Tyronne Escalante Artists Management

Sunday, December 08, 2019

I have heard of him several times in the corridors of networks. Tyronne James Escalante has just put up his own agency called TEAM (Tyronne Escalante Artists Management). He’s been doing freelance work for a couple of years now and this is his next step. He’s got a throng of talented artists including current Darna Jane De Leon, GMA artist Kelvin Miranda, Starstruck’s Lexi Gonzales and a whole lot more.

He has put importance on professional growth, intellectual and personal maturity as his secret to success. He attributes this also to the individual talents he handles, because you can’t build a career without their cooperation. He also has in his coffers up and coming names like Vance Larena, Angel Guardian, Ana De Leon, Keann Johnson, Ayesha Cervantes, Mara Alberto, Megan Dee, Anne Tenorio, Annika Camaya, John Matthew Uy, Kristel Atinen, Coleene Isip Ferrer and Director Monti Parungao.

Tyronne says “I don’t want to play, attitude is important, we are a competitive bunch and we want to penetrate the industry with the roster of talents we have. They have different qualities, strengths, I believe in them and I feel they can grow with me. Jane started by doing extras, there are no secrets but prayers and luck. I don’t have idols, I have my own identity, I want to be the next cornerstone or ALV, be able to do a lot of things for my artists. This stroke of luck isn’t a joke, and they are where they are because of their hard work. One unusual thing is my Director. I believe they have potential. Aki and I have already split (he kids) but we are friends, and I owe a lot of things from a lot of people. Even though Aki isn’t with me, I believe he is very talented and has a long way to go. They are different talents, different artists, they have different durations, Jane is here for me and she chose to stay with me. Until now I have an old car, it’s because I push for them more than myself. In the beginning I was just doing office work, but I felt I had to take charge of my career. It took time to form TEAM but with all the things happening in my year, I felt it was the right time. I want them to feel they are in good company. I discovered Jane via Anika. We met in an audition in Eat Bulaga but we tried her out in a teen oriented show. I also showed her with Mr. M, that time they got her too.”

Jane De Leon says “We are now starting training, doing stunts, I expected it to be hard and hopefully next year we will start shooting. My costume, I still have no clue, we both might see it soon. I ask Liza about a lot of things, she’s a very nice person. She deserves all the blessings she has today. I am so happy Ms Marian also shared her work, I am looking forward to connect with her too. There will be a costume, it will be up to the Ravelos, I haven’t seen the final one yet. It will be a millenial, modern Darna. Direk might add or take out things. When I started, I told him we would get projects, we dreamed about this and all the opportunities. He is like my Dad, brother, and told him he will have this agency. When I need him, he’s always there and it is all about heart rather than money for him, so we are giving our hand to our manager. Everything has changed in my life, Darna is a huge opportunity and emotionally it is so hard. The dedication you need to put here, all the time for my self, my family, but we are doing this and I almost wanted to take a break, but this is my project, there are new artists out there who could get this so I will not stop until we have done this all. I have watched the previous Darnas, in my position it will be my own image for this project. Thank God, I hope the Darna movie would be successful. ”

Kelvin says “I hope we all have good races, good careers and I hope we all be successful in our work.”

Angel adds “Whatever God provides would be good. I hope to go back to school, do more shows and music.”

Kristel says “I was able make it to top 64 in the clash, he called and assured me there will be a lot more opps especially in the music industry.”

Keann says “I started modeling ramp, I felt I liked it so I did print and commercials. I met Tyrone through Jane, did all lots of stuff and now with Santigwar. We are all shooting a movie, we also have a new one which will happen soon. We all hope to reach all the ranks of Jane, we have very big goals including our goal to finish our studies.”

Vance says “I am co managed by Sir Tyronne and Sir Rex, we are friends with Kelvin. We have fun and he’s a very light guy, he appreciates us and takes care of us even if he has no money in his pocket. He has a lot of plans for me next year, I am going to be a singer and it will be fun to do it with a very famous celebrity under the Star Pop label. You can also watch me in a few shows and a movie with Direk Brillante Mendoza.”

John Matthew says “When Jane got the role for Darna, he told us there shouldn’t be crab mentality and when she goes up, we all do.”

Ayesha says “He believes in me, he guides me in a good path and he assures my family as well why I chose to be with their agency. I came from GMAAC, and I wish there would be more projects for me now that I am with them.”

Meghan adds “I prioritized my studies and came back just now, I hope to be able to do work with them and Viva.”

Tyronne adds “Thank you to everyone who came today, you know I love you. I love my work and the people around me, I hope you continue to support us now with my TEAM.”

With a roster of talents that are genuinely good, good looking and a very caring manager, they have no way to go but up. You will see them in different shows, different movies, they want to make a mark and there’s tons of space for that. There’s a hungry team also behind them and hopefully, they’ll get there.

Congratulations Tyronne!


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