BUM Black Army: Signing Kim Perez and Sparking Change

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Change is indeed inevitable, and we're seeing it happen with clothing brand BUM Black Army. 

Following their street laden aesthetic, they've managed to grow with the generation that wore it all. Today, they've gone the route of doing clean lines, more urban, and army inspired designs. It's a pretty significant deviation from the looks they served in previous years... and we loved what we saw! 

A pop up runway show happened during their recent event at Sine Pop, St. Mary Street in Quezon City. This is also the occasion where they bared news of their newest brand endorser KIM PEREZ. He's a good looking host, model and actor. A Sparkle artist known for his roles in MPK, Regal Studios, hit series Hearts on Ice and Black Rider.



Their new collection just felt right. They call it BUM Black Army Coords. From the forest to the desert, or simply the outdoors... you're bound to enjoy a more comfortable line of clothes with the apt colors for the season. The city streets will be so cool with Earth tones, different greens and even charcoal on what you're wearing. Those pullovers, jackets with hoodies, shorts with pockets, won't go unnoticed especially if you try to mix and match them with another. The loose fit, would make you stay quite comfortable no matter where you are. You can stay versatile with each piece, no need for nerfing what you already posess, the confidence and look when you have BUM Black Army on your body. They even have accessories to go with it.

It's time you get tough, clean and be obesessed with #BUMBlackArmyCoords because at the end of the day, you deserve it!

Here's the show on video, enjoy!


Meet KIM PEREZ, the newest BUM Black Army Endorser

Kim was quite nice to talk to. He knew about BUM prior to becoming an endorser of the clothing brand and told us about how he's been using it in shoots, at home or even on occasions. He also likes the prints, the colors, and how it fits with his existing wardrobe. We asked him about what he also feels now that he's part of the illustrious celebrities who have endorsed BUM Black Army.

The trust given to him is humongous, and by the looks of it... it fits him and his personality. I like the various BUM Black Army camouflage prints they showcased during the show, and if it's out in stores, I'm going to be part of the reason why you'll run out of it. Watch out for the materials they're coming out with especially in stores, and mall tours they're planning to do in Visayas and Mindanao.

This is just the start, and if this is the change we're seeing... I'm glad it happened!

If you want to know more about the brand, go follow them on their official social channels. They will also be coming out with the collection in shopping platforms, and TikTok so you just wait!


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