Sexy Fun: OH BOY! & OH LOL! at the Music Museum

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

It's already the 16th and that means you only have about two days to go to purchase tickets to one of the sexiest and funniest shows this month called OH BOY! & OH LOL! which headlines 4 hunky men of GMA Rocco Nacino, Derrick Monasterio, Jak Roberto, Dave Bornea and the lovely comedians Donita Nose and Super Tekla. 

The previous show held at the same venue got a pretty good audience and they're raring to do even MORE this time with the new guys they are with, now that Jak Roberto and Dave Bornea will be joining them. Rocco in fact says he's going to do more prep work with the production numbers they'll be doing this Friday because they have a grasp pf what to actually do after staging the first successful one. He's also teaching the new guys what to expect in this new show, but always let them remember they can add their own style and flavor to their individual production numbers, abd those that they'll be doing in a group.

Donita Nose on the other hand says "Our kind of comedy is situational, live, and happens when it happens. So if you are expecting a LOT OF FUN that evening, that's what you'll get and more. People have always seen our antics on Youtube and our previous pairing on Will's show, but now we have 4 boys to play with and that only would mean we'll have a little more naughty fun. We will be interacting more with the audience and Tekla and I will be doing production numbers with them, this will be a riot for sure!"

The show OH BOY! & OH LOL! will happen on May 18th, this Friday at the Music Museum. If you haven't bought your tickets yet, you may purchase them at and at the venue (while tickets last). They promise you'll get to see more sexy stuff and have fun while you are there. Hopefully they can take the show around the world because this seems all so much fun!

Can't wait to see you on this date!

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