Meet New Ride Hailing App: PeekUp

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Filipinos are always looking for alternatives and with the recent high prices and hard times getting a car, this news just came at the right time. A new player in the ride hailing industry just opened shop, and they are called PeekUp. They're app is now available on the App Store and Google Play, and I've downloaded it too to give it a try.

The platform is easy to use, and utilizes Google Maps as the base. So most often than not, you will be able to find the place you are going to if it is on that too. Payments currently accept CASH and CARDS (more soon). And upon checking the vehicle types, they have Compact (4 seater) and Plus (6 seater) vehicles.

Their rates also seem a bit lower than the leading app, so you really get to have a choice now and save a few bucks using it. As for driver availability, they are still ramping up and encouraging referrals with drivers and passengers. I bet this would be good in the next few months as more drivers get to join them (6000 according to their CEO). They also have a promo of getting credits for the first ones to join them (limited numbers according to posters) and get 2000 points in the process.

In the launch event they did in SM Megamall Fashion Hall dubbed "PeekUp City", celebrities Ara Mina, Paulo Avelino and Cristine Reyes got to work up a crowd. They also encouraged the public to download the app and try them out today. 

Mr. Dave Almarinez the CEO of PeekUp Philippines says "We need to have a ride hailing up that will benefit the Filipinos, that was one year ago. PeekUp means the best experience, smooth rides. Our cars are 4 seaters and 6 seaters. It is important to always have it affordable and safe. We want students and passengers to try it out because this is 100 percent Filipino owned ride hailing app, with potential to grow in the region, and in other countries. Our dream is to have this design and app built by Filipinos to become present in other places soon."

PeekUp is on the way! Are you excited for comfort and convenience? Go download PeekUp now! You may use my referral code JOHN1254 if you plan to install it today!

Ara Mina will be having a concert called Ara Mina All of Me which is her 30th Anniversary concert on July 11th at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City.


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