Friday, April 12, 2024

MARIAN RIVERA and DINGDONG DANTES is now part of the DITO Telecommunity

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes recently just got the record of the the highest grossing film in the country with REWIND during MMFF 2023. With tons of endorsements at their belt, they now have a huge telecommunications company believing in them to send a message as they now are part of the DITO Telecommunity.

This coincides with their recent win at the Asian Telecom Awards 2024 for two categories namely Digital Initiative of the Year and Mobile App of the Year. Aside from that, Ookla just awarded them as the #1 Mobile Network in the country. The award was accepted during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain by DITO CEO and President Eric Alberto and Chief Revenue Officer Evelyn Jimenez. Ookla CEO Stephen Bye was there to hand it over. 

It's so fun to see Marian and Dingdong join DITO at a very opportune time as they are also launching their Postpaid offers and Home plans for the benefit of Filipinos. Cheaper, more efficient connections will now be available through DITO. The Postpaid plans are also available in SIM only offers or with a handset, so if you are looking for a new phone, go get one from DITO now!

Gorgeous Ashley Ortega was also there! My YT Shorts record holder at 4.1 Million views.

DITO Telecommunity Executives at the event

Dingdong says "Marian and I are so excited today! We're very thankful to note that we are now part of the DITO Telecommunity. Thank you so much for the trust. We are grateful to be associated with brands that bring value for the Filipino people. We know how they prioritize customers, and always make connections more affordable. They empower communities. We are happy and proud to be part of this family!"

Marian adds "We are so blessed. I told Dad that in my heart, it's going to be him and DITO from hereon. It's so heartwarming to know how they prioritize Filipinos and act on what people need. They are very dependable. They know our rights to have internet connection, to be content and have DITO in our hearts #DITOsaPusoMo."

Now go enjoy their new commercial which will be coming out on TV, Print and Radio. Congratulations to #DongYan because your love is so infectious! Congratulations too on being part of the DITO community!


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