Alex Gonzaga for ISSY&CO.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Looks like Alex Gonzaga is becoming a regular in the beauty scene as she now becomes the face of Issy and Co. A local cosmetics company who does cruelty free lippies, shades and other products. Tapping Alex feels like a connection for the millennial market for them and yes, they plan to do a collab with her very soon. They currently are selling fast in online shops. Now that she's part of it, they might need more supplies even more!

Alex Gonzaga says "When they presented it to me but I felt their passion. Even though they were just starting I really saw the potential of the brand. We met and they were all very nice and collaborative. It's cruelty free, vegan, but hella not expensive. Their pure raw materials might have cost a lot but they made it a point to have the costs down (very affordable) without compromising quality. I like Desert Rose, Skinny Dipping the most, because it's like some ants bit your lips as it colors easy. I love the cushion lippy too, I have friends who are obsessed with them even if they are tied with other brands (name witheld). First time we met, they asked me what I use, I took out my current ones and they took notes and even if some of them are hard to find in the country, they plan to make a line and version for me so they can have it available here in the country. My boyfriend likes the no makeup look, and it doesn't smudge much so he tells me too. On 12.12 we have a lot of discounts on Shopee and BeautyMNL. It is healthy for the skin and is okay even for pregnant women. It does run out easily on stores but they are doing something about it. This is paraben and lead free. I am confident about this product, I have my friends try it and now they're asking me for more! I really hope you try it out yourselves because even teens, to adults can try this all by purchasing them online. Go to Shopee, Lazada and BeautyMNL."

Now head on and put them all to your cart especially this 12.12 season because they have tons of sale items, free products to give away for people who choose to purchase this sale season!


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