Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ms. Gladys Goh, Group General Manager of Nippon Paint based in Malaysia

There are several brands in the construction industry that have made a name in the Philippines but we haven't had the pleasure of seeing this one in our counters. Nippon Paint, one of the largest manufacturers of paints in Asia (established since 1881) just landed in the Philippines 6 months ago and they are aggressively educating paint users in the country to switch to their brand of led free, environmentally sound paint variants, with a multitude of colors to bring forth an even better, ecologically responsible community every time they use Nippon Paint on their walls. They are also launching colors in the Philippines, something that the competitors don't really have making that the distinct thing that would set them apart when offering their products in the market. 

In order to get their point, environmental, social goals across a larger populace in the region, they're launching the Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014 and including the Philippines in the roster. With around 10 countries vying for the country representative post and the winner in the region, they're preparing a once in a lifetime opportunity for talented individuals and tons of prizes for them, the school and knowledge transfers as well.

Together with the Ministry Energy Green Technology and Water of Malaysia, Malaysia Green Building Confederation, Malaysian Green Building Index Association, Malaysia Institute of Interior Designers, Real Estate Housing and Developer Association of Malaysia, Construction Industry Development Board of Malaysia, Design Business Chamber of Singapore, Department of City Planning Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage, Thailand Interior Designers Association, Indonesian Society of Interior Designers, Indonesian Institute for Architects of Jakarta, more importantly the associations in the Philippines namely Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), Council of Interior Design Educators (CIDE), United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), Council of Deans and Heads in Architecture Schools in the Philippines, they will be holding the NYPDA by enjoining students 3year and up to join the competition and they're confident that the associations would be able to source them with the abundance of talents in the Philippines says Ms. Gladys Goh, the Group General Manager of Nippon Paint based in Malaysia. 

This will be a successful competition in the Philippines. They are also thanking LBC because they will get all the entries sent through LBC Express Centers throughout the country. They know that the students are the future builders of the nation and they want them to showcase their talents, and this competition will be able to show them to big corporations. They will also be giving them workshops with various partners so they get exposed to the latest technologies. This is about the Philippines being represented, and getting our representative to be in Osaka, Japan together with other Gold Winners from other countries for networking, education and talks so they would be able to take this experience and knowledge back to their home countries. Last year, they had 2003 entries and they hope to grow the number because of the sheer number of talent here. The theme for this year is "Re-Think, Re-Create. Our Community, Our Home" bringing in importance to their work that will ultimately benefit the community. Developers are also going to be part of this and they will be looking at the work of students as they go along the competition slated to be done before the end of this year.

Architect Maria Benita Ochoa Regala of United Architects of the Philippines
 Architect Maria Benita Ochoa Regala of United Architects of the Philippines thanks Nippon Paint for allowing them to be a partner. The UAP will enjoin them to support home grown talents making them architects that have the ingenuity, integrity and excellence needed to become successful in this competition. They also laud Nippon Paint for hosting this design competition and making the students ready for world class work. "It's the first step to embody their passion and knowledge to gauge if their work would be at par with the Philippines neighbors and other countries. Thankfully, the corporation made this platform to make the students be in this direction. Ideas and innovation will surely come out of this competition." adds Architect Regala.

Architect and Interior Designer Rogelio Caringal of UAP and PIID
 Architect and Interior Designer Rogelio Caringal of UAP and PIID sends his heartfelt thanks to Nippon Paint who brought this to the country. Future Interior Designers and Architects will be part of this recognition program and make their passions, skills in making living spaces valuable in enriching peoples lives. This will shape the country's brighter future. In their own theme (PIID on their 50th year) "Celebrating the Past and Designing for the Future", it aims to nurture the students hunger for design and being part of this competition will make them ready for the real world, a thing that schools would also easily prepare them with. 

The categories they can join for this competition falls in 1. Interior Design and 2. Architecture. They can only accept one entry per student. Deadline for entries will be October 31st that is to be mailed in any LBC Express outlet or they can send it directly to Oncue Media Inc. Unit 5-A 5th Floor, Suntree Tower #27 Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center Pasig City. The grand prize aka Gold Award can get you 6 months internship opportunity with LOR CALMA & Partners plus 50,000 pesos in cash plus a trip to Japan for a once in a lifetime learning programme. Special awards for Best Colour Choice, Best Green Innovation will be given away. For more information and full mechanics, please check out the channels below.


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BigFish Innovation White: The Lost Continent

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's time to party all night once again as the biggest name in events BIGFISH INTERNATIONAL launches one of the most awaited bash in the country called INNOVATION WHITE: The Lost Continent. This one's going to be really wild as international DJ's Jochen Miller and KhoMha will be spinning together with BigFish's great resident DJ's Chris Raeuber, Ian Sndrz and many more!

Jochen Miller is one of the most famous trance musicians in the Netherlands and has also hosted a couple of radio shows in Europe. He'll probably play his famous tracks "Stay connected", "Face Value", "Brace yourself" and "Lost Connection" to make this event even more epic as ever! KhoMha also has played the world stage and wants you to hear more of his Progressive House, Trance and an evolving brand of music he's roaring to spin in Manila.

For VIP tables, rates are as follows

Stage 1: Php30,000.00
Stage 2: Php25,000.00
Stage 3 & 4: Php20,000.00

Every VIP table also comes with a premium bottle of Absolut Vodka, 10 San Mig Light and a Mixer. VIP Tickets come at 3,500 each which includes 2 drinks. Cocktail tables on the other hand is only 7,000 good for 5 people and comes with 20 bottles of San Mig Light too. Current pre-sold tickets are 700 and door charge is 1,200. For reservations, please call 09178847333 or their land line 8088080. For more details, please check their channels below. Remember its August 30, 2014, work hard, party harder!


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Pinoy Music Festival 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

This looks really good, really really good. There's news that the first Pinoy Music Festival will happen in Makati but we just confirmed today that it will happen from 8pm - 12am at the Ayala Triangle Gardens on September 5, 2014. This will only happen in one day, best of all, it's free. Artists, Composers, Musicians and the talented Youth will joint forces to showcase the best of the best in original Filipino music.   

Johnson and Johnson, makers of Bactidol will be one of the sponsors, and they signed the memorandum of agreement this afternoon. Ms. Tina represented them and says "Together, we will strive to commit in helping more and patronize music, artists, composers and musicians in the country." Nonoy Tan also adds in the statement, "In behalf of Filipino Composers, we fully support this cause!". Jim Paredes of the APO Hiking Society shares that "The importance of OPM in the Philippines is slowly being realized. To be international, one must be in a local setting; and in the context of Filipino. We should focus in being crazy about our music and the world will automatically notice us." Jong Cuenco, representing musicians says "We hope not only singers, artists help this cause but also musicians. This will benefit us all and the music industry."Alvin De Vera of PARI, says he wants to "Enjoin labels and those who love Filipino music continue to purchase only legal copies and adds they will also support this event and possibly the future ones as well".Tippy Dos Santos and Abra who represents the young recording artists sternly supports the Pinoy Music Festival and the other causes the OPM is pushing, they want to assure that they'll all be at their back supporting new projects and upcoming artists as well.

We talked to Noel Cabangon, one of the Philippine's most celebrated folk singer and composer and asked about the matters they're raising to the government and found quite sound statements. He's humbled that President PNOY mentioned him and Ogie as his favorite singers in the last SONA and he hopes that it somehow would be able to at least get them heads way in pushing for an executive order to officially make a "Linggo Ng Musikang Pilipino" (Filipino Music Week) next year, either July or September because that's where we got less festivals. It's what they're asking the government to support - to further their cause and make it one of the biggest, perhaps even make it a tourist attraction or something that the international community would notice when it comes. We have the hardware he says, as Filipinos have some of the greatest singers in the world. This might take long but he's hopeful that the President would at least take a look at this cause. PAGCOR is already supporting them but they've been talking to the agencies so they can get that approved. They are ready to submit it and the office of the President is keen on seeing it, they are hopeful that it'll happen real soon. It's going to be very big and will be "National" in scale and they want all major cities to simultaneously celebrate it. One in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao... then Manila to culminate it. They are also hoping it to be something that other countries could also see as something unique in the Philippines, they're hoping to start it in Metro Manila first... perhaps the cities would be able to do it in their turfs. Other than that, they are planning to make this ready for integration on 2016 for ASEAN and see exchanges in other countries more rich, since we have it all. 

Ms. Mitch Valdez was there to support his compatriot Mr. Noel Cabangon and his project with PhilisCaP, an organization for composers and OPM. Board members are supporting this as well, together with PARI and industry movers as well. As for the government, Ms. Mitch Valdez says it's very difficult to expect help from the government and its agencies. They better do it on their own, especially now that they have financial issues hitting the country. Organizations like them used to exist with government grants, but not today. They need funding, and the only venues they go to are from fund raising events. She adds there is little empathy about the causes of this industry who don't even think that there are people behind one artist or one song that won't be able to live alone on royalties. They are hoping for the public to take action, to patronize the arts and maybe in the future to see what the culture in the sense would get their identity in original Filipino music. There's no middle ground now, they are trying to support families and that's one of the reasons why everybody else is going out of the country. The ones who remain are trying to do something about it, like Ogie and Noel. They would be only to measure success in events like these because there's going to be free music and she hopes the message comes across when they listen to it.   

Abra and the youth representatives also showed their talents during the press conference and they hope that there will be an even brighter future for the industry. They showed that right in front of the industry greats and people like Noel Cabangon, Jim Paredes and other leaders; they heard pretty good music. Abra is simply one of the best.

For those who would want to join them on September 5th, be at the Ayala Triangle Gardens at 8PM and see how original Filipino music can make you once more an even greater believer than you once were. Bring your friends, your family and everyone else because of course, it's all free!


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