Julie Anne San Jose Releases New Single Under Universal Records

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Julie Anne San Jose is still GMA’s brightest star. She’s going to have a new single, doing a show My Guitar Princess and has gotten her concert shown on Sundays Best a few weeks ago. She’s still young, and she wants to do something thrilling. It’s her 11th year if we’re not mistaken, she misses a lot of people but she’s happy to note they’re still connected via viber and fb chat. She loved her job, it’s her passion, she sees no rivalry, and her goal is to entertain a lot of people. She is doing that right now.

Julie Ann says “I am very greatful and overwhelemed, to be sorrounded by people who love me. As of now I am taping My Guitar Princess, hopefully after that I would be able to travel and spend time with my family. I graduated and now applying theories, I have struggles and reliefs, I felt I did well. Education is important for me and it was my gift to my parents, I talk to people and used my college degree to even further my career in GMA, I now have a fallback, and I promised my Dad that I have to graduate. Whenever people ask me, I feel so happy to share my experiences to other people. I now have a degree, do stints in 24 oras, to be there alone is a dream for me. My parents sent me to school, I also have scholarship and I’m not as rich as people think. I didn’t get that because I’m an artist, I really worked hard for my grades and I do what I want because of that.

Ate Reg always tells me to step out of my comfort zone, I get challenged and do other songs out of my range and one of the numbers I got to do was Never Enough, I get inspired seeing her believe in me. I hope I get to sing in Dubai, I always ask guidance and I am so blessed to receive this from people. Now I have a lot of projects, my stress levels may be high but I love what I’m doing. When I do have time I’ll take a vacation, maybe at least a day just to sleep and eat. The life of a hamster! This is what my routine is everyday though so I do this and become productive even if I’m not in the studio. I write songs, poems and that keeps me busy.

I want to work with other people, to grow as an individual, to have a slice of their wisdom, that’s about it.

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Julie is going to have a concert in Dubai on June 16 called “Three Stars One Heart” and will release a single “Tayong Dalawa” so go download that off digital stores web wide! She asks for support also on her new show My Guitar Princess on GMA’s primetime slot, make sure you checkout videos from that show on Youtube too!

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