My Guitar Princess Starts Today on GMA

Monday, May 07, 2018

This May 7, you’ll love what GMA Network has in store for you. There’s no other love that would equate to a mother’s love. Every morning they’ll be giving you a treat in their new shown MY GUITAR PRINCESS.

Julie Anne says “I’m very very excited for you to see the story of Selena and her Mom, plus her music. I am giddy about the story because she gets to choose between Justin and Elton, thank you GMA and GMA Public Affairs for trusting me with this project. My last musical was years ago and I couldn’t even remember it, but this is lighter and I really enjoyed every bit as it exposes the story of Selena. I also get to do music, totally relate to her and how passionate I did become with each song we’ve come up with. Gil is smart, timid lazy, but so fun to work with. I can’t wait to see it on TV. My Dad really didn’t want me to be in show business because he feared how complicated my life would be, when I lost and still passed through auditions, GMA came to me and gave me a break, I finished my studies and everything fell into place. I didn’t have sleep, but it’s a matter of time management, passion and priorities. It was a relief when I graduated college, eventually they allowed me to work and love my music. Hard work and patience, that will be something to do before you achieve your dreams.”

Sheryl Cruz who plays Adele says “It’s a blessing to work with her, it’s very close to my heart and I experience this in real life. I have a kid, I am proud to see how smart they are, very similar to my daughter. With Adele, she was a soul diva so in a way she inherited our talent. She has her own love life, that will be interesting. I’ll be also with Yaya Dolly, so it’s light, a good musical, even Gil has a song number.”

Jazz Ocampo plays Katy, she says “We are fashion bloggers, a little over the top, will be a little nice later on, you will love and hate us, but you have to watch. I don’t have a specific style, I go for magazine looks, the previous trends, I am more into that.”

Gil Cuerva who plays Elton says “I am a popstar, I’ll be singing, I’m really thankful to be with great cast members. Julie is so talented, and it tells us the story of a family, I hope you love this.”

This is about creativity and pursuing your dreams, this starts on May 7. You have to note they have a long list of characters but all of them have some connection to music. Julie Anne also had to be hands on, everybody helped in forming the numbers, the songs are perfect. You’ll also see the guitar princess have her own Youtube album, perhaps some digital stores very soon. It’s their dream to actually put it online, and they can’t wait for you to hear and see them all!

The Director promises you’ll feel the environment, the limit is your imagination and of course even with the small budget they’ll have to work with (he says) you will never be shortchanged because they assure you this would be something interesting you'll stick with every day. 

Make sure you subscribe to their Youtube  channel once the singing starts, yes everything will be uploaded there too so stay tuned!

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