A Workhorse that Flips: ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX562

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A dream laptop computer, I’ve been looking for that thing since last year. The power I need in computing, video editing, word processing, making presentations, spreadsheets, plus a little gaming may require a few hardware parts of it to be in the high end of the spectrum. In this day and age it is a little scare to reach that level because sometimes, more powerful pieces in the puzzle mean you’ll have to shell out a lot. I’ve seen executive level laptop computers bore the hell out of me and it costs like a second hand car. Albeit dreamy, the price would be a nightmare and for this you just need to think about the essentials, be smart to only get the ones you need that matches your lifestyle. This is what the ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX562 gives.

Now I’m not the type who hard sells stuff. The dream laptop for me is what could do the job because it could take the beating of everyday operation. As soon as I took this ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX562 for a spin I almost gasped when the thing flipped around 360’. I know ribbons live in hinges and they’ve got hardware that made to withstand this feat for a number of times that some military standards were passed, normal drop tests with it too.

This beast uses an Intel Core i7-8565U Processor, comes up to 512GB SSD storage, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Graphics Card, with an infinity pool looking 15.6-in LED-backlit 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) glare touchscreen plus a pre installed Windows 10 OS and the handy ASUS Pen.

At this price point (around Php 99,995), it looks relatively affordable than those which would have the same specs (different brands). Aside from it being an apt workhorse, the ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX562 is aesthetically gorgeous, something that I wouldn’t be ashamed of taking out in a business meeting or coffee shop. It is some serious laptop goal and with how they packaged all those different parts into one unit that flips around crazy, your presentations, your office meetings might be a lot easier to go without projectors anymore. It is also the comfiest to have on a desk, your lap and perhaps any place you would want to work on. If you get adaptable hardware that works as tough as you do, wouldn’t that be a good buy?

Exactly. So if you’re looking for something that works and could withstand the wear and tear of everyday office abuse, this tough cookie named ASUS ZenBook Flip 15 UX562 might be the one investment you could do. It’s available in leading shops nationwide, not really hard to find online too.


Aicelle Santos is Back in the Philippines

Monday, March 25, 2019

We have all been missing her. It’s been a year since she had gone to UK and did Miss Saigon’s Gigi Van Tranh. She’s Aicelle Santos and she’s back in the Philippines.

Aicelle says “Doing Gigi was very personal journey for me, she taught me a lot about myself as a person and being an actor. I wasn’t in my comfort zone, being away and far from home made me think about the important things in life. It made me cherish family and friends, it made me more independent. Whenever I open a show for any musical or concert, I am really nervous, but it was so good to hear them applaud, I felt that surge of power. I am the same me but I just learned to wear a bikini, it was a holistic experience. Living alone was hard, homesickness is real, but it reminds you why you are there. I am glad to go home and do this musical show on GMA.”

About getting married she says “It felt so nice to be here, to hold hands, to walk in a mall and simply just do boyfriend and girlfriend things. The long distance relationship wasn’t really hard, one year went by so fast, the only thing weird about the distance is touch, but we waited. We also surprised each other twice. The experience doing that made me realize things, it is a blessing, I even learned a lot in my solitude.”

Aicelle will be performing in Ballet Philippines’ Tales of Manuvu, the local production showcasing the culture of the Manobo tribe in Mindanao. It is a pop rock opera ballet and will end on March 31st. She will also be part of successful show Studio 7. She will also do the role of Elsa in the Himala: Isang Musikal by Sandbox Collective and 9Works Theatrical Group. They have received several standing ovations in that project and she is very grateful to be part of it.

She adds “I want to live in the moment and embrace life. I want to thank everyone who supports me, and to the Lord who continues to guide me in this path. Here’s to creating more music and marrying the man I love!

Aicelle would like to thank her GMA Artist Center family, her sponsors for the short luncheon Sapporo Noodles, Dentiste and Aficionado Perfumes.

Make sure you watch out for her as her star shines brighter this year!


Unity Ride Launched Against Double Plate Law

Sunday, March 24, 2019

It looks like they had to resort to a show of force today and by the looks of it, they’re a couple thousand people strong. Riders from across Luzon, their leaders and even Angkas rode from EDSA People Power Monument to the Philippine Senate this morning to show their outrage against the Double Plate Law authored by Senator Richard Gordon and Vicente Sotto. This is the senate solution against the riding in tandem crime problem via RA11235. It mandates the Land Transportation Office to issue bigger reflectorized plates for two wheeled vehicles enough to be seen 12-15 meters away from the naked eye. Riders deem this anti poor, and pose a safety risk for the rider, the passenger and even other road users.

They also claim no consultation was made before or after the enactment of the law as it was signed by Duterte already last week. It makes sense because not all motorcycles are created the same way, not all models have places to put the front plates modifications done on bikes would pose more risk to accidents. Criminals simply could change plates, use fake ones to mislead authorities.

They also issued a strong joint statement.

Present at the occasion were various rider groups including Robert Perillo the President of Bulacan Motorcycle Rider Federation, Eric Lazarte Head of Philippine Advocates for Road Safety, Rod Cruz Chairman of Arangkada Riders Alliance, Felipe Rabulan Head of Bull Riders Club, Jobert Bolanos Chairman of Motorcycle Rights Organization, Christopher Cristobal Chairman of Road Guardians of the Philippines, Shaun Roberts President of KRG, Manny Capiral of Cavite Eagle Riders and ANGKAS Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs George Royeca.

They are hoping for a resolution, they have valid arguments and we all hope this becomes a start of an amicable one, not just for Angkas riders but the whole motorcycle community.


Fix Tax Woes with the TAXWHIZPH Mobile App

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bea Binene, one of GMA’s brightest stars is the new face for the TAXWHIZPH Mobile App. It is an all in one app that provides taxpayer assistance inside the app. It does automatic tax calculations, updates your tax calendars and the thing also files tax returns electronically.

Mon Abrea, author of Got A Question About Taxes books and person behind TAXWHIZPH App

Tax Whiz and expert Mon Abrea from Asian Consulting Group says “I do sincere and real content and even if my followers are a few, they are game changers, senators. We are a social enterprise ready to help the clueless or people who are given the wrong advice. This is the time where we need to work together. You just have to approach our associates and you’ll get help from them and the government agencies. When it comes to business we all want to save from taxes, through legislation we should take off renewals, just pay and make it easy to do business. Whoever you are, doing it in mobile services should suffice, looking forward I hope government agencies would help. Here, we even adapted a 4 day work week. People now have more time with family, even some work at home just as long as deliverables are met. Productivity is on top, honesty too, it includes people, it includes you. You don’t have to fear paying taxes or start something new.”

He also lauded Bea and says “Not all celebrities do that but she did it personally. It is important that people do not fear it.”

The app also captures information on receipts to extract TIN numbers, name, address, date and amounts. Your returns can be filed through it so you get seamless processing of your papers. Soon, they will also include mobile payment options so you can transact with partner banks. The app also assists you in choosing the specific form you need in order to pay the correct taxes, generate and prepare your return documents. If you also plan to put up business, they can help you decide income and business tax procedures plus Asian Consulting Group’s publications and monthly seminars. It also reminds you of deadlines so you pay the right amount of taxes when it’s time to do so.

Bea Binene says “Aside from acting, I also am into business. Mix and Brew Coffee just launched a few months ago. We have our own blend, local ones and international ones. We are armed by coffee science, our baristas are also skilled and we are in popups and soon we will be in a mall.”

She adds “I started in a franchise expo, I met him (he was a speaker) and thought he’s an expert in taxes so it was nice to see them in that place. They personally assisted us and they explained to us everything. We feel BIR is the enemy, but they explained where it goes, when and where receipts are issued. To know when it is VAT and NON VAT, to claim and encourage people to collect receipts and save a lot in taxes. Now I have peace of mind, even though I don’t have a big business yet. It is better to be safe rather than end up with cases against BIR on TV for the whole world to see. Here in ACG you will see how you can do it legally, there are resolutions to tax issues and their advocacy is real.“

Go download the app on the App Store and Google Play then subscribe to the service today. It would be but proper that you start paying for your taxes and if all you need is proper guidance, you can start with this app. It’s also completely free, all thanks to ACG and their partner government agencies Filipinos now have a place to go to when asking questions about taxes!


Realme3 Priced 6,290 Online in the Philippines

Friday, March 22, 2019

Realme executives just announced the release of Realme3 in the Philippines and it came at a very nice time. People are looking for very affordable but powerful phones that can do regular work, gaming and last a long time. This offering of Realme3 became even more exciting for people in the Philippines as it is offered Php 6,990 and if you buy it of Shopee on the 25th, you get more discounts so this means you can pay for it for only Php 6,290. Happy!? Surely!

Jacky Chen COO of Realme Philippines says “Last November 29 we entered the Philippine market and it was a strong year for us. We are now present in the Philippines, SEA, Middle East, amounting to 5,000,000 users all over the world. We sold out in Lazada December 5 and still have high rating and feedback. We are continuing to expand 1,500 stores nationwide and 20 concept kiosks. We are the entry level king with the C1. We are an emerging smartphone in the country because we believe in hardware that has power, but it should meet style, the latest innovations and stylish design. We also have the fastest growing smartphone community. We cater to the Filipino youth, we do strong partnerships and collaborations with the best vendors in the country. The best is yet to come with Realme!”

Marketing Lead of Realme Philippiens Eason De Guzman says “I can honestly say this is the best design, the best processor in its price point. We changed the game with the entry level phone, this sub 10k phone is another surprising one. Yes we are saying this is under 10,000 pesos so that deserves a round of applause. It leads in benchmarks, even gaming experience, it bears some mid range phones in performance. It is the best in AI capability, playing games and power consumption is good. We tested it in real time batter endurance and it proved best in its class. The camera has the best hardware, have chroma boost which jumps saturation and intensifies it even if they have more megapixels. The phone also has nightscape mode, so you take better photos at night, even better than what your eyes can see even when unedited. It took 8 labs, 30 engineers, 30+ versions and 5000+ sample shots before we finalized the camera. We listened to you and provide updates. This is real quality.”

Check out the phone shots we have of the Realme3. It’s worth every penny!

Martin Yu of Shopee Philippines says “Connecting with people is now different. It is very exciting. They have exciting products and we at Shopee will be exclusively having the Realme3 available on March 25.”


Janella Salvador Tops iTunes PH Charts

It’s number one on iTunes Philippines and yes, she’s back from a long hiatus in music. It seems, she’s waiting for the right time, and feels this is it. Janella Salvador is releasing her first single and music video called TAKE IT EASY. We talked to her at the presscon of Star Music at Tipsy Pig in Timog Avenue. 

Janella says “I want my experiences for the past few years to reflect my experiences. I guess it is near, it is a variation of different stuff. There are no other person came to mind, it is for me and for women like me who have insecurities. I want to tell them you are given this life and body for a reason, you don’t have to compare, beauty is something you have to be proud of yourself but if it takes time, do take your time. Today, I am just being myself. I have a playlist and I see that I want it to be what I want for my sound. I always have fears, but I am gonna show people who I really am, I am authentic, I love singing and acting so I am trying to write right now. I told my Dad to write. I would tell my younger self to not rush, great things take time and I know I’ll listen if I could do that.” 

Producer Jonathan Manalo adds “There is a conscious effort to fit it in her image but parts of it is organic. Every time we make one it should be authentic for her, creative wise and personally. This is what you will see with Janella and her album. I know Janella will be the biggest star, she still has a lot of potential, she can do a lot of things, even back then I told her she’s gonna be big and she has a huge future ahead of her. She is just starting.” 

So if you love her music then, check out her new music because Janella is back with a different flavor, a different aura because she personally had to do this for you. It will also be featured in Myx and Youtube so watch out for that! 

You deserve Janella. 


What is it like in BRIA Homes?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

I would never know, because I never had one. Though looking at their recent projects made me want to move. 

BRIA prides itself in making high quality homes that are easy on the pocket. A friend told me about it and no wonder Golden Bria Holdings Inc. is successful these past few years after putting up about 50 developments across the country.

They are affordable and price packages as low as 1,897 pesos a month. They also constuct homes very fast, known for on time turn overs but structures remain strong and withstand time. Their homes are also modernly designed, architects make sure they stay on latest trends and design. Their service after turnovers are also worth it, they make sure you settle in nicely and introduce you to the community amenities and shops, so you're sure to live in a great neighborhood. Their properties are also set up in strategic points so you continue to live in a place with available jobs, easy to go to lifestyle amenities like malls and shops without going too far from home.

That's how it is in Bria, maybe if you want to take a look you can check out Bria Official on their social media channels, or 09662775944 because that's how they live in Bria Homes.

Wish I had one there.


Shaira Diaz and David Licauco for "One Hugot Away!"

No label relationships, have you ever had one of those? Then you should watch this show, maybe you can relate with the story of Ellen and Ben.

Two young professionals who had to work odd jobs selling land and real estate properties. It was all well until they sparked a friendship. Weeks passed and the two had grown even more closer, to do things no ordinary friends would actually do. 

If you go above and beyond friends, but never even thought about being boyfriend and girlfriend officially, what do you call yourselves? What boundaries have you set? Is it even a relationship? Ellen wanted to know where they are in this limbo. Will Ben start admitting his feelings or will he prefer this status quo?

Shaira Diaz has been paired with so many guys before, but what makes this pairing called SHAIVID work? I'm sure fans of their initial Magpakailan Man episode would love this new short film to be shown in GMA's properties on March 25.

One Hugot Away is another project of the GMA News and Public Affairs group. This would peak interest to those who would like a more liberal mindset, to see how a relationship without labels may or may not work.

Again it's on the 25th! Watch it on GMA!


Behind the Scenes: Tekla’s First Movie KIKO EN LALA

You've been watching her all over the internet, on GMA weekends against a giant show, but she breezes through with her brand of comedy because she's legit. A lot of you probably won't admit it but you continue to binge watch the best performances she's done because she makes you happy no matter how corny her jokes are. Super Tekla is certainly phenomenal, she's funny AF and she's not letting you go just yet as she stars on her FIRST EVER STARRING ROLE in a new movie called KIKO EN LALA.

We got dibs on her photoshoot a couple days ago together with the cast. Judging from the looks of it, this is going to be a riot! 

This is Tekla's first lead role in a movie, maybe she's going to be a little more sexy than usual. You want that?

The sultry Kim Domingo might prove to be a challenge. Kim Domingo versus Super Tekla? WHYYY?

Funny comedienne Tetay will also join the fun, I told you this will be a riot!

Whoa! Is that Jo Berry of Onanay? Whoa there is hunky Derrick Monasterio too and new kapuso star Kiray Celis!!

Comedy Queen Aiai Delas Alas might also add another layer of fun in this movie. Will they be enemies? Or maybe they'll be in the same team?

I don't know about you but this is so much fun. Wait til they release the trailers and showing dates because you'll laugh your guts out on this movie!

I will watch Super Tekla's first movie repeat 100 times.