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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tiktok Philippines

A few weeks ago, I was seeing weird videos being shared on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter made from an app called TIKTOK on iOS and Google Play. It’s a tiny short video platform which is already popular in other countries and is taking the Philippines by storm. What better way to write about this that to actually experience it myself (YOU CAN ADD MY TIKTOK ID KUMAGCOW) because really, this is a whole lotta fun!

Mind you this breaks the norm as you can now perform with your favorite artists (local and international) because Baninay, Awra, Pamela Swing and lovely Korean/KPOP artists are all here on the platform. That only means you can do the #DuetWithMe challenge wherein you can sing or perform with them in split screen modes and edit the audio, video, its filters right on the app itself without any hitches.

Now if I were you, I’d start early and add myself to the thousands of users in TIKTOK Philippines because I felt that I was already late when I joined, adding KUMAGCOW on your friends list and watching/liking my videos there too would be nice hahaha!

You may download the TIKTOK App on the App Store or Google Play or via so hurry now!

It’s really super fun!

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