Young JV Is The New Megasoft Ambassador

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

It looks like a lot of things are coming to the artist called Young JV. This is his first endorsement, and it came in a perfect time now that he's attained quite a lot in his education, as Megasoft finds that appealing.

Young JV says "Good afternoon and thank you for coming. I am thankful to Ms Ai and I am overwhelmed now that I am part of MEGASOFT Hygeinic Products. Thank you for the opportunity. I hope whatever I could bring to the table, I could give. I have also put up a foundation, which we already have graduates as of date and we're so happy this will help in that. Aside from that, I'll be releasing a few singles soon and I'm excited for that. I also plan to go to Japan, hopefully do Disneyland and maybe with her (talking about Miho). We also have a single cominh out, I like how outspoken she is, very real.t"

Their VP for Sales and Marketing Ms. Aileen says "We all know Gerry and I go around the country and promote not just our products, but also bring endorsers like Young JV. He's got good looks, very talented, so we really want him to be part of it. His parents are involved too when we talked about it, because he's not just endorsing a brand but our whole company. The celebrities really help to promote our products, and our company's goal of prioritizing and value education. We go outside the cities and see the situation, knowing that Young JV has already been doing work for the sons/daughters of soldiers, we feel blessed to have him in our roster. We have a lineup of activities starting with a provincial tour, and incorporate things that should be learned by students. We might also work with JV's foundation, that is still in the wraps but expect JV to be in all our collaterals in social media, posters, images, shows."

Now that he's part of the MEGASOFT family, he's raring to not just promote the products but help in making education a priority as it is part of their core values.

Congratulations Young JV! You'll be doing a lot of work for sure!

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