Close Up Encourages You: You’re #FreeToLove

Thursday, December 05, 2019

It's a fact, some Filipinos still put other people in a box and don't even entertain the idea of love in unconventional ways. A few weeks ago, they did something inevitable by bringing it artwork, fun and actual people who go through the same predicament and feel, they are human, capable of love just like anybody else. Dispelling some of it are these murals which when pulled out would show that "Love Has No Rules". It's a tough statement, but the speakers are living it all.

Even though we love in a society with very judging eyes and conservative views, radio DJ and host Katz Salao feels it is not always men who have to make the first move. EG Bautista an indoor cycling instructor on the other hand shared how he was able to overcome obstacles and successfully able to be free to love even as part of the LGBT community. Issa Pressman an actress and entrepreneur showed how to be open to different possibilities how to have self love even if she’s living the single life and being LGBT. Actress Andi Eigenmann is a mother of 2, she chose to live out of Manila and give her kids a different life. She also lives not what society expects of her, but is happy despite of odds and the norm. 

Have the confidence to approach people, live a life full of happiness and love. It’s what Closeup wants you to do, it isn’t easy but if you break barriers now, you can do it too. These ladies and gents did it and were all happy about their decisions. It is possible if you just think about being free who to love, regardless of gender, faith, the color of your skin, or economic status. We all should be Free To Love! To know more about their campaign, check out their social sites for more information.


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