Sunday, December 22, 2019

Marithé + François Girbaud has been in the country for several years now, 25 years to be exact. That in itself is a milestone, and the constant evolution of the brand has adapted quite well in the Philippines and yes, they're re-introducing themselves this season with some good fall-winter pieces that even the most choosy individuals who adore streetwear, just live by it.

During their celebration, I felt right at home. I loved how several models, personalities just whipped up their Girbaud pieces and wore it like regular clothes, albeit fashionably upscale, it now just got so accessible as they launched several new pieces this fall/winter season. That, and a new look carrying just GIRBAUD on the label from hereon!

It was so inspiring to see how good Girbaud has become over the years and true enough, I went to their store after a few days just to get them myself. I personally love the jeans, the sweaters, the jackets and embossed logo shirts. I also want to share that Girbaud stores now have a BUY ONE TAKE ONE offer on ALL their pieces. Meaning 50% off on all items, are they crazy to even do that? YES! and they did it anyway! Catch is, they will only do it until December 24, you only have a few days left to shop!

So now, you've got more reasons to go to a Girbaud shop near you. If you're planning to get a few items, you'll get more because of the discounts they have for you. Geezus, the salesladies over in North Edsa was so helpful, they suggested several pieces I didn't know would look good on me, but they did!

Streetwear that doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, but looks like a million dollars style wise, looks so cool on me, so it will look cool on you too!


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