Leilani Kate Yalung Debuts with 18 Piece Collection

Saturday, November 16, 2019

What were you doing when you were 18?

I for most must have been just looking for trouble, but I haven't reflected on that quite enough til I saw this today. Leilani Kate Yalung is a budding young designer. She's a gorgeous young lady educated in Style Studio, SoFA, SLIMS and currently finishing her course in ICEFDS. After doing several fashion shows and private clients, she's raring to release her very own 18 piece collection inspired by Filipino culture on her debut fashion show held at Buddha Bar Manila, Picar Place in Makati. 

Her mom warmly welcomed guests and the press.

In attendance was Kate's family and friends, several distinguished politicians, artists, influencers and TV people. This is sort of a prelude to what she desires to be the collection she'll be releasing in 2020. We took the trip down south to witness how she wants to celebrate her birthday, this is special and she did pull out her guns.

I like her use of sheer fabric, organza, and the likeness of it with native blouses we also see in Filipiniana wear. Probably to simulate the "baro" part.

She also did a couple of them in blush pink/old rose. It looks very feminine, especially the ones that have folds, ruffled, and tapered.

My personal favorite was this red number. You're gonna be absolutely fun in parties wearing this!

Some of her dresses have intricate beadwork and sewn in flowers, crystals. That must have taken a lot of time to finish.

Then for the finale, she came out with a textured and beaded gown that's got a trail for days!

Congratulations and happy birthday Leilani Kate Yalung! You're a very promising designer, very passionate. I hope you do get to showcase more of your work in the coming years. Take it one step at a time, I won't be surprised if you get what you want earlier. I've seen your structured pieces in shows before and the workmanship is evident. 

See you on the runway! 


Your Moment Now Has Online Hosts

Your Moment just launched last week, but they're already amping it up with good online hosts as Dawn Chang, Matty Juniosa, Sharlene San Pedro, AC Bonifacio will join the show. It's very evident that they were chosen because of their online presence, although very difficult to complete, they are officially doing it.

Dawn says "My moment was when I was in PBB but when I was supposed to do this I had things to fix in Australia. I thought I wasn't going to do this anymore but Direk insisted I go. I am thankful for that. It's challenging and I think people now appreciate me when I explained things. I am now careful about what I say, I get carried away sometimes and I think that is a challenge."

Matty sayd "After Idol I only did guestings and these people that I am with now is more than I wanted. They are all great artists and suoer good at their craft. We are very happy to do this! I think we will bring something to the table, by being honest I can discuss technical things in singing."

AC says "I was pretty nervous about the hosting part but after being with them several times, it was just all fun! I could bring my take on dance because that's where I excel."

Sharlene says "I was really scared to do this but we have to make sure we didn't have dead air. During the shoot it was actually easy because it was so nice to be wjth them. The show actually allows us to comment on the performances. That is a nice opportunity. I think I can also bring fun and laughter, so we won't be that serious during the show. We don't have much scripts during the show because we will be saying what we think about the performers."

Go follow the show's social media accounts because these guys will bring you a different perspective about Your Moment. They all have done reality shows and maybe, that would be a good place to start. 

Ka Tunying’s Dons New Look, New Menu!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Twas a bit sad to have the branch close down in the GMA Kamuning area about a year ago, meetings and events at Ka Tunying's restaurant was just a treat. Now my reasons to miss them is gonna stop as they just opened up shop at the SM North Tower, the new building right beside The Block at SM North Edsa. Anthony Taberna and his lovely wife owns this place as homage to his Dad who had a bakery in their hometown in Nueva Ecija. These days, it's not just bread that they are making but full blown meals and some mean drinks to go with it.

They serve Filipino food, a bit regional since they hail from Central Luzon, but they do it with flair and tie up the names with members of their family. Execution is not bad as I've already had my favorites. But make sure you eat it as soon as it lands on the table, it won't be as good when it's cold.

The Paraiso was refreshing. Filled with cucumber juice, pandan jelly and a few slices of cucumber. It cleanses the palate before chowing down another item on their menu.

They also have something to take home as they've got Gourmet Tuyo and Spicy Anak Ng Tinapa which would be good for piping hot white rice. Mmmm...

Good sauce on this Crunchy KareKare, though I didn't get to see the crunchy part, people at the table prolly got all the good parts fast! 

The Turon had langka and whipped cream on top. The Palitaw was served with 3 different fillings inside (Munggo, Ube and Custard). The Pandan Macapuno was creamy, you can feel how thick the Macapuno made the dish. The Agimat is perfect for those looking for a spicy drink as it's got lemon and ginger in it.

Ka Tunying's New Look! New Logo!

The Chicken had liken to what home fried chicken is like, without breading, pretty good! These are new additions to the menu included in the Nueva Ecija Series, Pinoy Classics, Pasta, Panghimagas and the new all day merienda! Now that is new. 

They also have a working coffee station, to make sure you get it fresh and fast! If I didn't tone down on coffee I'd probably order more!

They also have Inangkal Balls (like crispy buchi), PoKies (which are polvoron cookies), plus tons of other sweets like candies at their bakery section. If you're thinking of something to take back with you to remind you of the Philippines, their pasalubong treats would do the job!

They also have launched the Panlasang Makabayan, to support our own Filipino dishes. It was witnessed by Secretary Berna Puyat, Richard Poon, EJ Falcon and their executives.

Ms. Puyat says I am so happy about the couple's success, how they dedicate their lives to serve good Filipino food. Thank you for going the mile, Eats More Fun in the Philippines!

Tons of changes, really good food, you'll love what happened with Ka Tunying's at the SM North Tower in Quezon City. I'll be back! They now have 9 branches nationwide and there will be an additional one in Tagaytay City (the biggest). You can also order via their website katunyings.ph. Their menu and official merchandise are also available there.


DAMASO Shows On Theaters November 20

This November 20 is pretty special as Regis Films and Reality Entertainment join forces to bring you a film about songs, heartache, love, controversy and realizations about who Damaso is.

Mom Confiado says "This also in involves the struggle of directors and writers, people who work behind the scenes. Joven Tan does great work in plotting the stories."

The film discusses a lot of similarities about things that happened in the past and connect it to current situations. 

EJ Falcon wanted to play his favorite character Elias, he was so ecstatic to actually get the role.

Vina Morales plays crazy woman Sisa and shows how she loved her kids so much. This is a musical so expect good things from one of the country's strong performers. Since this is a historical and musical movie, it would be a good thing for people to learn about the novel of Jose Rizal.

This is a story built on a writer named Fernando Damaso and how he tried to bring to life El Filibusterismo’s most controversial personalities such as Padre Damaso, Crisostomo Ibarra, Maria Clara, Sisa, and a lot more. They would also be played by an ensemble cast which includes Arnel Ignacio in the lead role, Nyoy Volante, Marlo Mortel, Ejay Falcon, Ms. Aiko Melendez, Jin Macapagal, Riva Quenery, Leo Martinez, Ariel Rivera, Irma Adlawan, Lou Veloso, Ketchup Eusebio, Luke Conde, Mon Confiado, Arlene Mulach, Allan Paule and a whole lot more.

This will dive into the lives of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara, how they sacrificed themselves for the family, land and country.

This is Directed by Joven Tan and again, will be showing on theaters this November 20.