Do The Digital Aguinaldo

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

It's almost Christmas and I'm sure Ninong and Ninang are probably either hiding or just playing dead around there somewhere. Well fret not kids and kids at heart because there's an easy way to send your aguinaldo this holiday season. How you say? Just PayMaya.

What better way to send Aguinaldo to your loved ones, but digitally? PayMaya has a Send Money feature that will enable you to do just that. It's safe, you won't be too shy to give it to them during family gatherings because you can do it discreetly - no need for red envelopes full of cash. Just ask your inaanak to sign up to a PayMaya account and you’re good to go. You can even use my code KUMAGCOWPYMY, when you register, for an extra 50 bucks for first time users like you or your inaanak. 

Apart from the convenience of sending Aguinaldo digitally, I just found out that you can also get a cashback of P10 every time you send an Aguinaldo of P200 or more to your loved ones. You can earn up to P100, P10 per day. And if you’re a generous ninong and send an accumulate amount of P10,000 of Aguinaldo, you also get another P100 on top of your initial cashback. Sweet, right?

Sending money via PayMaya is pretty easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps: 

Open the PayMaya app and tap Send Money

Key in the mobile number linked to your inaanak’s PayMaya account (make sure that he/she has one!) as well as the amount of his/her digital Aguinaldo.

Tap Send Money!

And you’re done. You’ll receive a text message confirming the successful send money transaction, and another one informing you of your cashback. 

This Christmas season, get the most convenient and rewarding cashless experience with PayMaya. Visit to know more about their holiday offers. To sign up, again,  remember to simply use my code: KUMAGCOWPYMY to earn P50 in your account. 


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