Michelle Dee Donning Francis Libiran's Sun Princess for Miss World

Monday, December 09, 2019

Absolutely stunning, absolutely gorgeous.

This is the official national costume to be worn by Michelle Dee come the Miss World competition at the ExCel in London UK.

Sketches and details:

Designer: Francis Libiran
Photo/Video: Mike Gella
Makeup: Dave Quiambao
Hair: July Vito
Location: Empire Studios

According to the literature, this design was inspired by the Sun of the Philippine national Flag. Francis Libiran does his very intricate Art Deco embroidery to signify optimism, positivity and courage. 

The embroidery patterns are all original, inspired by the historic Visayan tattoos called “Batek” found in the earliest illustrations of Visayan warriors in the 16th-century. It fortells bravery and triumph.

It is made of soft tulle, and all its beadwork are hand made.


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