Piolo Pascual for My Daily Collagen

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do you look tired? Haggard? Old?

This has been the dilemma of people who are usually in their 30's and 40's. Did you remember to take in collagen when you were younger? How about now? Have you read things about cell generation? Have you seen those collagen powders and capsules out in the market? Have you taken them seriously or forgranted? Sad state, but don't worry, Piolo Pascual told us why.

With exercise, proper diet, supplements, he's defying age quite easily. He's also discovered a fantastic way to do without those collagen preparations you must have seen with other brands because now, it's just as easy as taking off the cap, and drinking from the bottle. This is his preferred way called My Daily Collagen.

Piolo says "It's an honor for me to represent a product that is 100% Filipino, to have a supplement in a busy day at work, sport, at least I have something to support like this super protein drink. I had bone injury and I needed this because my doctor says I needed Type 1. I am aging, to prevent injuries, I need this to protect my self and all you need is one bottle a day. I use whey protein before but it made me heavy, this repairs and help my bone strength. It's not just a skin enhancer, it has a lot of benefits, plus it's also in mango flavor. It's addicting haha! My energy changes, it really works! This is also FDA approved so we have no problem because it's available in leading drug stores. It's also my first time to do a VLOG, I had so much fun doing it with young people. Like a day in the life of Piolo, they talked to me while having breakfast. You'll see it online. Oh and yes we need 3500 units of collagen per day, so take it daily!"

My Daily Collagen is now available in Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Southstar Drug branches nationwide! It is distributed locally by Global Wellness Enterprises who partnered with Nizona Corporation so they can do it exclusively. You may also follow their social media accounts, so just search for My Daily Collagen on these channels!

Piolo made me do it!


Go Sport Opens In Festival Mall

Say Bonjour and Mabuhay to international French based brand GO Sport who just recently opened their store at Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. This is officially their first in Southeast Asia and is gearing for expansion in the region real soon.

The place is huge, located at the mall's expansion wing and they also opened with a knockout punch as World Champion and pound for pound king Senator Manny Pacquiao graced the occasion. Aside from the champ, they also got PBA Stars Jeff Chan, RR Garcia, Jericho Cruz and Jonathan Gray to also be there to witness it. They cater to almost any sport imaginable and this will widen the amount of choice Filipinos have as far as sports wear and gear is concerned. 

As GO Sport CEO Pascal Banet puts it "High quality and hig standard sports equipment and clothig need not to be pricey. This store will cater to everyone and we're glad to start fresh in Festival Mall. We are happy to be part of the community."

GO Sport will carry brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour and a whole lot more. They have ample amount of selling areas and facilities so people can try it out and experience it first hand. The event was also attended by sportscasters Anton Roxas, Martin Javier, fitness guru Sel Guevarra, Tennis phenom Tin Patrimonio, Olympian Jasmine Alkhaldi, great golfers Lexus Keoninh and Guido Van Der Valk, URCC Founder Alvin Aguilar, Governor Chavit Singson, international weightlifter Hafbor Bjornsson and Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann.

Senator Manny Pacquaio even signed this particular punch equipment, it will be on display while it's there.

This is just one of the few establishments you can enjoy at the new Festival Mall. Make sure you visit them soon when you're in the south. Sports equipments are now crossed off your list, isn't that great news?


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Manila, Cebu and Davao with Boyce Avenue and Moira

Hey lovers! It looks like you music fans are going to have a treat because international sensation Boyce Avenue and local sensation Moira are having back to back to back concerts in Smart Araneta Coliseum, Cebu's Waterfront Hotel, and Davao's SMX Convention center. 

Boyce Avenue's Alejandro Luis Manzano, Daniel Enrique Manzano and Fabian Rafael Manzano say "We will play a few songs from our new album, some of which we have never played before. This is putting pressure on us, we're both busy but if we can find a way we could put together I think we'll be excited to do that. It would be a cover and hopefully pull it off in one cover song, ideally more passion and find the right song. We want to still put our stamp on it and if that's an obstacle, we can work it out. We're just meeting her, hopefully a duet, who knows what would happen in the future. We never sung anything Filipino yet but we want to connect with the emotion, to feel it first, hopefully soon. Someday. If there is some that we need to cover we need to be honest and give fans variety, not too many old songs and keep people on their toes. So we can also give it our own spin, not an exact science because it's just the feeling. In the early days, we were hurt when we were being said that we did it better than the original, I didn't think it was a huge complement. We stay true to that, we need consistency, we need to sound like us not just the original. In some ways it has been better, some worse, it depends on the generation. Now we don't have physical cd's and just digital, it happened in social media and we get to have the journey with our fans. It's a balance, thankfully we are successful in transitioning in these technology, now we can connect with people. We are greatful for Youtube and social media. If we did an original, lyrics would be important, the key would be finding a song that have emotional content to it and not just a pop song. It should have a message, a guy to a girl, a girl to a guy, things like that. At the moment we don't have any plans yet but if we get to see more artists, it would be really something we can work out. It allows us to see more of them. We have the drive, we have certain moments where we lose a sense of balance, we have to remind ourselves how many supporters and how we were 10 years ago. If you have that mindset, it's absolutely not to be taken forgranted. We want to do a lot, but we have to fly a lot since we are doing a Cebu and Davao leg. There's a couple different types of covers, some odes to musicians that inspired you. June 2 in Waterfront Hotel and June 3 at the SMX Convention Center in Davao. Tomorrow we will be at the Smart Araneta Coliseum so see you there!

Moira says "I want to do covers that they have already done, even if we do an original I think it would be fun, it would be great because they're good. Everything is a hit for them, I am a bit nervous. I got a call one day after my concert, they told me it will happen in June and being with one of my influences. I needed time for it to sink in, tried to prepare guitar numbers, stay in the moment because I'm a little too shy and performing with them will be a big preparation. I'm nervous, I hope I get to sing 10 songs."

Go get your tickets via Ticketnet, Waterfront Box Office and SMTickets. They won't be here too long! Hearing and seeing them live would be a good thing.

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#MayWard Inspires Joiners of TikTok's "Talent ng Pilipino"

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It looks like our lovely #MayWard loveteam Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber brings goos news to users of popular app Tik Tok. You see they have launched an amazing contest called "Talent ng Pilipino", their first ever contest in the Philippines last May 26. Now fans are all over the app doing their own versions and joining the fun.

Aside from the fun, users would now have the awesome chance to win prizes just by following a few steps. First off, entries should all be reposted on Instagram and Facebook (tagging @tikok_philippines and TikTok Philippines Facebook page). They also have to choose a hashtag for the category they want to join, like for example:
Use #tunogngpilipino if they want to sing or do it while playing an instrument (a plus!). 

Use #sayawngpilipino if you want to do any dance number. Oh go put oil on those joints, you can do it!

Or use #artengpilipino if you prefer to so acting pieces, where you can also use original music or sound (which is better!).
What's in it for the people who join? You can get as much as Php 50,000 in cash prizes, just make sure you follow your passion!

You get the chance to also win Best Participation Awards, Most Talented Award, Pilipinong Patok Award plus cash prizes! You just make sure you get more love and likes on Instagram and Facebook. They also will be invited for a meet and greet on June 24! Now who doesn't want that?! It's that easy!
Maymay and Edward encourages those who want to sing, dance act to join in the fun because just like them, you might just win prizes and perhaps be destined for stardom! 

Now who's up to download TikTok? 

Follow @kumagcow on Tiktok okay? :)

Make sure you follow @KUMAGCOW on Tiktok Philippines okay?

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The LOLA Movie BOOK CLUB Shows On Theaters Today

I like this movie, how their lives individually are flawed but it's not that depressing, it's light and fun. If you think they're old and wouldn't connect at all with the story, you're mistaken. This needs to be watched.

You see, truth be told, they are way over comfortable age. Hand them a book with Christian Gray and all hell breaks loose. I like how they got us hooked with their personalities first, then their story. It kinda gets revealed as the movie goes on and you wouldn't mind if they end up divulging what ordinary people like you and me would only say inside our head, whilst they do it comfortably because wine happened. You'll also be hopeful, in one way or another that every cast member would end up happy - and perhaps they did. 

Now go to your favorite cinemas (SM is an easy choice) and watch Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenburgen do this different kind of book club for you. It's friendship, love, relationships done in a few hours. You'll smile, even cry, or touched at times.

Hope that someone out there is still waiting, destined for us, no matter what age we may be.

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Philippine Airlines does up to 70% OFF Flights!

Spent an evening with PAL as they promised me that I'll love this news. I could sense it is because as soon as I took photos, the signs says it all!

"Thank you for taking time to join is this evening. 2018 is off to a good start, we are still busy enhancing our services, to our goal to be one of the world's best. In the next months we will have more Airbus assets, have non stop flights to more places in the world and get more routes inside the Philippines as well. We have regional hubs in Cebu, international flights from Bohol to Korea, there's more to come like destinations in the US, India, Europe and elsewhere. Our services come from the heart of the Filipino, this is our turn to give back. On Filipino Independence Day we will spread some details later tonight, welcome to our 4star flights around the world!" - Jaime Bautista COO and President of PAL

On May 28, PAL will have their Independence Day Seat Sale. According to Ria Domingo "This is our 120th Independence Day so we are giving you the Freedom to choose where to go. From May 28-June 3, you can have 299 pesos base fare or about 70% OFF on selected flights. Our Airbus 350 can fly you to New York non stop. The travel period is up until December, til the end of the year for international flights. All in all, we'll have 27 new planes and they can bring you to Airbus 321 and Airbus 350 flights, again, you have to tell your friends!"

So yes! This only means you can book fr today until June 3, 2018 and enjoy 70% off on flights. Travel period is perfect as it spans from July 1 to December 31 for local and December 12 for international. Japan, New York, Sydney? Cross it out your bucketlist please!

Do it now!

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The Space and People at KMC Solutions

I have a bit of an idea about KMC Solutions, I think I was able to visit one of their offices in BGC a couple of years ago. This one you're going to see is a little bit on the outskirts of Bonifacio Global City, particularly the Cyber Sigma building at Lawton Avenue in the McKinley district. This company is huge as they can house 6,800 work stations, 25 offices, 14 office buildings comprising 37,000 square meters of office space in locations like Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. The company provides coworking space and office services. This is one way of housing multinational companies in the country so they could provide what they need if they are here. Europe, US, Australia, Singapore, they've all been able to design and build offices for SME's based internationally. 

This is very interesting because you can find a use for these properties even if you don't have your own building, making this a haven for businesses that have worldwide reach. Previous clientele include ANZ, PWC, IGH, Yelp, Ericsson, Goodyear, Merck, Royal Carribean, UBER, Sun Life Financial, Vistaprint, TaskUs, Vocus, AirBnB, Ebay, Pru Life UK and others. If you've keen on setting up an office in the Philippines, this might well be a good jump off point and set it up without worrying too much about infrastructure or people needs. They do HR, Payroll, IT services, so you can get up an running in a short amount of time. They even have local companies who also come in a operate, making it viable for employing talented Filipinos so you can do business with less manpower cost, without sacrificing quality. I hope you see the value in that.

I got a short tour, people are really kind and professional. Check out their pantry! It's pretty fancy!

SIREN Shows on Blue Ant Entertainment

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I remember the Sirens on Pirates of the Carribean movie a few years back. It didn't completely include them in the story but seeing weird creatures (whom I thought were cute little mermaids) attacking them at sea, and I knew exactly who they were because I did Dungeons and Dragons when I was in my teens (a few days ago LOL). Anyway, people from Freeform Network found this interesting and created their own backstory. To tell that it's interesting is actually downplaying it, because during the advanced screening, we got to see how they can legitimately introduce interesting creatures and put them in the forefront. Ahh, then we saw how vicious they can be under water. Want to know how they fare?

Let's just say when they see the need to, they can act like humans and walk amongst us. There have been rumors in Bristol Cove of sightings in the beginning, then tales of interaction, townsfolk became heroes, talks of romance, but are the stories real?

This is what you'll find out on June 4 at 9:45PM on Blue Ant Entertainment (check your local cable operator for schedules). They will also be doing shows from NBCUniversal and Disney titles soon, so in a way, this is just the beginning!

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Riva Quenery Ready For Stardom

Riva Quenery Ready For Stardom

Having seen Riva on TV had me thinking what’s going to happen to her career now that she’s not part of popular girl group GirlTrends. Well, after a very successful concert which was well attended by friends, fans and family, she’s really destined for stardom and nobody’s going to stop her.

She’s a very humble lass, albeit it was our first time to meet I didn’t have that notion of star complex or attitude from the General’s daughter. Even though she’s been out of the group, she remains still in touch with her friends as she takes on more projects that would make her more out there, and she’s doing fine especially online where her Youtube videos have gained traction, we’re talking about more than a million views on her Black Pink cover, to hopefully put her on a Dance diva status, she obviously has talent.

For what the future holds for her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets the accolades or stardom she greatfully deserves. Star Magic is also backing her up, her parents, friends and fans are even more supportive. That SM Skydome stint alone was short proof, and I’m sure she’s grateful for all the things she’s getting.

How can you not love Riva?!

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BPO Queen Finals Tonight

 Had the chance to cover the BPO QUEEN preliminaries a couple of days ago. Today will be the finals which will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena 6PM and guest performers have names like Jake Zyrus, Joross Gamboa, Edgar Allan Guzman, Mark Bautista (who will also be the host) and international sensation Jessica Sanchez. I've also heard Morisette will be there but that has yet to be confirmed (maybe it's a surprise). 

The pre pageant basically will showcase these Queens in their Future wear, Evening Gowns and Swimsuits but I'll be only featuring the previous two because we have kids also reading my articles LOL. Anyway, it's going to be a big spectacle later and I hope my bets also are going to be able to win some awards, or perhaps the crown. The BPO Queen by the way is the nationwide beauty search for gays and transexuals in the BPO industry, so if you are working in one, chances are, you have a representative in this particular pageant. Tickets are still available at SM TICKETS if you don't have one yet.

James Reid for #DewIdol - Mountain Dew

He is blessed, he's got an illustrious career ahead of him and the love of his life by his side. People notice how he's worked hard for it, paid his dues and now his sacrifices are bearing fruit. International brand Mountain Dew just identified him as the new #DewIdol and consequently releasing a new beverage size with the same name. 

Mountain Dew also has released a new commercial seeing this good looking guy pay a man 10 pesos for the drink, forcing a few swashbuckling moves until he got his attention, he needed to do that because the hearthrob didn't know that this drink only costs Php 8.00. 

Unbelievable? Believe it! 

 Before the event even started, I was roaming around the event area and James was already going through the booths with his friends enjoying what seems to be an experience, of what a new Dew Idol should be. Ball in hand, he was already shooting hoops. Surprisingly he's good at it!

The ONLINE FASHION SHOW at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

I was wondering what would comprise the third show on this day with Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018 because there were no details on the designers joining this particular event. It just said ONLINE FASHION SHOW which had me interested with it. During the 7:30pm show, founder Joey Espino took the stage and halted what seemed to be a runway show in the beginning. He mentioned the strides that the Philippine Fashion has done in order to get the attention of the world. 

He knows that the people are looking towards ASIA and he understands how Filipino designers will be an intergral part of this growth. He's probably tired about just concentrating his grasp with just the Philippine market and wants designers to start building efforts towards going ONLINE, have their shop available after the show so they could sell as soon as their wares hit the runway. I totally agree with his point of view, we shouldn't be limited with what we can do here, it all should be available for the world stage because the FILIPINO is world class!
This is the direction they say would spell good this season,  something of androgyny. Cloth and fabric that can be worn by men and women, style that won't go out of season even if it is. The advantage of selling it out of the country is that, you won't be bound by a single market. Wherever you are in the world as long as the mail gets through, you can shop at the comforts of your own home. He also told us that with the traffic in EDSA, we ought to stay in our homes and shop online so you won't have to go the trouble of fainting in the heat, or stuck in malls because in reality, he's got a point.

Sidney Perez Sio for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018

This isn't the first time that I've covered a Sidney Perez Sio show. With the past collections inspired by New York street life, hip hop, crossed with the famous Barong Tagalog and Maria Clara twisted into his work, he was ruffling feathers already in the Philippines since 2005. Athleisure wasn't a term yet but he probably has done it so many times, he would yawn with what people are coming out with now. He was part of the ASEAN Young Fashion Designers Contest, shows in Manhattan, New York. He also worked with prime designer Inno Sotto and other shows in the PHFW trail.

He's here to impress and yes, we were. I took it upon myself to also shoot the back part of the models so you can take a look at the details of the whole dress/shirt, so please enjoy!

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018 MENSWEAR using OPPO F7

 I had so much fun during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018 second day. Unfortunately I wasn't able to cover the shows on the first day because of life. The show which happened at 3:30PM Manila time was just something that I was looking forward to see and I was so happy I got the tickets online (very last minute) and I felt I had to shoot again no matter what it takes.

The MENSWEAR Collection was pretty much a combination of the best of the best fashion houses in Manila who make menswear available for those who want designer clothes, that would best represent the Filipino ingenuity. These are only phone shots that I did with the Oppo F7, the brand's flagship phone. Aside from the lowlight condition, the models actually walk fast so I did expect a little blur here and there, but so far the phone has performed quite well under these conditions. I'll be putting out some DSLR shots of the other shows in a bit. For now, enjoy these shots of the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2018 MENSWEAR!