Mister Donut Honors Moms Nationwide!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Geeze, look at what popular brand Mister Donut did on their stores this week. Mothers Day is just around the corner and what fitting way to pay respect to the greatest women in our lives but to actually change the name of the store on this special day. Mister Donut has been always synonymous with the Bavarian variant of their donuts and the famous brewed coffee, but they know how to just make these women cry a bit, or amused at the sight of their own logo changing!

Yes! It's for only these few special dates that they'll be changing the store's name into MISIS DONUT so they could get to make your Mom special. This is their way of giving thanks to all the work they've out in raising you, those moments they nurture your growth, hone you into the person who you are today. The perfect partner for Mister Donut, is MISIS DONUT.

Now go see these special signs happen in their Trinoma store, the one in Greenhills and more. I'll be bringing home dozens of them for my Mom, and our loved ones... you should too.

Bring Belgian Bites, the Throwback Donuts (special ones just for a few months) are just waiting for you in their stores. Go buy some before they run out!

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