Riva Quenery Ready For Stardom

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Riva Quenery Ready For Stardom

Having seen Riva on TV had me thinking what’s going to happen to her career now that she’s not part of popular girl group GirlTrends. Well, after a very successful concert which was well attended by friends, fans and family, she’s really destined for stardom and nobody’s going to stop her.

She’s a very humble lass, albeit it was our first time to meet I didn’t have that notion of star complex or attitude from the General’s daughter. Even though she’s been out of the group, she remains still in touch with her friends as she takes on more projects that would make her more out there, and she’s doing fine especially online where her Youtube videos have gained traction, we’re talking about more than a million views on her Black Pink cover, to hopefully put her on a Dance diva status, she obviously has talent.

For what the future holds for her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets the accolades or stardom she greatfully deserves. Star Magic is also backing her up, her parents, friends and fans are even more supportive. That SM Skydome stint alone was short proof, and I’m sure she’s grateful for all the things she’s getting.

How can you not love Riva?!

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