Manoeuvres, Streetboys, Universal Motion Dancers, Power People and Kidz@Work Headline "THE SIGN" 90's SUPERSHOW!

Thursday, April 11, 2024

If you're still in the mood to reminisce about the 90's, you're in for a treat! The biggest dance groups during that era is finally having a dance concert called "THE SIGN" 90's Supershow this coming April 19th at the ALIW Theater in Pasay City. 

Tito's and Titas will love what the Manoeuvres, Streetboys, Universal Motion Dancers, Power people and Kidz@Work have prepared on this date. Expect them to perform their signature dance numbers and the iconic hit songs that spelled a generation we wouldn't forget. Other performers include fellow 90's groups like Team 90's, Wildcat Queens, BMAD, Dyna Turbo, Teensquad, BIGMEN, Katz22, Black&White, Abstract Dancers plus special guests Blain and Mastermind.

As stellar as that list may sound, this concert is being done for the benefit of several dance groups that they are supporting. After holding a dance competition at the 1322 Bar and Lounge, WCQ Productions and Management noticed that some of the participants really needed help. Some had to travel far, slept outside, and didn't have a place to practice at all. It was heartbreaking to see them try to make ends meet. 

Their passion is unquestionable, which is why they believe that providing opportunities for these dance groups would be the right thing to do. Proceeds of this dance concert will be given to them so they could have facilities, the skills to become better at their craft in order to nurture the next generation of dancers in the country. They were really emotional while telling us about the story.

Here's the press conference held at Farmers Plaza in Araneta City.


THE SIGN: 90's Supershow is directed by Kiko Cabarloc and Arnel Caranto. As discussed during the presser, they will have their groups perform individually. They also plan to do a dance number where everyone will be joining in. This is quite exciting especially for people who miss the times they went to clubs and discos. The competitive fan base of these different groups should definitely show up at the ALIW Theater as they promise to BRING IT on the dance floor. 

Spencer Reyes will also be flying to the Philippines from the UK this coming April 13. That's a few days before the 26 play date. He's quite excited to see his brothers from Streetboys, and the other guys from the other dance groups. 

Here's a short talk we had with him that afternoon.

If you wish to get tickets, please visit the Tickelo website at TICKELO: . If you want to support the show as a sponsor, you may message or call them via 09660696014 or their social channels. Just look for WildCat Queens Productions and Management Inc. on Facebook. They also encourage those who have talent in singing and dancing (especially the talented ones who need help) to get in touch with them online too.

This would not be possible without the help of their sponsors namely Wolfgang's Steakhouse, The Red Crab, 1322 Bar and Lounge, Wild Seafood atbp., Erjohn Almark Transit Corporation, Wildcat Queens Travel and Tours Limited, Mak Media, SG Vibes, Farmer’s Plaza, Tickelo, Wildcat Queens Recording Studio and Wild Knights Band. Again, if you want to be a part of this cause, and wish to enjoy music and dance of the 90's, make sure you take the trip to ALIW Theater in Pasay City and see THE SIGN: 90's Supershow!


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