You Can Pay It Forward With PayMaya

Sunday, December 29, 2019

It's been a while, but I'm sure you've been using your PayMaya to buy stuff online, order food and purchase load so you stay connected with your loved ones. Apart from the convenience it brings, paying via PayMaya is also more rewarding because we get to enjoy cashbacks and exclusive deals for our transactions. I particularly like paying via PayMaya QR as I get 1%, 10%, or even 100% cashback every time I pay. 

This holiday season, PayMaya is not only giving us cashbacks, they’re also giving us the opportunity to give back. Recently, they launched their #PayMayaItForward campaign, a social movement that encourages everyone to pay it forward by doing random acts of kindness to the people around them, even strangers. 

You can pay it forward in simple ways like treating your building’s security guard for coffee or paying for the bills of your parents at home. These simple acts of kindness will surely make an impact once you pass it on to more people.

What’s PayMaya’s own act of kindness, you may ask? You know the 1%, 10%, 100% cashback you receive whenever you pay via PayMaya QR? Well, in this season of giving, they’re actually matching that cashback with a donation to Gawad Kalinga’s SEED (School for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development).

SEED helps out youth from underprivileged communities so they can further their studies in technical education and skills training. They put importance to create social enterprises so they can develop rural areas and their communities. Isn't that a nice thing to know that you’re able to help other people by simple purchasing through PayMaya? 

Pay It Forward this holiday season with the help of PayMaya. If you don’t have an account yet, download the app now and sign up using my code: KUMAGCOWPYMY to instantly get P50 in your account.

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