Worry Free Holiday Dinners from Chef Laudico GUEVARRA’S

Monday, December 16, 2019

I know this holiday season is getting you all crazy. Everyone is just in panic mode because you haven’t done your groceries, you haven’t gone over or done your Christmas shopping, and oh... you haven’t prepared your menu yet for Christmas eve Noche Buena and Media Noche for New Year. I’m here to tell you about a fix for that, because no other than Chef Rolando Laudico and  Chef Jac Laudico is whipping out their favorites for your Christmas feast!

Only Guevarra’s has been able to put a lot of effort on Filipino food done the right way. Ones that are au naturelle, strictly enforcing no MSG to food, making everything from scratch with only the best ingredients. I have had the opportunity of experiencing that during my birthday weekend as I had a lot of people at home. I didn’t want to tire mom as she’s been working hard these past few days putting up our Christmas Tree and ornaments so our home looks ready. How can you not love this scrumptious, Pork Bellychon.

This came to my house fresh, piping hot from the oven, all still crispy and yes, it’s made of dreams! It’s got the right amount of spice, hints of lemon grass and definitely not salty. The Lechon Sauce was sent on a separate tray which I prepped on separate bowls so everyone on the table would have a share. I put in a few teaspoons full of chili because I like it spicy! I sliced off the meat, it was already all boneless so I didn’t need to do so much. All you have to do is out white rice on a plate and serve! They know how to do lechon, and this one had crispy candy like skin, plus flavorful meat that permeated all throughout the length of the pork. If I could only have this everyday and not get wide, I would gladly do so! Oh and the rest of the lechon became good Lechon Paksiw made by my Mom the next day! (Make sure you consume this as soon as it gets to your home, you wouldn’t want cold lechon right?!)

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without cake. I am quite simple to please and yes, my favorite flavor is mocha. Their version is not overly sweet which I adore! I am trying to cut down on sugar so these days when I can, I can’t let a slice pass! I hurriedly put this on a cake display and had it for dessert. The mocha buttercream made me close my eyes a few times, I love you Chef Jac! Hehe! I have fed a little over 8 people and still had more food the next day. We didn’t even have to cook, we just ordered it off Chef Laudico Guevarra’s, and it became Handaan Kahit Saan!

Now it’s your turn to make your lunch, dinners all hassle free. Time your deliveries in parties so you get it fresh, hot and fast. Mom had a grand time without worrying much about the menu because everything in Guevarra’s have always been so good! They also have Beef Kaldereta, Kare Kare, Roasted Chicken Sinampalukan, Party Spaghetti, Pansit in different forms, cakes in different flavors, so just sit and just enjoy the holidays! 

These guys know what they’re doing, and it’s so good! Call them via 027051811, 027051874, 09173112222. Never worry about Christmas dinner again!


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