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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

I won't be letting you down when it comes to deals, so here's another one from our friends at PROMATE. No, not just the freebies but MORE discounts on existing items like Power Banks, Wireless Headphones and Organizers.

For techies, do not fret because you may opt for the 10,000 mAh power bank called Force 10. It now only costs 999 and is lightweight even at that power rate. Take it around your events, your travels, so if your phone runs out of juice, you can use this instead.

The Travelpack L Complete Travel Organizer Pouch is also discounted at 480. If you travel a lot, you can still get your gadgets and accessories organized.

Thing is, this only will last until January 15 so head on to PROMATE stores at SM North Edsa Annnex, Ayala Cebu, Robinsons Ermita, SM Clark, partner stores Abacus, Abenson, Allworld Computer, BCG, Concept Computer, Denvers Computer Shoppe, Digital Interface, Complink, Electroworld, Jargons, PCINet, Perfect Shot, Silicon Valley, Storm, TCA, Urban Gadgets and Wilcon who also carries them in their store.

Go to Promate.PH or follow them on social media where available @promatephil.

Go get them now!

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Robin Hood at SM Cinemas

Monday, November 19, 2018

After having coffee at Megamall, our friends from COMCO invited me to join them for the advanced screening of Robin Hood. Yes, it’s another classic but told differently, I only knew about it now.

This is a movie starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx, told from the time of the crusades, wars in the Arabian/Mesopotamian era, got lost in that quite well. It’s got none of those old english parts, more americanized, lots of swashbuckling moments and no funny ones, a story about hope, fighting for rights, thievery and charity combined. I liked the movie actually, but more so because SM Movies got is in the Directors club. The fine dogs, popcorn and drinks made the movie more exciting. Though the movie really is.

Darren Espanto was there!

Watch Robin Hood on cinemas this November 21st at SM Cinemas.

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Holiday Gift Suggestions, Take a Look at PROMATE


I am here to give you deals that would be fit for techies like me. Now I have heard of PROMATE before because I am using their power bank for a little over a year now. Still, it works like a charm so if ever I am suggesting something, this would be a great place to start.

These devices are all available in National Bookstore and Powerbooks by the way and if you haven't had one yet, this is the opportune time to have it.
Why you say? Easy, because if you purchase a Powerpeak 10 10,000mAh powerbank or a Powerhub QC 30W Type C Wall Charger, you can get a Truesound 1 Earphone for FREE. Both of which are fast charging and perfect for people who need multiple devices connected on it. I have been using one for years and honestly, it has changed my life and cable situation at home. 

If you are on the look for deals on earphones, they also have the Clavier In Ear Stereo Earphones with Mic or the Onyx In Ear Stereo Earphones with Mic where in you can get a FREE Linkmate U2F Cable. Now isn't that just amazing? You get clear sounding earphones plus a cable you can carry around everyday for data transfers and power needs.

Now why do I say it's a good buy? You've got a 2 year warranty for the purchase as all POWERMATE products do. They have put their name where their mouth is so if that sounds good, go ahead and get your man or woman these awesome devices, branded, priced reasonably, and even got the warranty.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at PROMATE.

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Hotel Benilde Maison De Manila

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Stayed overnight at the Hotel Benilde Maison De Manila a couple weeks ago. Honestly I was skeptical about this because most hospitality establishments run by schools fail to impress because of the quality of work they put in on these joints especially in the Philippines. Not that I'm putting anyone down but the battering average is low in my books, so they don't end up in my blog for more reasons than one.

This place is right smack in the middle of Manila. It sticks out among aged buildings in the area because this one is just fresh, new, like an oasis in the desert. You will feel right at home. Albeit very strict upon checking in, you won't spend that much time in the lobby because they have systems in place. The kind gentlemen even offered to carry my bag upstairs - even if in my head I just wanted to take a break, shower and sleep.

I took a breather and saw this waiting for me on the top floor. The crisp white covers and warm lights was just inviting, I practically slept til around 4 ish to get ready for my other events slated that day. 

I placed my UE Red Warriors cap on the work table, they have ample WiFi and several cable channels to keep my mind off things. The couch beside the window was my favorite place, the Manila skyline didn't look bad after all when you're on top of this building. Check out this video I made of my stay and the events that occurred that day. Enjoy!

To you it may have looked like a jump-off point to other things in the district, but those couple hours I spent in Hotel Benilde Maison De Manila got me going the whole day, plus they've got really great breakfast choices in the morning, I didn't want to miss every bit of that. So I did indulge!

They passed my fried egg test which I do in a lot of hotels just to see if they follow cooking instructions because I prefer mine super well done and crispy, and they did just that! Overall, I felt taken cared of and comfy, I didn't know they had these hotels in Manila. If you also check their rates, they are super cheap for the room I got. 

Now don’t you even think that they are not thinking of you because Hotel Benilde has specials prepared for you this Christmas. Check out their promos during this holiday season!

Dinner during New Years Eve at 899 plus cocktails, I'm there!

Overnight stay for 5K and a breakfast buffet, how can you not do this?!

Finding a spot for your Christmas Party? This fits the bill!

More deals for longer stays, this almost looks like a giveaway. You should!

More deals for longer stays, this almost looks like a giveaway. You should!

Go check them out at HotelBenilde.com if you want to experience Manila and save a bunch on rates and food, this might be the best thing for you!

I enjoyed that short stay, you will too!

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