The Space and People at KMC Solutions

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I have a bit of an idea about KMC Solutions, I think I was able to visit one of their offices in BGC a couple of years ago. This one you're going to see is a little bit on the outskirts of Bonifacio Global City, particularly the Cyber Sigma building at Lawton Avenue in the McKinley district. This company is huge as they can house 6,800 work stations, 25 offices, 14 office buildings comprising 37,000 square meters of office space in locations like Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. The company provides coworking space and office services. This is one way of housing multinational companies in the country so they could provide what they need if they are here. Europe, US, Australia, Singapore, they've all been able to design and build offices for SME's based internationally. 

This is very interesting because you can find a use for these properties even if you don't have your own building, making this a haven for businesses that have worldwide reach. Previous clientele include ANZ, PWC, IGH, Yelp, Ericsson, Goodyear, Merck, Royal Carribean, UBER, Sun Life Financial, Vistaprint, TaskUs, Vocus, AirBnB, Ebay, Pru Life UK and others. If you've keen on setting up an office in the Philippines, this might well be a good jump off point and set it up without worrying too much about infrastructure or people needs. They do HR, Payroll, IT services, so you can get up an running in a short amount of time. They even have local companies who also come in a operate, making it viable for employing talented Filipinos so you can do business with less manpower cost, without sacrificing quality. I hope you see the value in that.

I got a short tour, people are really kind and professional. Check out their pantry! It's pretty fancy!

They have ample amount of lockers for people who wish to work here. Yes, they are accommodating freelancers too like me. The internet connection here is fast, so if you want to upload videos for content, or publish articles, this would be a good place to do it.

Office space? Yeap they've got that.

The view from here is also unbelievable, imagine working here huh?

Yes they serve free coffee, ice cream during events too.

They have awesome  interiors, I could gladly make "tambay" here.

Saw some workstations for different companies, call centers, BPO stuff, they can accommodate that.
I saw their IT setup, they have racks upon racks to accommodate other companies who wish to have their own blades/drives, and secure data, they can set that up. This would be good for international companies who need that in their lives.
This is part of their pantry, cozy chairs overlooking the BGC-Makati area.

No shortage of views!

They occupied a couple of floors, there's still room if you need it.

Part of their pantry are these very fancy chairs.

Training rooms, conference rooms which you can use even if you're a freelancer. Just let them know if you need it too.

View from the conference room.

I wanted to work here.
More views
The IT Helpdesk, who can actually go to you if you need help with internet/telephony services 24/7.

Some options if you need to get out of your office space, and just work some place nicer.

They have a working clinic, with a nurse on stand by.

These are their sleeping quarters, didn't take photos inside because yes, people were sleeping! LOL

One of their training rooms.

One of their pantries.

Other side of the pantry.

I could imagine I could build a small office here for a couple of people, for programming, graphics design, they can have their own room. They can customize for how many heads you need.

The building sits right across the parade grounds I used to go to when I was still in highschool. Those old pasamasids.

The view is equally phenomenal in the other side of the building.

Take selfies in your temporary, or long term office.

So if you're interested to work in the McKinley/BGC area, you can get in touch with them via +63 779 65 40 or see their other properties with the same function over at BGC's Picadilly Star, Sun Life Center, SM Aura Office Tower, Uptown Place Tower 2, here in Cyber Sigma or Ortigas Center's Unionbank Plaza, Rockwell Business Center, Rockwell Sheridan 1, Cyberscape Gamma, Robinsons Zeta Tower, Makati's V Corporate Center, Rufino Pacific Tower or Cebu's Skyrise 4. Now go pack up your bags and set up your business easily here.

I won't mind if you say hi when I'm there! Not that you'd notice me LOL!

See you when I upload videos there!


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