Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez for Regal Films’ ELISE

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Enchong Dee and Janine Gutierrez pairs up this 2019 as Regal Films makes them their official valentine offering this year. Knowing they are from different networks, we all sit and wonder how this pair up would work, but a good story based on real life events as they give life to the characters of Bert and Elise. This is directed by Joel Ferrer.

This is a dramedy of childhood sweethearts, who met when they were slightly older and figured to fall in love with each other. Here, they started to feel LOVE is no childs play, there are tons of struggles in life, problems with the people around them who do not approve of it. Elise is not all about love and romance, it also talks of beating all odds how to be together, of friendships, on moving on, finding your dreams and is the perfect material for these two. Janine says “It’s nice to actually wish for two people, first loves, if they will end up together. It's a fresh kind of romcom, it is about getting to know yourself and it is different from the usual. Direk asked us to watch a Chinese movie  which this has a lot of similarity in treatment so I can follow, but concept and content  is different.” Enchong adds “I hope people see how this happened in real life, it is a biopic so if they do realize it does happen to other people, maybe they can relate to that. We gave Victor a lot of the exposure, he will be stripping down a lot and you'll see most of it in the movie.”

The film also stars Miko Raval, Victor Anastacio, Miel Espinosa and Laura Lehman. This will show on February 6 so follow Regal Films on their social media channels if it’s not much to ask. 

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Last Chance for Promo Seats with AirAsia

If you haven’t gotten one yet, there are just a few days left before they wrap up their biggest sale to open up 2019. If you haven’t gotten your family and friends local or out of the country trips yet, then this is the opportune time to do it. Be a BIG member and catch these awesome deals from AIR ASIA Philippines.

For BIG members, there are still flights to Manila, Clark, Cebu and Cagayan De Oro for only 519 pesos. If you plan to Tacloban or Bangkok (which I’ll be doing soon), or Shenzen you’ll save a lot on flight fees if you get it from them. I have compared it myself on Skyscanner and Air Asia always leads the pack.

Think about it, this is the best time to fly!

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BORN BEAUTIFUL: Martin Del Rosario on His Kissing Scenes

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Good looks and puppy dog eyes won’t get you roles if you don’t really have the talent. This has been proven by Kapuso star Martin Del Rosario as he reprises the role of Barbs in the sequel Born Beautiful. 

Martin says “I really felt pressured but very honored to have been chosen by Direk Perci Intalan and Direk Jun Lana. Of course people are expecting a lot with the success of Die Beautiful, add to that I had to become the new Barbs in the film. I believe we have done our best to make this as good as the previous one. I had to trim down a lot and diet because I had to fit in female clothes. I also avoided working so I would look more feminine without the muscles. I also had to groom myself and undergo waxing, to get into character because Barbs is complicated so I had to study how she moves.”

He adds “I watched the first Die Beautiful movie and I was glad to accept the sequel, it is a challenge but I have worked with them in other projects before so I knew this was going to be good. Die Beautiful was simple, but this one is more matured in understanding Trans people, finding happiness, having an identity crisis after Trishia died. I will met Trishia’s ex, my ex and go on a journey finding that happiness I am looking for. It was offered to me after they had complexities with Barbs, but definitely I will have a different take on her. I don’t really get affected about what they say online, I read it but I don’t reply. Paulo gave me beauty tips, fixing nails, stuff, he was there in the first day and he made me comfortable. It won’t be so far if you compare the cut and uncut versions, just a few bleeps and scenes shortened but you will still understand the story. The uncut scenes will be on the Friday when you come and watch it on our premiere. My discoveries? It’s difficult to be trans, the physical and mental changes, the acceptance, the love, it’s different but at the end of the day we all have the capacity to love and be loved. Aki was more nervous than me, I already had a scene with Kiko before hand but Aki had to be the one to approach me since I have to be more feminine, Kiko was wild and had s3xual tension. For me, kissing guys and girls are the same. Maybe it just depends on how the kiss is executed.”

“I only had problems on the first day, I was perspiring, on the chair for two hours and was clean shaven everywhere. It did also hurt, I only got used to it on the few days after. When I got to be trans, I was surprised because I looked beautiful. I felt in character and do female things, but the reality of being taped and wax was a sacrifice. This has more drama elements I think, it’s a more matured way of telling a trans story. Christian and I haven’t met each other but we did talk on Twitter about it. More than the ones you see on trailer, you’ll see even more on Cignal.”

Born Beautiful will be premiering on January 23 in Cinemas nationwide! 

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Register Now for Smart’s Amazing 25 Raffle Promo

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Prepaid subscribers should take advantage of this because if you haven't seen Smart Communications announcements on TV, Print, Radio and Online, the you should grab your phones and do this now. Press *121# on your handset and follow the prompts, but look specifically for Smart's Amazing 25 Raffle Promo on the menu. Register there and you’ll get a chance to win a whopping 25 Million Pesos cash as their grand prize.

Carlo Andaya from Smart says “We have a good start for the year and we have launched Smart Amazing Promo last November. 25 years later we are here, everyone who subscribes to Smart, TNT and Sun will get the chance to win 25 Million Pesos. There are a lot of things you can do with that. People will also get bonuses by going to #121 for more instant wins. On February 25, everyone who joins can win, even those who have won things in December and January. Just got to #121 to register and earn raffle entries depending on the promo you buy. Postpaid subscribers get 100 entries per 1,000 pesos. Monthly draws include 25 smartphones, 2500 MVP reward credits, and the chance to win again in the Grand Draw on February. This is also tax free!

Now make sure you do the one time registration first because without it you wouldn’t be included in the raffle. This is only for Smart, Sun, TNT subscribers and doesn’t include Smart Bro or services like it. It was designed mostly for Prepaid subscribers. If you also register to their prepaid promos, you would get more entries. Make sure you do that when your current one ends. Try the Giga Surf add ons, the Social Bundle 199, Chat Bundle 249, Non Stop 450 on Sun because those would get you even more entries. Aside from that, make sure you claim your monthly perks because I was able to do that on my Prepaid line too.

Thanks to the nice people from PLDT Smart who took time explaining to us the whole promo. I already registered, you should too!

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Music, Food, Fun at Hard Rock Cafe Manila

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Yes they’re back! With good reason because Manila can’t get enough of their very own Hard Rock Cafe. We’ve been in their Glorietta branch ages ago but that got caught on fire for some reason, this new venue is BIGGER, BETTER and a lot more FUN than what it used to. I think it’s the charm only these places can bring that appeals to more Filipinos. So amidst the evening traffic, we headed on to S Maison at the Mall of Asia complex in Pasay City.

On stage was a band I’ve never seen before but they were all singing like pros reminiscent of QUEEN, STYX, DEF LEPPARD to slow rock legends and our jaws just dropped.

They have a long list of cocktails but I suggest you start with the Blue Frog. Pretty good so you can let loose after a few minutes. Do not drink when you are the designated driver though!

They’ve got a mean Cheeseburger where the patty was just thick, char broiled perfectly so it was soft and smoky inside. The melted cheese and peppery rocket leaves was just so good to keep it interesting. You should come for the burgers alone, I’m not even joking.

The appetizers were a mix of american favorites, but this Asian Spring Roll felt like a meaty burrito. Fills you up with protein in no time.

The pasta was served piping hot, be careful of the hot plate because it’ll be really hot when it lands on your table. If you like fresh stuff, they have that done to a T.

How do they do it? By putting the open kitchen right beside you. Even if the place was packed, they maintained quality in everything we ordered. These people trained for crowds I’m sure! Kudos to the guy manning the grill because the burgers are TDF!

Now don’t go home without getting your own souvenir shirt, cap or anything that would remind you of this evening. Hard Rock Cafe just rocks and whether you want GOOD FOOD, ROCK MUSIC, or just a simple night with friends, you better do it in HARD ROCK CAFE MANILA. I am not even exaggerating. Drinks are 200-2K depending on what it is, food is around 195 (for appetizers) to about 1595 for the large protein plates. Pretty descent if you ask me.

Now lemme ask you, where will your next party be?

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Derek, Piolo and Dingdong for Dunkin Donuts Delicious DD Bar

Two muscled hunks, all dressed up, laying you down in bed, approaching you with a tray full of your favorite sweet treats they call Delicious DD Bars from Dunkin Donuts. Ease in as they pick it up, touch your lips as you take it in these  lovely soft bars in flavors of Eclair, Tiramisu, Lady Finger, Matcha and Split Royale. 

Enough of that, because as hot as that sounds, it’s just Derek Ramsay and Piolo Pascual giving you the 5 newest flavors which Dunkin Donuts presented in an intimate dinner this evening at the posh Fairmont Hotel in Makati. They surprised us with a new commercial, and a new endorser. Yes they added Dingdong Dantes in the mix!

Dingdong Dantes says “I have always wanted to work with these guys, now that I’m here, thank you! When I went home and gave my daughter products from the shoot, they loved it. My favorite is the eclair, dark chocolate and bavarian. I seriously went on diet because I am going to be with these two! They welcomed me to their fold like family, they are like family and I felt that. I can’t wait to know them more.”

Piolo says “Off and on cam we just talked all day. We shared all our stories and we almost caused delay. My favorite is Tiramisu, but everything is good. If it’s about memorable commercials, it’s the new one where I was dancing with a coffee cup in my hand.”

Derek adds “I am biased with Boston Kreme and I think I can have 5 in one sitting. I have it almost everyday, I have it delivered on set but maintain an active lifestyle. They ask me personally how I am, it’s not just business, they are concerned with my well being and they build relationships with their ambassadors. It has always been like that, and I’ve been with them for 7 years.”

These awesome bars are also available in combos. You can get them for Php 299 in combinations of 5 DD Bars with 6 Classic Donuts, or 3 DD Bars, 2 Premium Donuts and 6 Classic Donuts. Maybe you should pay them a visit today! Maybe you’ll see the three of them and faint too!

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AksyonTV Relaunches as 5 Plus

If you’re a fan of AksyonTV, you’ll love them even more this year as they become Channel 5’s sister channel called 5 Plus. The move is to show more atypical and top of mind sports programs for a younger, more extreme and adventurous kind of audience.

President and CEO of TV5 Vincent Reyes says “We are so excited to launch 5 Plus with our goal of serving atypical sports content that don’t usually receive visibility. As we expand our sports coverage, we get to attract a new audience and younger sports fans. Now we have 5 and 5 Plus to cement our foothold in sports in the country.”

5 Plus will feature X Games which includes BMX Bikes and Skateboarding. Aside from that,  ESports people will begin to see The Nationals which include DOTA 2, Mobile Legends, Tekken and other games. For ball sports, the National Basketball Center League will be shown regularly, including the National Cheerleading Championships. All Radyo5 news programs on the other hand will be transferred to CIGNAL. 

Now you’ll see a younger, fresher visuals, a different music identity, while maintaining its presence online at tv5.com.ph and 5’s social media channels. 

Are you ready for 5 Plus?

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The Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2019

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Been having a lot of dreams these days about it and I kinda miss Singapore already. It’s been years since I last step foot in the Merlion city. Apparently there’s a huge airline ticket sale happening at the Glorietta 2 Activity center, Trinoma Activity Center and Ayala Center Cebu’s The Gallery from January 11-13. I was also advised they will be offering Economy Class fares of USD 188 to Singapore and other Asian destinations starting from USD 194, USD 563 to Australia, New Zealand at USD 658, Europe at USD 717, South Africa at USD 737 and USA with USD 876 which is so cheap compared to peak prices.

Now here in Glorietta 2!

They will do the same on January 12-13 at Seda Abreeza Davao, January 18 in Seda Capitol Central Bacolod and online until January 31 so if you’re raring to fly this 2019, this would be a good place to start.

They will be offering Premium Economy Class seats to Australia at USD 1,133, India at USD 1,279, New Zealand at USD 1,327, USA from USD 1,356, Europe at USD 1,423 and South Africa from USD 1,637, all good deals if you get them on these dates. For Business Class travelers to Singapore you can pay USD 755, any place in Southeast Asia at USD 808, Australia at USD 1,979, South Africa at USD 1,957, selected European cities from USD 2,349, New Zealand at USD2,468 and USA from USD 2516. All inclusive of perks provided for business travelers.

If you are a BPI Credit Card Holder, you can do 0% installment plans and pay for it that way plus a SGD60 Changi GC’s, SGD 20 Singapore shopping vouchers, complimentary SGD 20 Changi Transit rewards, SGD20 KrisShop vouchers and bonus 5,000 KrisFlyer miles. They will also give special discounts with SSI brands like Samsonite, American Tourister and High Sierra. If that isn’t worth the trip, I dunno what else will.

So go and visit the mall locations of this special sale, just like I did!

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Argomall Predict Smartphone Trends for 2019

Choosing a smartphone these days is hard and if you’re not much of a techie, you wouldn’t know what exactly to look for or if you’re really getting your money’s worth. Argomall shares their predictions this 2019 to make the most discerning consumer (you) satisfied with your choice, to also make sure you get the best features, capacity and hardware specifications.

Goodby Bezels!

In the Black Mirror series, people saw how all screen displays impressed the characters in the show. Now imagine how that would feel in real life when notches we saw last year would literally become a thing of the past. Oppo and Vivo had good ones- and possibly all bezel less and full screen soon.

Eye catching stuff! 

We might start seeing foldable screens this 2019, apart from the dual display, face and on screen fingerprint technology, anything could be a possibility.

Longer Battery Life

Big screens mean lots of energy use, hence the need for a better and efficient batteries. You need one that can be charged faster, last longer because that’s the name of the game this year.

Connections, connections, connections

Cables that have faster transfer rates like micro USB’s, USB C, even wireless technologies and standards should be considered. Wireless audio connections and the non existence of jacks would probably be seen on new phones, it is going to happen to more phones soon!

Stronger Inside

The ability to get 5G connections, seamless OS and interface, larger storage and better price points between the same model would be a good idea. There will be better entry level phones, plus a multitude of reasons to get the high end ones because it is going to be the year to see something new. Companies are aggressively coming out with new models, different capacities and may well be priced good. They’ll have better chipsets, faster processors and wonderful ways to keep the heat down especially on gaming phones. Asia will lead the pack!

Better Looking Photos

Who doesn’t want a better selfie, fancy filters, things that could make your presence online look like Hollywood stars. You can also expect artificial intelligence to play a role, learning how to make the shots almost perfect like you imagined it.

Better Wearables

Albeit being dubbed the “future” a couple of years ago, they’re making it better wearable technology now starting with smartwatches with more health features, easier to answer emails, texts and even calls. Maybe, just maybe even playing more games!

There are tons of online stores out there but Argomall says, you can trust em more as they’ve got authentic smartphones only in their store. They also issue Philippine warranty, invoice and receipts so after sales stress wouldn’t be a thing to happen on Argomall.com who is wholly owned by Transnational Diversified Group. Try it out today yeah?!


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PPOP Generation Starts Shows on Teatrino Promenade

When I saw these 45 teens sing and dance on stage, I wondered about who their target audience was gonna be and I worried about how their management would be able to give sure exposure, the stardom that they want from being a part of one of the largest girl groups in the country. So I went and saw their debut show last night, it was surprisingly good.

Ask viral dance expert Ella Cruz who also enjoyed the show!
For going above and beyond their dreams, for practicing almost a year and forming the girls for two years, their dance numbers were on point. Albeit (maybe doing plus ones) on some song numbers, it was understandable because they have a very upbeat and fun routine. They will however give back more of the experience by enjoining the audience on parts of the performance on stage, a fun activity that evening. 

I understood they're not just doing this for the local scene, I would be surprised if they didn't show this to foreigners, perhaps tour operators could connect them. Or maybe it would be wise to take this show elsewhere in the world because they are good, have super nice clothes and can give artists here a run for their crowns. They also have spontaneous talk in between so it's not stiff, now go and get tickets through the Music Museum website because it might be a few days before they run out of them! 

They can bring it, it's quite entertaining and I wouldn't be surprised if they go abroad soon!

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