Lance Raymundo Does “Martir Sa Golgota” This Holy Week

Friday, March 23, 2018

I have witnessed his story unfold on music, TV and in 2014 het met an accident that nobody would ever want to happen. Lance Raymundo had a promising career, hit songs, a glorious future ahead of him and being bound in a wheelchair with his face disfigured must have been so hard for anyone, but not this man.

Honestly, while I was having coffee with him during this interview, my mind was somewhere else, really wondering. While looking at him, I was really at awe at how Lance have had all these POSITIVITY in him while he shared his story. He said it stems from accepting the situation, he knew he had to do that not just to be alive but to go back to where he wants to be in his literal second life.

I found him VERY THANKFUL, APPRECIATIVE and WILLING to share his story because he knew how it would inspire other people, including the youth, the millenials and make them have their outlook in life a little better than before. Aside from the talks, he made it a point to participate in projects of former councilor, actor and director Lou Veloso. In this community play (called Cenaculo in the Philippines) entitled Martir Sa Golgota , he’ll be playing role of Jesus Christ, and says “I always want to make time for this in my schedules, this is my way to give back regardless of religious affinity.”

Here’s his interview in two parts, hope you pick up something inspiring from this short talk, because I did.

Again, make sure to watch the first salvo tomorrow at Althea Park, Paseo Outlets at Greenfield City in Sta. Rosa Laguna and on March 25 at Greenfield District Central Park in Mandaluyong City. They will also be taking this to other towns and major cities as Lance mentioned. If you haven’t seen a Senakulo yet, this may be the opportune time to do it. Go see the story and the passion of Christ as portrayed by an inspiring man.

It’s Holy Week, you be good!

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UNIQLO's 2018 Spring/Summer Collection

Had the chance to watch UNIQLO's Spring Summer show at One Canvass Events Place in Makati City and I really liked what I saw. Pretty much, it was a hodgepodge of cool things, like literally; but I was glad they didn't just stand around and bored us with basics. UNIQLO always prides itself with putting out textile technology so each piece would actually spell comfort, something that would make people come out of their house and wear their clothing all day. 

It's spring and summer after all so seeing their stuff on the racks that day all made sense. The design aesthetic remained efficient for day wear. You have something for athletics, moving around in the gym, inner wear that remained cool even on the insides, jeans that go unbelievably stretchable but firmly hug you in all the right places. They also have something for kids so they won't have to hold back doing what they want to - and have fun with it. Professionals, men and women can now wear shirts that don't even have to get ironed right after it goes out of the washer and dryer, wear straight to the office in a jiffy. They also have some really good designed pieces from Marimekko or tough really colorful stuff for everyday wear from UNIQLO U or the fun UNIQLO UT shirts that I love with Mickey Mouse, Disney, or all things that have got to do with MINIONS. Ah, I could see it now, you'll love them all!

UNIQLO Active, go anywhere well dressed, athleisure at it's best!

UNIQLO AIRism, keep cool all day, even on your inner wear.

UNIQLO Jeans, stretch, stretch, stretch!

UNIQLO Kids and Baby wear, your kids deserve the good things too.

UNIQLO Men's Non-Iron Shirt, and they're not even joking!

UNIQLO x Marimekko, Japanese fashion never looked so cool on women!

The colorful UNIQLO U
Shirts you'll love because they remind you of the movies you used to watch when you were kids, or even not so kids anymore. This is UNIQLO UT.

To let you see what transpired that evening, we've got some of it on video. So enjoy!

Thanks to UNIQLO for having us! I had so much fun that afternoon! Head on to stores nationwide now because this would be so good to have them on the beach, we've all want new wardrobe for that of course!


VIVO V9 Launched in the Philippines

Thursday, March 22, 2018

VIVO V9, the new flagship phone of VIVO

It’s an exciting addition to their arsenal and true enough, they just launched the VIVO V9 in the Philippines and we’ve been raring to get our hands on it.

It’s got a FullView Display, 24MP Front Camera (in a notch),Dual Rear Cameras, 4GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and 2.2GHz Snapdragon 626 Octacore processor. I love it’s selfie capability so far and how it’s AI handles it. It also has AR Stickers for more fun if you love playing with it. I just installed games like Hello Hero and ROS and it has pretty much made my experience smooth, no lags at all.

Here’s my unboxing video, please enjoy!

What’s new about the V9? It’s got a 6.3 inch display, 5.5 size handset, 90% screen to body ratio, 19:9 aspect ratio so you see more of your movies each time. Dual rear camera with 16 and 5 megapixels on it. The front camera has 24 Megapixels. You can also adjust the bokeh with the shot refocus if you want more of that on your photos. It’s also got AI Photography, it adjusts proper face beauty level anytime anywhere. The AR stickers is also fun! It takes your photos to another level. The AI attention sensing also lowers the phones settings if you’re in a meeting, the AI Game Mode also is built in so you won’t get interrupted if you’re playing a game. It also has picture in picture so replying to messages and email is easy, yes it can be all done on the Vivo V9. Price is set at Php 17,990 and can be pre ordered starting March 26.

For more information about the phone, please like their social media channels because they’ll be talking about it more in the coming weeks. I’ll update this post with the price!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I was here last year and I think there are still a LOT of people that would want to have their own GINEBRA jersey. Yes, it is still limited and with the new designs now, it would be the perfect shirt to have while cheering on your favorite GIN KINGS on PBA. They call it the 2018 Limited Edition Ginebra Ako Jersey Collection.

Why do I say so? Well for starters they did give homage to legends last year but this year, it's all about being GANADO AKO. It signifies the team's resilience and perseverance after playing in the PBA for 4 decades. It also puts out the "LAGING GANADO" or never say die spirit which the team and the fans are known for. 

You can spot an authentic limited edition shirt if it has the Ginebra San Miguel Label Tag, the Patch of Authenticity with an embroidered signature of Coach Tim Cone, plus the NEVER SAY DIE Patch on the backside of the jersey.

To avail one, you must purchase and collect 6 seals of Ginebra San Miguel or Vino Kulafu, or four caps of GSM Blue or GSM Blue Flavors, Primera Light Brandy, or GSM Premium Gin. Just add 100 pesos to claim your own Ginebra Ako jersey from partner outlets, establishments across the country. This will only be available starting APRIL 15 to JUNE 15, 2018 ONLY. 

The 5 Collectible Jersey Designs to choose from are:

Japeth Aguilar 25

Scottie Thompson 6

LA Tenorio 5

Greg Slaughter 20

Mark Caguioa 47

Jinri Park, Myrtle Sarroza, Wendell Ramos

They will also be doing a Ginebra San Miguel 3 on 3 tournament where winners will be getting Php 50,000 cold cash. Mike Swift will also be doing murals on courts where this tournament will alsp be done. After 40 years, Barangay Ginebra is still in your hearts, so hopefully you'll get these limited edition shirts too!

For questions about their new jersey collection, you may message them at or because it's all there!

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