Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Just left TV5 Novaliches studios this afternoon after meeting with Direk Percy Intalan and the cast of Comedy/Gag-Gameshow "Barangay Singko Panalo" which is currently in their first month on the Kapatid Network. Currently, it is being hosted by Jerald Napoles and Kayla Rivera (who plays Kags Je and SK K), and since it's a Barangay setup, Direk Percy told us how this all will evolve with new and fun characters. They announced this afternoon the addition of Joross Gamboa and Sam Coloso.

Joross has already been in several shows and hit movies, his comedic timing would certainly fit in what they wanted to do with this show. He plays Kagawad Jo, a guy who just came back from a seminar from Baguio. Kag Je and J will surely bring more funny antics in between games and skits in the show. Sam Coloso on the other hand is like an Energizer bunny, she's super hyper and fun which would be so good for the contestants of the show. She's going to make sure that every single person on set will get the same endorphins she produces to get encouraged in the challenges they whip out everyday on the show. 

Jerald says "We have new things to share with you today. This is also a sitcom so you get to know the cast as it goes. A bigger cast means bigger collaborations, there will be more ideas. Actually, we don't really talk to each other (he kids), we easily pickup things, it's like we're not working on set. Expect our banter with contestants to become even more interesting. This is a fun experience, we don't try to make things technical, and I hope people feel that in the show. Filipinos are looking for that format."

Kayla adds "I'm excited to share with you that we are growing even more in the show. There will be a few people joining us in the Barangay and I hope you are as excited as I am in welcoming them in Barangay Singko Panalo. In a Barangay there are so many members and so far, in our taped episodes the energy is over the top and I'm so happy our family is getting bigger."

Here's the video we shot during the press conference!

Joross was quite happy and said "There's a transition happening in my life, starting in this show, I'll be a politician. I'll give you envelopes later but it doesn't have anything on it, so just put something there.. God Bless! (He kids). You will not see a game repeated, you will also hear stories from contestants, and even if it's like playing games in streets, it's going to be fun!"

To add to the fun, they also introduced Bob Jibailey who plays the Vulcanizing Shop owner who plays Boogie. He's a pretty cool guy. There's also a former writer who initially was just working behind the camera but they encouraged him to join the cast. He now plays the role of Kap AL, his last name is Moranas, so go figure! He was so thankful for the production as he becomes a part of the show.

It's quite fun to know that they will be doong different games everyday (runs from Monday to Friday). Contestants are auditioned, from the public, and they stand to win over 100 thousand pesos in the Jackpot round. The things they do are quite easy, physical, and can be done in Filipino parties of every kind. This is directed by Rich Illustre and they make sure every episode is something you should look out for. This will be shown every weekday at 5:30pn before Frontline Pilipinas. This is also part of TodoMax Primetime Singko. Make sure you follow their social channels for more updates, they want to make sure the TV audience would go back watching TV again which I think is noble. 

Wouldn't you want to join the fun at Barangay Singko Panalo?!


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