, to be next, only a matter of time and you feel your circle is becoming smaller, my time here is just a bonus."

The concert will happen on February 7, 2020, Friday 8pm at Palacio De Maynila. You may call 84702222, or at the venue 85247606, 85273239. They will have Jona as guest, will hold their US Tour on May 1, Los Angeles , then Las Vegas, then Atlantic City. Maybe more soon, to know more details about the concert, check dates and ticket prices over at 

It's all there!