AXE Launches Ice Chill

Thursday, July 18, 2019

This evening was fun as people from AXE launched the all new AXE Ice Chill. They showed a video or two of situations why it’s actually hotter when you’re chill, and I think it is a good thing. 

Bong Cruz the brand manager for AXE says “Less is more, go to her, ask her out if you like her. As simple as you can, don’t go become too strong because it should be easy. Whether you’re chill or hot, always remember, you’re hotter when you chill with the new AXE Ice Chill. Be your most authentic self and keep your composure.” 

We played several games on the pool table, also the air hockey machine, when you’re already hot, just spray this on and you’ll get 11 degrees lower on your skin temperature, now that’s something I’d like in the HOT tropical Philippines. It’s a lot musky, a bit of leather, very manly too. If you dig that, go grab a small or big AXE Ice Chill bottle, you’re hotter when you’re chill. 


Manila's Best: Lydia's Lechon Celebrates 55 Years with New Look!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This epic pig was always in my dreams...

They played the commercial in the longest running afternoon show in the Philippines "Eat Bulaga" and just about every big celebration calls for the juicy, tasty Lechon we all love, we always had seconds of it... Like always!

Lydia's Lechon has always been there, always at the top, and as they celebrate their 55th year in the country, they're not going to let their guard down against tough competition. This is why they're slowly sprucing up their stores in the metro and other places in the country. They needed to cater to a eager, Lechon hungry, younger crowd... So take a look at their new store today!

Bright, colorful photos that could make you even more hungry, they all changed the usual mom and pop look and given this a fresher, more instagrammable look in every corner. I like where they're heading and from the looks of it, they're adding more items on the menu. Your classics leveled up, megathrusters are go! 

Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Sisig, Kare Kare, Lechon Dinuguan now comes in Rice Bowls. So good, so affordable.

We loved the Lechon Sisig so much we had to get a fresh one on a sizzling plate. Yum!

How can you not love yourself, you must try the skin, a few chunks of smoky meat, still hot from the pit.

If you're not fond of the usual whole lechon, they innovated the look and packaging with this boxed Lechon Bilao! Mmmm....

The next time you celebrate, make it happen at a Lydia's Lechon near you. Thank you to Aling Lydia herself who personally appeared during this fun meet!

Lydia's Lechon has delivery service via your favorite food apps. If you want to see the store we visited, this is the one in Marcos Highway right before Antipolo. They also have a site and an FB page so you get updates on their promos.

Congratulations on your 55th Lydia's Lechon!


How Do You Take Care of Your Clothes?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It’s such a colorful afternoon with the peeps from Unilever makes of Comfort detergent and Comfort Fabric Softeners. I love their setup where we were given pretty strong magnifying gadgets so we could take photos of fabrics with these wonderful models!

Marianne Tan the brand manager for Comfort says “We in Unilever know you love clothes and if you wash them, some get weathered, but how can you love your clothes to the last thread? You have to use COMFORT Care Detergent. It’s in powder and liquid form and in variants Glamour care and Fashion Care. Eliminate the signs of Clothes Aging with the new Anti Aging Technology in detergents. Love, wear, wash and repeat.”

Amor Prieto the Manager of their R&D says “It takes 5 washes to see signs of aging, the need for clothes to look NEW longer is in demand and we have a new range of products to fight the signs of aging. As we wear and wash them, it contributes to that. The use of bleach even makes the fabric weaker. Harsh detergents get the colors faded, even friction contributes to it. It can ruin your look, but these new fabric care detergents have enzymes that snip bobbling off so your clothes still look new. It prevents yellowing, shape loss, and our new fabric conditioner has Triple Care Technology which protects your clothes from friction and heat. It even protects prints, this is why Comfort make the clothes you love be new for longer.”

Rajo Laurel says “Fabric care is important even after designs, materials are delicate to wash and in investments like designer made clothes, you need to maintain it’s usage even after a while.”

Daryl Chang “Before I buy anything I think of how many times I use it and not just me, but a lot of people spend on clothes. A year or more, you have to get your investment out of it. When you shop you have to be wise, not unlike when I was younger when I didn’t think about sustainability.”

I was a clear case of clothes aging LOL

Apples Aberin says “It is important for me to take care of my clothes, I like dressing up but do repeat my stuff so I take care of them so they last longer, it’s a way of self expression, not to try show aging in your clothes. I love Comfort the most!”

Now how about you? How do you take care of your clothes?


Sunshine, Raymond and Enzo in MALAMAYA

I too was a little dumbfounded about the word MALAMAYA. I didn’t know it wast the tagalog term for the color Ash, all along I thought it was just “abo” but that’s just me lol. Anyway, we sat down with the cast and people behind the movie Malamaya earlier at Annabels Restaurant in Morato so we could get some gist about this Cinemalaya entry.

(L-R): Co-producer/Spears Films President Albert Almendralejo, Director Leilani Chavez, Raymond Bagatsing, Sunshine Cruz, Enzo Pineda, Director Danica Sta. Lucia and producer/ALV Films President Arnold Vegafria (photo courtesy of Rain "The Ranter" de Ocampo)

The film stars Sunshine Cruz, Enzo Pineda, Raymond Bagatsing, Bernadette Allyson and Ms. Gloria Sevilla. This is directed by two women Danica Sta. Lucia and Leilani Chavez. It’s about the gray areas of a relationship, talks about commitment, artistry, dominance, and just about all those small things conservative people don’t want to talk about. A tough stance yeah, but Sunshine trusts the directors much she gave them lee way to do things and execute this, including love scenes which she tells she knows she’s being taken cared of.

Raymond Bagatsing accepted this role as it is different, a potter which he likens to Patrick Swayze and he’s excited about the treatment. He says ”He is my inspiration, and I can’t wait for people to see how much time we’ve painstakingly given its treatment, you’ll see that all here.“

This film is produced by Spears Films, ALV Films and Cine Likha. Malamaya is an entry for the 15th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival slated August 2 to 13 in CCP Theater and selected movie houses nationwide. They will also have a theatrical run on August 14 so watch out for that!


PROMATE 10,000mAh Powerbank Crown 10QC

It's been a while since I whined about something but this is kinda one of it. I've been a good boy, I receive tons of mail on my doorstep but I don't like it if I can't even use things they send me via mail but I do sincerely appreciate the gesture. This one however is different, because if you know a blogger working the same hours that I do, they're probably armed with the best powerbanks in the market. We use it extensively.

I remember getting those cheap ones on street corners and end up using it for less than a week max (because it gets broken), which kinda defeats the purpose of having a power bank in the first place and I only trust a few names when it comes to these things, one of them is PROMATE.

This 10,000 mAh variety I got is the PROMATE Crown 10QC which is made of Lithium Polymer inside and has a lightning cable and micro USB so I don't have to bring those messy ones and be stuck on a wall. It is designed well, you can put the attached cables on the grooves on the side and it would fit like a glove. You get organized right from the start so you wouldn't need space in your bag if you're going out on a trip or a coverage like me. It's just genius!

It also has that capacity which is able to charge my phones around 4-5 cycles depending on how I use it but it does usually last me the whole day. After covering for events, I even have some more so I could play rounds of pubG, mobile legends, ROS and watch YouTube videos at night before I sleep. If it can last me that long, you're bound to probably use it even longer because you might need it less of the time compared to me.

PROMATE even has other varieties of power banks such as the Promate Power Tank 20 which is a 20,000 mAh power bank that's got 18 Watts of power delivery and Quick Charging 3.0 port. They also have color options so if you're into something fancy, it might match your clothes too. Of course if you have phones capable of wireless charging, you can opt for the Promate Auravolt 10 which has the same capacity as my power bank but has Qi charging. All you need to do is put it on top of the thing, and get  charged right away! No need for separate Qi pad chargers, just the device itself!

PROMATE devices (they've got tons of it not just power banks) are available in leading tech stores and in Lazada. Just go get it!


How do you fix your liver?

You should know. It’s got one of the most important functions in your body, and if you don’t take care of it, you’ll suffer the consequences which is not a good thing. First off, you should know everything about what you eat.

That extra slice of pizza, those two bottles after your office hours, that ain’t good. You liver would work extra hard and if it stops doing that, you won’t have something that stores important vitamins, energy and minerals that releases them in the blood. It also helps in resisting infections by producing immune factors and removing bacteria from the blood. So be kind to your liver, it’s the only one you’ve got.

The intake of essential phospolipids may help improve liver function. Essentiale for example contains purified essential phospholipids that comes from natural food that can be easily absorbed by liver cells. It is clinically proven to strengthen liver health by promoting the repairing function and regeneration of liver cells. Now if that happens, you’ll be better off processing foods you eat, drinks you take, give what body needs to survive.

That’s a good way to take care of your liver!


Motherhood Made Easy with the MApp

Monday, July 15, 2019

Had to go to Megamall’s Baby Company store this morning for the launch of MApp - The Smart Mommy App, a new application meant to help managing parenting with a tap. I know, it’s a tall order, but why did people just think of it now no? I wondered how it could help so we listened in to LJ Moreno (kapuso star and full time Mom) and Trix Clasara who spearheads the project. They used to be competitors with parenting apps.

Trix had Mommily in 2015 and LJ launched her MApp in 2016. Trix initially planned to sell hers since she moved out of the city, but during their meeting in 2017, they merged instead making this an even bigger and better app. Now it has products, activities, maps for diaper changing rooms and places that can accommodate kids in the metro. Now identifying these malls or establishments would hasten facilities intended for babies and kids. That would be nice for families no?

Paulo, Lj and son Aki

The app suggests places to go for kids activities, even nearest changing diaper stations and establishments that are mommy friendly.

Celebrity friends including Rich Asuncion showed support during the launch

Now you can download the app on the App Store and Google Play store if you need help bringing your kids outside and have some fun with the most cherished person in the family, you Moms out there!

Meanwhile I found some Baby Company items you could buy, use the app for a whopping 15% discount on some items, tons more in the coming months.

You can download the app now on the App Store or Google Play. Make it easy for mommy, download it for her today!