Brillante Mendoza on Duterte's SONA and TV5's "KADAUGAN"

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We just got off the press conference and private screening of Brillante Mendoza Presents: KADAUGAN, an installment for the show that the world famous Filipino director is doing for Kapatid Network TV5. The series has been done to showcase different customs, traditions, festivals around the Philippines and mirror Filipino lives, as real as it should. During the short interview witb the acclaimed Director, he mentioned a couple of the plans that they want to do during President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation address which is going to happen on July 24, this Tuesday at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City. 

He was asked about what he thinks of doing the SONA this year and said "Maybe they believe in me and I do this pro bono, I do this for free because this is for the President and this is for the country. Other people would want to do this I'm sure, I can do this every year because I enjoy it. I have help from Malacanang and they don't limit me at all. I want to capture the President as he is, raw and not hiding anything that he says. I'll do more close ups, shots with his hands, his gestures, he is a working president and I see him mostly outside."

This installement of Brillante Mendoza Presents will star Dionne Monsanto and Daniel Marsh. According to the Director "Major networks are busy with ratings, I believe in original stories and content and will also do this in Cebuano with subtitles in Tagalog. This will star Dionne Monsanto and Daniel Marsh (although Irish is very fluent in Cebuano). Kadaugan means to win, the term stemmed from Magellan's fall against Lapu Lapu. All these episodes are from real life festivals, I had difficulty communicating with the staff sometimes as most of them are really from that place. I also did it in 3 days. After this, I will have a presscon for AMO with Derek Ramsey, which will stretch 12 episodes. I will also have Directors cut, some to be shown on free TV and cable and I feel encouraged because I see something different on TV. I work on limited budget, but produce movies, a hard task but we do it. This is an effort as we used to be number 3 in the world in producing films, we're a bit late I know but we are doing our share. I intentionally hired artists and production that are from Cebu because this is where they are from, to show their passion. Tere is a Cebuana who wanted to get married, but didn't know the foreigner fiance didn't really have plans to do that. It will touch a little on family ties, on Cebuano hospitality. Their script is all in Tagalog but the actors all translate it in Cebuano. While there are some limitations, the Cebuano crew is experienced. They will also give others the ability to see how Filipinos see foreigners and vice versa. I hope you get to enjoy this. The story is intertwined with the festival and isn't forced. The festival is like the same journey as Tere and is doing a battle for love, much like Lapulapu versus Magellan. We are very thankful for SM for helping through it's different channels and programs, we've been doing this for 7 years and continually educating people about alternative viewing, the same line as our advocacy."

The show will premier this July 30 and will feature the wonderful festival of "Kadaugan sa Mactan". AMO on the other hand will begin in August and is something to look forward to with the acclaimed director's work. A film made for TV is just priceless!

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Sofitel Wants You to Experience "Tout a la Français"

Just got off the afternoon press conference of Sofitel as they celebrate French Month with their theme "Tout a la Français" or "Everything French" this July. They have invited French Master Chef Patrick Terrien to hold classes of Traditional French Cuisine from July 17-23 including an experience of the Chef's Table and the firing up of the French Stove on the said dates. He will also be doing wine pairing sessions, so if you're interested contact Sofitel Manila via 551-5555 or email them at You can also do it via

Multicolor Sea Bream, Fennel Panna Cotta and Beet Root.

They will also feature French wines on Sunday brunch like the Cotes du Rhone on July 23 and my favorite Burgundy on July 30. So don't hesitate to grab a bottle while you're there. 

Greek vegetable, Coriander and Lemon Confit. 

F&B Manager and Sommelier Tanguy Gras will also have wine pairing classes at 4PM on July 29 so if you haven't experienced that yet, go and book one because it's all worth it. Slots run out fast and only costs Php 2,000++ so get them early. The Bienvenue en Provence Barbecue Wine dinner on the other hand happens on the 28th so if you prefer it in the evening, that is better!

Salmon Paupiettes, Champagne Sauce and Oyster Mushrooms. 

Pork Fillet, Brocolli Puree, Glazed Carrots and Poivrade Sauce

Red Snapper Fillet Basquaise with Bordelaise Sauce.

Spring Lamb Shank Navarin. 

Oxtail Beef Parmentier.

Eggplants Duck Terrine, Mushroom Fooe Gras and Walnut Oil.

They've got tons of wines on display, you need not worry if you can't find a bottle because they almost have everything!

I loved all the things I ate in Spiral and the Wine Appreciation sessions I had in the past, I assure you they're some of the best people to talk to for "Everything French" because they are French with a Filipino touch. Come visit them today at Sofitel Manila and enjoy it like I did by calling 551-5555 so you could reserve a table, a private room for your friends and family. Nothing beats the Best Buffet in the Philippines.  


Buckle Up for CARS 3 at all SM Cinemas

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Look who's here at the 2nd Floor of SM The Block this afternoon. It's covered right now but I'm sure that's someone you know, it's Lightning McQueen from Disney and Pixar's CARS. This is their third installment called CARS 3 and they are doing in differently because the graphics are done well, treatment is a whole lot different too. Would you say the legendary McQueen is already an old car? Well he's going to be put to the test with newer, more advanced cars and in this competition, he's going to get a whole lot tougher enemies. Will he win?

SM Cinema and Disney will get Lightning McQueen sent to different malls but will stay at SM North Edsa The Block from July 19-26, S Maison from July 28 to August 8, SM Southmall from August 10-20 and SM City Fairview from August 22 to September 3. They will also be selling CARS 3 licensed items like these cute pillows above.

There will be exclusive items like these folding chairs and huggable pillows.

These fun Lightning McQueen cars are also sold with some of his older friends.

Your kids can be cute too with these shoes. He would be running fast like cars :)

They also have legitimate Cars Bikes, tables and chairs plus a pop up tent which you can use for outdoor activities.

If that's not enough, they've got a racetrack which you can take home and build for your kids. 

I like these die cast small ones as it's reminiscent of matchbox, I heard some of it are from toy maker Mattel.

You can also get these official bags so your kids would be the envy of other kids in school. I'd buy this if I were you.

Executives from SM LEI, Disney, Mattel and toy manufacturers present Jackson Storm and Cruise Ramirez which will be part of Cars 3. 

Mr Edwin Nava says "We are commited to bring you the latest installment of this franchise and mark your calendars on July 26, we will also be holding different events in different malls nationwide so brace yourselves for more special things coming for you at SM Cinemas"

Thank you for these items plus the special CARS 3 screening right after the launch. Matteo Guidicelli was there too to say hi to racing fans. There will also be other special screenings at SM City Clark on July 20 and SM Seaside Cebu on July 21. You'll love this one for sure and your kids would love you if you take them along to watch the movie. :)

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New Hobby for Titos/Titas of Manila: SUISEKI

Just got off the SUISEKI event at the posh Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Shaw Boulevard this afternoon. For those who don't know, there is a large community dedicated to natural stones oftenly called SUISEKI (named after Empress Suiko) who got Chinese Scholar rocks displayed in a wooden base. These rocks are special, usually formed during a long period of time and must depict a special object or shape, like landscape, animals and sculptures. It's not modified at all. The lady above is Ms. Fely Gupit, founder of the Natural Stones Society of the Philippines. The jolly lady welcomed us all and told us the story of Suiseki culture in the Philippines and according to organizations, the country is only on it's infancy because we only started in the early 2000's, but knows how huge our natural resources are. That's our edge over other countries who do this too.

During the occasion, we were also treated with passionate bamboo flute music courtesy of that viral grandpa who played in his spare time at LRT Stations in Manila. There was a guy and young kid who performed with him who were equally talented.

This is Suiseki

People who must have been on the sidelines have been looking at it funny but if you look at them up close, you would know why people have been appreciating these rocks for hundreds of years because just like fashion, it's in the details. 

These are volcanic rocks, formed like small hills and mountains while the other looked like a sinkhole.

This is called Circline, very stunning to see as it looked like a real sculpture but it's only made by the ravages of wind, water, and natural soil erosion. 

This one is called a "Seal", as it mimics the actual sea animal. I'm sure you can all see the resemblance no?

This one looks like a sculpture that looks like it was inspired by "Madonna and Child". The organization called Natural Stones Society of the Philippines has been doing these exhibits in different places and museums to bring awareness of the art, which can be a good hobby for Titos and Titas of Manila. 

This is one of the most fascinating pieces I've seen on display because if you look at it, it's got tons of flower patterns that are intricately arranged on the stone's face. If my hunch is correct, this is a former coral and I'm sure the Philippines has got a ton of these since we are an archipelago.

Some pieces hail from Nueva Ecija and with the multitude of caves there, I bet some of these pieces have history involved. It looks like there's a ton of stories involved in picking up stones like these.

This is entitled "Mountains" which I figure is more because it looks like the ULURU mountain in Australia or just like certain mountains in the Philippines. I think I get why scholars have gotten interest in these things and get inspiration when they study. 

Tanay Rizal is also a source of these interesting stones. Mind you I've seen several things like these that cost thousands of pesos, no joke!

Bat Cave, as the name suggests this looks like a bat in flight. Several stones on display actually look like other animals, like turtles, birds, mammals, and you don't even have to imagine.

This one is textured, one which we often call "Batong Buhay" in local lingo. This is interesting because people would just brush this off, put it on a pedestal and it looks like a million bucks.

For those who are interested to actually make this a serious hobby, Titos/Titas of Manila are encouraged to contact Ms. Felicidad Gupit, founder of the Natural Stones Society of the Philippines. If you would like to join the club, just call 5717818. After three days they will have a new set of stones on display so I hope you could get to see it before July 26. This is part of Shangri-la Plaza's month long celebration of everything Japanese. There are small shops, a lot of displays, kimonos and retail stores that show their wares so buy them all if you're in the mood for shopping. They have events every week so if you're in the mood for fun and luxurious retail therapy, Shangri-la Plaza has them all! Visit for more details!