Mika Gorospe's Thanksgiving and Birthday Concert

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

To be a light for others, this is what GMA's latest campaign is for the holidays. This is why they call it "Love Shines!". They've been doing this a lot in the past few years, mostly not covered by media but today, we got to tag along in a benefit Birthday concert by Mika Gorospe, a very lovely singer from GMA's The Clash and now a full-time artist for the Kapuso network. She chose to do it in SOS Children's Village which is a home for abandoned, abused and neglected children in the country. They have been in the country for 57 years now, and coincidentally celebrating their 70th founding anniversary worldwide. This is an organization, not an orphanage so it is a different system. I might go back on other days because it would be a joy to do volunteer work for the kids and their family.

She's a very spirited singer, and in tow she got her friends girlgroup XOXO to also perform a few songs. 

They also began wishing her well as she was always a ball of sunshine during the Clash competition where some of them were also competing against her, but now they're all good friends. Mika shared how important it was to keep friendships because they can help you along the way. 

Another Clasher and GMA Music artist is gorgeous Kyryll Ugdiman. She also sang a few songs with Mika. Ky says "I am grateful you are part of my life, we have ups and downs but we have overcome them all. I am happy to see you again!"

Some of the kids went up on stage and gave Mika her 18 roses, this is after all part of her debut.

Anthony Rosaldo and Jong Madaliday also serenaded her after a few minutes. They're good friends too. The kids sang along with them which was quite touching to see.

Dave Bornea whisked in and provided the kilig the audience wanted. Are they a pair?  I wonder, but she called her baby girl lol.

Ohhh maybe Nikki Co... That song and dance was too close not to notice.

Mika is alone here in the PH as her family is all abroad, she's really trying to work hard for her dreams and they wished her well. 

They sang a happy birthday song in the end and it felt so good to see her so happy to have done this with kids and the whole artist center fam. Mika also spent hours at the SOS Children's Village and if you want to do the same or donate stuff, spend time with the families here because it is a really rewarding experience to do. You should do it, go contact them on their social channels if you want to schedule a visit and become their aunt's or uncles for a day... Or make it a regular thing. There are so many ways to help and they are so organized there. 

Golden Canedo also performed with Mika on stage their winning piece during The Clash 2018

I hope this inspires you to do the same. Happy Birthday Mika! 


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