BeautyWise Philippines and Moppa Cosmetics Anniversary

Friday, December 20, 2019

It was an evening of elegance and beauty as JNJ Beauty Essentials celebrated the second year of BeautyWise Philippines and the first year Moppa Cosmetics here at the Okada in ParaƱaque City. Beauty Wise is the manufacturer of several products such as rejuvenating sets, body scrubs, soaps and lotions in the Philippines and Moppa Cosmetics on the other hand deals with lip tints, sticks and melting foundation. They also encourage resellers so ordinary joes and belles who want to have their own business can start even with a small capital. They give opportunities to Filipinos and this event was just their way to thank those who have helped them succeed all these years.

Josephine Cabungco says "Good evening! I am so elated to see you all. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a double anniversary celebration for BeautyWise and Moppa Cosmetics. We worked hard to establish our brand and what you will see tonight is the evolution of Beauty Wise. We set goals for ourselves and our celebration is for the success we met. We have more marketing programs this year as we grow, and we will continue to have more business partners this coming 2020. Thank you all for your presence."

Celebrities like Daniel Matsunaga, Morisette Amon and a lot more also performed that evening. It was just apt to payback all the loyal men and women who have been a part of JNJ's success all throughout the years, congratulations and we only wish for more things to come now that you're on your way up!


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