Piolo Pascual for My Daily Collagen

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do you look tired? Haggard? Old?

This has been the dilemma of people who are usually in their 30's and 40's. Did you remember to take in collagen when you were younger? How about now? Have you read things about cell generation? Have you seen those collagen powders and capsules out in the market? Have you taken them seriously or forgranted? Sad state, but don't worry, Piolo Pascual told us why.

With exercise, proper diet, supplements, he's defying age quite easily. He's also discovered a fantastic way to do without those collagen preparations you must have seen with other brands because now, it's just as easy as taking off the cap, and drinking from the bottle. This is his preferred way called My Daily Collagen.

Piolo says "It's an honor for me to represent a product that is 100% Filipino, to have a supplement in a busy day at work, sport, at least I have something to support like this super protein drink. I had bone injury and I needed this because my doctor says I needed Type 1. I am aging, to prevent injuries, I need this to protect my self and all you need is one bottle a day. I use whey protein before but it made me heavy, this repairs and help my bone strength. It's not just a skin enhancer, it has a lot of benefits, plus it's also in mango flavor. It's addicting haha! My energy changes, it really works! This is also FDA approved so we have no problem because it's available in leading drug stores. It's also my first time to do a VLOG, I had so much fun doing it with young people. Like a day in the life of Piolo, they talked to me while having breakfast. You'll see it online. Oh and yes we need 3500 units of collagen per day, so take it daily!"

My Daily Collagen is now available in Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, Southstar Drug branches nationwide! It is distributed locally by Global Wellness Enterprises who partnered with Nizona Corporation so they can do it exclusively. You may also follow their social media accounts, so just search for My Daily Collagen on these channels!

Piolo made me do it!


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