DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE Opens Inaugural Branch in Maginhawa QC

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

There's always a reason to go to a coffee shop in Quezon City, and there's a new one that opened in Maginhawa Street. It's called DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE and we got first dibs on what they're offering.

This coffee shop is a passion project amongst friends. All of them were into into diving initially, but their bond was forged by their love for the dark roasted brew. Knowing their tastes, they want it different but couldn't get what they want from big coffee shops they frequent to. They want strong bold flavors, but less acidic. Hence, the dark roasted coffee beans. This is where they got their name from.

We got there during their soft opening (still is so you can already go there). The place is pretty homey. It's got bits of wood and metal, signifying a more industrial interior. They also have a loft where they have a couch, and two tables which I love. It's a perfect spot for people watching and a little privacy (for you).

Jianne, one of the owners shares "This is the first branch, but by the end of this year we want to open up a second one. Our near future plans include partnering up with resorts, or function as a commissary. We studied foot traffic in different places and Maginhawa was just something we loved. We're just lucky coffee shops here have lower rent, reasonable prices (which makes their products affordable) and we felt the universe was just telling us to do it here."

Meet Eli, Krista, Jianne and John, owners of DARK ROAST COFFEE HOUSE

Jianne adds "Dark Roast Coffee House is built on passion and love. We want to serve coffee without compromising quality. We are on soft opening today but will have our grand opening on the 13th. We hope you could visit us and have Dark Roast Coffee."

Spanish Latte and Strawberry Latte

They have a few items on their menu, but their top recommendations include Salted Caramel and Spanish Latte. They also have Creme Brulee which the owners stand by. For non coffee drinks, they have Matcha Latte and Strawberry Latte. 

They have pastries, breads, cakes, crinkles, cupcakes and others. They also have sandwiches, customized cakes (but ask). 

Krista who's in charge of the baked goodies told us "Red Velvet Cupcakes were already served in coffee shops, a lot of people love it. We want to do a variety, so we simply brought it back and made it part of the food served at Dark Roast. We also have breads, Beef and Cheese Turnover, Korean Cream Cheese Buns, Almond Croissant (topped), but made sure we toned down on sugar, and have a balance of savory and sweet products. We converted part of our house into a commissary, so we hope you get to try them all when you visit Dark Roast Coffee House in Maginhawa."

Here's a short tour! 

Dark roasted coffee gives a deep and more robust flavor profile. It's got a bold, smoky notes. They also source their coffee locally from Baguio which was quite nice to know. If you're looking for a coffee fix while you're in this side of Quezon City, just head on the Ground Floor of TKC Building at 107 Maginhawa Street at Teachers Village in Quezon City (or simply search Dark Roast Coffee House on Google Maps).

It's this building here! Just walk inside a bit and you'll see it! (see red arrow)

Make sure you try the Peach Fizz on a hot day and my personal favorite, the Beef Turnover. Just have it toasted and it's a done deal! 

See you there!


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