Experience Stress Free Life with GCASH

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I have always wondered why a lot of people still don't delve into using online transactions. It's actually very convenient and if you ask me, we've got a lot of options now that banks and even corporations started to come out with apps that could do the job what normal bank visits would do. I mean, I've been to my home bank and spent a little more than 2 hours just to deposit money, imagine the things I could have done with that amount of time, which is why I tell my friends the same thing.

In exemplar, my friend has an online business selling mens accessories, watches and shirts. It was a small business back then but they did start getting more than the usual activities when they got word of mouth joining several bazaars and they had to hire people so they could cope up with the demand. After several years of doing this, she didn't have time anymore to go out, have fun, or enjoy the fruits of her labor because she had to do all the accounting work even if it wasn't something she finished college for. She had to endure the same things as I did including lining up to pay for SSS, Pagibig Fund for her employees and include a lot of bills and taking money in and out of the bank. It was a mouthful to say but just imagine how stressed she was because she didn't know several apps could do it, which is why I suggested she lived a little and give GCASH a try. The next month, she didn't have to pay her Meralco, Water or PLDT bill in three different locations anymore, she tied up her BPI account and got money she sees the need to. Then when it came to her employer obligations, she didn't have to lineup anymore because SSS and Pagibig was accessible. She even swears payments were coming in smoothly since it's now possible to transfer funds using the app.

We even had more time to hang out and do a small party for her kid. She thanked me in the sidelines but reminded me that I have to pay half the bill, and GCASH even had that hahaha! She could have gotten me a treat but no, I had to pay in the end LOL! Oh yeah, she is that kind of a friend! Haha!

She thanked me for GCASH though, and that was enough. She paid for my coffee later in the evening, I was thankful at least, she got her life back. No more lines, no more stress, I guess that counts.


Funny Things at the Dark Movie "Babae at Baril"

The movie was dark, cerebral and I'm sure not everyone would get it but the director Rae Red told me a few days ago they would be counting on the Filipino viewers intelligence when they see this film. It would make you squirm on some of the scenes, relate to it especially when you are female, have gone through horrible situations and just wanted to explode. Janine did good and the young guy who played the balut vendor. You have to think a lot how they tried to tie it all up together, and it will take a long loop to get back to that scene (we wouldn't want to spoil things for you). But I have a lot of funny things experienced while watching this film.

The GUN was empowering, not the usual toting kind but Janine was portraying a newbie anyway so it was the perfect reaction to what she was doing.

EVERYONE WANTS TO BLOW UP THINGS especially if you're the kind who just takes things lightly. It just all gets stored in you, but one day you will just get fed up with the BS and kill people. We all think about it, but have you done it? Janine in this movie did. If I did a movie with what I had in mind, a lot of people would have died and we wouldn't have Earth anymore.

SOME MEN ARE AH.. I specifically said that because there are still a few good ones out there. But don't ever get complacent because there are still a LOT of predators out there and you could be the victim. This is where Mr. Roco's character comes in. Was it good? No, it was painful to watch especially the length of that scene, it could have been just done fast because we got the message already. It was a huge topic after the movie and you will have to see yourself if it was enough. Anybody can be an AH actually, not just men, and I know.

THE POPCORN WASN'T GOOD at the Gateway Mall's movie house, it felt like crumbs cooked from three days ago. I had to say that.

PEOPLE ARE NOISY... I am sometimes too but some people at my back were just too involved and resorted to ask their seatmates what happened about a scene three minutes ago. Maybe that was the goal of the movie? To stir discussion, and that was done A LOT of times during that screening. Wish this was available online so I could hear some of the things I missed because some were just talking loud over the conversations in the film.

THERE ARE CAMEOS... This includes the foot of Janine which you're gonna see a couple of times. We need stricter laws against the proliferation of expensive stockings in department stores which sales ladies can't even afford. 

GREAT MUSICAL SCORING... From the funk music of Radioactive Sago Project to the other things that were repeatedly used for background music, it had that cool feeling that this would be a great film. It had a lot of promise.

Would I recommend you to watch this film? Not entirely, but if you're a weirdo, a music lover, one who loves blood and dark scenes in movies, or maybe a fan of Janine's gorgeous face, then yeah this is for you. It just takes a little bit of thinking, but when you do watch it you'll ask yourself... WTF WAS THAT?! And I think that is a good thing. 

It shows today as part of QCinema International Film Festival. Go rush to select QC Cinemas where the Festival is happening.


SEIKO 5 Sports Collection Launch in SM Aura

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

It has to be said, that if you have to lose a man’s accessories, leave the watch alone.

For those who want it, the Seiko 5 Sports collection will have a Philippine launch on October 16, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center Aura in Taguig.

They have been here for more than 50 years and the Seiko 5 Sports delivered high reliability, durability, performance and value. Today, Seiko 5 Sports continues to celebrate individuality and value with its new designs and this collection.

Seiko 5 sports watches are known for being automatic, has a day-date display, water resistance and a recessed crown at the four o’ clock position. It’s case and bracelet is also built for durability. Seiko classic includes 27 new looks tailored to the taste of the modern person man. Choose your style and come in your Seiko persona when the event happens.

Exciting booth activities have been prepared for you including great discounts like 20% promo codes from Seiko 5 Sports ambassadors. Mind you Ben&Ben, Rodjun Cruz, Diane Medina, Khalil Ramos, and Shu Calleja, Iggy Binuya, Jormiel Labador, Curtismith and Een Mercado will all be there. There will be a 15% off for select Seiko products.

All you have to do is be there.


Vice Ganda for Cherry Prepaid's Ganda Promos

Monday, October 14, 2019

Cherry Mobile is bringing in new stuff in from last week's Heart Evangelista collab, to something big and special today featuring the one and only unkabogable Vice Ganda and their mobile arm Cherry Prepaid featuring their new Ganda Data Promos.

Jacy Chua of Cherry Mobile Communications says "We are 5 Million subscribers strong and our goal to have diversified prepaid mobile data, call and text packages is now a reality. Our CMSURF packs offer affordable rates that could get them connected all year and these Ganda Promos will certainly complement it by giving them a choice of more data allocation everytime they subscribe to the service."

Jacy Chua Cherry Prepaid’s CFO says “We wanted to go a step further to give affordable data and as subscribers ourselves, we try to have it in Cherry Prepaid. We tried to analyze what our subscribers wanted and these are the new offers. We change rapidly, we always listen, and today data connectivity is at the heart of every Filipino’s lives. It is essential to connect with friends and family and now this need had us question what 20 or 50 pesos could do, we had to make it for a longer duration and people could afford. You now have time to stretch, less frequency to subscribe, you get more savings. We didn’t stop there, we allowed rollovers for unused data, this is SULIT because you now have enough time to do it with Cherry Prepaid and our millions of subscribers. We want to give more. There will be more promos to give more data, plus the best experience and coming out with GANDA15, GANDA30, GANDA60. We wanted to have a face who embodies the same qualities that Cherry Prepaid has, one who is sincere and genuine. Thank you!” 

Then they revealed Vice Ganda as their new endorser!

Vice Ganda says "I am very glad to see you tonight now that I am the ambassador of Cherry Prepaid. Everyone will be able to afford the promos and I am looking forward to providing good connection to more Filipinos."

The Ganda Promos GANDA15, GANDA30 and GANDA60 feature different data packages. GANDA15 gets you 250MB for 3 days, GANDA30 gets you 550MB for 7 days whilst GANDA60 gets you 1.3GB. All these have longer validity, bigger data allocation which means more fun consuming content in different platforms, which means everything is SULIT with Vice Ganda's Ganda Promos.

Visit Cherry Mobile's official site and social media platforms for more information about this new offer. I don't have a Cherry Prepaid sim yet so this might be a good time to have one!