When saving Euros REALLY matter…

Friday, May 30, 2008

My brother (bragging aside) is a famous executive chef in Dublin, Ireland. He often calls home and talks to everyone about what he’s doing. He keeps us updated on his latest successes in Europe and who what when where and how he deals with people on that side of the globe.

Just this past year, he had remarkable things done with the hotel he works for. He’s one of the reasons why they won some of the country’s premier awards. He eventually became Employee of the Year obviously! He’s going back home to the Philippines in July and probably travel to New York afterwards. But of course he whispered something to me about planning to buy his own laptop computer.

Since he had big news, he tried calling home. Then again his eagerness to buy one in the UK was getting bigger. He tried numerous local stores in Ireland but that was really too expensive compared to the rates in the Philippines, Canada and the United States. There were local computer stores in Ireland but the rates were too high for my watch list. So after a few convincing words from his handy dandy personal Computer Engineer (that’s me!), he never bothered to buy there at all. Until I recommended that when he goes to New York, he should take advantage of black friday… Asians that we are, we were a little unnerved about this event in the US. Nobody hears about it at all until you receive the details in your Thanksgiving Day paper. The webby that I was, I read on the Internet where he can purchase all gadgets online. The prices were way cheaper compared to European rates (taxes and all) and priced lower than in the normal US stores. Now he tried this site out since they promised black friday ads before anyone else. From Asia to Middle East and Europe, he can use the web site to search for best deals in the United States from virtually anywhere in the world. Bought a Dell Laptop Computer from Circuit City and I tell yah the deal was so sweet! It even matched the European counterpart at almost half the price. This was one big convenience for him of course! Saved a lot of money too since Christmas time was a big deal in the Philippines! I’d probably try this out when I would need a present from him on holidays. Hahah! Aren’t you glad I told you about this? ^_^ Tell your relatives in the US or elsewhere in the world about the site and they probably won’t get hassled that much too! xoxo

Metamorphosis - Changes are Inevitable

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This blog has been with me for several years. It has parts of it telling my ups and downs. I can't believe its going to change a bit for the better. Yes ladies and gentlemen, something big is going to happen to this blog...and I like change.

I'm the best guy to listen to when there are some things in life you should know about, the perspective of an all knowing guy as my friends call it. About anything under the sun! Funny but I feel the same. Not that I'm trying to do that but I think it just became effortless with me... with everything that I've experienced in my so called life... I should know." Let me just take the challenge now to prove it to you.

This week has never been better. I've seen people here and there who needed my help. The people pleaser that I am, I'd gladly do that.

I'm inlove... there are about 2 things that could happen when this come about. It's either I'd feel happy while on the relationship, or feel rubbish because as much as I'm trying to keep this other person happy....it doesn't turn out like what I want it to be.It hurts as bad as you think, that's the gamble you have to take. Taking risks is not that easy as everybody knows. But really, everyone would try it just to experience how it feels to belong to someone. The feeling of waking up each morning to anticipate someone thinks of you everytime. Things should change with everyone's lovelife, learn from the past and enjoy what promises it brings to new ones after that.

These changes will happen to my blog just like the changes in my life...and it is inevitable. Nobody can stop it, because it is meant to happen. Fate. That's how it means in a single word. You just hope something good comes out of it. ^_^

CHARICE with David Foster & Friends

Well, this kid has indeed come a long way. She is so lucky to have the opportunity to be with the best singers/performers in the world.

From the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Alicia Keys, Brian McKnight, Katherine McPhearson, Kenny G and Josh Groban to name a few."I had the great pleasure of being able to stand inside behind the stage when she was performing... she has a beautiful voice," as the famous Josh Groban said.

Famous chef Wolfgang Puck who mede food for the event and famous celebrities also saw the show with his wife could not get enough of Charice. Puck's wife even said, "I want to be your mother from now on."

Charice got a standing invitation from Wolfgang for free dinners with him and his wife every time Charisse is in Beverly Hills and I bet that will be good!!! ^_^ YUM-O!

After her songs, Charice got two standing ovations. Some even cried during her performance, and she received loud cheers and applause after each song... Aren't you kinda proud to be Filipino?! ^_^

What Happens in Vegas!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I really really liked this film. It was not award material but I indeed enjoy this movie a lot.Even if I only went out with friends that time I enjoyed it a lot. Ashton Kutcher was a son of a wealthy furniture designer/shop owner and was really bad at working even for his father... and in the couple of times he was caught gambling in the workplace.. of course even his father FIRED him.... Cameron Diaz on the other hand was the perfect girlfriend preparing a big party for his fiancee... when they were about to surprise the guy, while she opened the door...not noticing that all of her and his friends were just hiding for the surprise....Well in this case SHE WAS SURPRISED when HE BROKE UP with her.... with these dilemma... they both went to LAS VEGAS....hoping for a better day and find their luck.

The hotel they went to had mishaps in the computer reservations giving them the same room... and it was hilarious when they found each other in undies and in the shower! The girls were screaming, the guys were taking hits and punches. They both went down and got better rooms and VIP privileges. Planning to go out, they almost went on other ways but since Ashton Kutcher was dared Cameron for a drink...she gladly obliged... they all got wasted....and really really drunk....and after the booze... they woke up MARRIED!!! =P

When all was done, while they were fighting over it... Ashton dropped Cameron's coin on the slot machine. Then.... it spelled 3 MILLION DOLLARS. So they never agreed where the money would go, gone to court but the judge sentenced them to be together for 6 months... they had mishaps here and there...tried to eliminate the other from claiming the money...in the process...they fell inlove.

The movie was cute...very cute....I highly recommend you guys watch it...

Now that I told you the story nyahahah!

DAVID COOK wins American Idol Season 7

Thursday, May 22, 2008

As much as I wanted David Archuleta to win this, it was David Cook that won Season 7 of American Idol. Rumors of rigging the results finally came clean as 12 million votes was the difference between the two lads. The reason a lot of people were not able to contact thru Cook's hotline was because he was packed with fans all over the globe who were voting for him at that time.

I kinda felt bad that Archuleta didn't win. He was the better singer obviously, but if this weren't just a plain voting show and was indeed a talent show...the kid obviously had an advantage. The crowd went with Cook as he was pillaged with Simon Cowell's bad comments and was revered a saint by lotsa viewers... they somewhat felt outraged and sorry for the guy that he had more votes he could hope for....and the calls were of outrageous record proportions as said by the tally corp.

I've heard the type of music that Cook is concentrating on... a lil alternative - rock thingy obviously... but I'd rather have the smooth sounding kid than the over rated machismo of Cook, I've got more of what he has anyway hahahahah! joke! and I do listen to Cook's type of songs already, its just a lil tiring I guess to have that forced into me.

Well this is my POV. Yours might be a lil different of course.
Care to comment why he won?

DAVID VS DAVID.... Who will win?

The Philippines has been watching this phenom of a show since day1... we all stop and wonder who will it be this season...but now there are only 2 guys.....

Its up to the American Public now... The battle is over and the one who got most nods with the judges is David Archuleta... with his RNB - Balladeer type renditions of songs, he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. With numerous fans voting for the kid, he may win this season. Some other states were complaining that this was rigged because they couldn't call David Cook's number. That can be 2 things, people are voting for him or it just isn't working in the AI side. The results we gotta see!.... The winner of Season 7 will be announced @ 08:00 pm PST. The Top 12 finalists will reunite on the stage at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live.

Now tell me who's your bet?

What keeps me online every day?!... UTOPIA

Monday, May 19, 2008

Its funny but I still am a kid at heart. Not that I'm too old but its just that I'm still a big fan of RPG aka role playing games. This one is web based though. I'll try explaining this game to yah...

This was introduced to me by Jericho, a former team mate in "SPURS". We had same interests I guess but I was really an AD and D or DND boy way back in high school. Yeah that was the infamous Dungeons and Dragons. Blasphemous/evil connotations for some but for me it was an outlet for my imagination.It made me realize that deep inside I am powerful, I am not what others think of me... well that's enough for analysis huh?!

Back to the game, after you create an account you would need to choose character names, kingdom names and of course your race. I on this round have chosen to be a Dark Elf. This one specifically have the Meteor Showers spell which can destroy pretty much anything magically. In plain terms, you can choose what role you would like to take. Basic roles can make you a plain Attacker which concentrates on Military Offensive strength. You battle for acres if that is what you choose. If you plan to be a Theif/Mage, you in turn would choose to build more guilds and Theive's Dens so your stealing and magic ability increase in efficiency. This will serve as support for your Attackers. ^_^ Your need to login almost everyday and playing would be needed in the survival of your province and Kingdom.

I would highly recommend you try and play these online games rather than doing nothing online. You'll get to experience teamwork, and even on an international scale because players are usually from around the world. No age limit. The game's URL is http://games.swirve.com/utopia/login.htm

Utopia is one of the largest free interactive online games in the world, with over 80,000 players - absolutely free to join! Play right through your web browser and discover a unique medieval world!

Start playing! ^_^

The Forbidden Kingdom : It was nice but not that good ye know?! ^_^

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This great film boasts of the greatest living martial artists JACKY CHAN and JET LI. Its about a kid's great adventure/time travel to far flung legendary Chinese mountains, his interactions with the Monkey King (to return his Staff) and how he tries desperately to find a way home. Jacky Chan on this movie never ceases to amaze me with the DRUNKEN MASTER style kung fu. He was also well contemplated with JET LI's complete array of Shaolin kicks and punches. Everyone tried to die in this film but of course why would a Hero die right?

I'd give this one about 3 and a half KUMAGS for trying... it was a nice kung fu flick although some action scenes could have been polished much like Jet Li's films and action sequences... The twists and turns of this movie was enough... but the plot of having a boy hero who pretty much did nothing in the movie at all was not that good.

You be the judge, try and watch it... ~_^

Cebu Pacific Air - ZERO FARE promo!!! WOW!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow! Just found out about this! I think I'm planning to go outside Manila.... This maybe one thing I should to this week!! I'll have to book this one!!!


- It's time everyJUAN flies
- sale/booking period 15-18may08
- travel dates 09jun-31dec08
- applicable for international and domestic travel

Now where do I plan to go?! Maybe Dumaguete or Bacolod or IloIlo.... Hmmm.....

Better decide tomorrow!!!

Aren't you glad I told you about this?! Hehehehhe


It was a Sweet Time with her... ^_^

Monday, May 12, 2008

It was the day we met again... I missed her a lot... I never even realized it was that bad ^_^ and the time I hugged her, I was not thinkin of even letting go... Geeze, I know... I hate the thought of bein mushy... but whatever! ^_^ I don't care really... nyahah!

It was a grand day, I checked in on one of the local hotels there, I forgot the name.... it was sumthin sumthin resort thingy... Had a few rooms and a pool... It wasn't that grand but it was feasible... paid about 2k overnight... Did we do something?! (you would not have the pleasure of knowing that! hahah!) She asked me to go to her house afterwards... Not that I'm wondering but people kept lookin at me as if I was an alien of some sort... I didn't mind... It was the same feeling as when I went to my old barrio in Negros.... people were probably wondering what the hell was I doing there ^_^

At their town, I was looking at people there... weirdley... so I wouldnt be the only one being stared at hahaha.... At least I fought back with stares of my own... Then at their house, it was typical... It was an old house with barren floors and wood everywhere... a classic so I may say... Some of the houses we passed by were preparing for the upcoming PAHIYAS Festival.. My wifey said that it is only celebrated on one street... and at that time it wasn't on their vicinity... it was a couple of streets away....It was nice because even the kids were sewing colorful leafs and making lanterns out of it... Some men were pulling up coconut leafs and covering their houses with it... the usual barrio fiesta was in the mood...but I think this was MORE THAN THE USUAL! hahah.... looks like I've been seeing too many DOT commercials geeze....

Well going back to the story... when we got to her house, a couple of people were there.... and tru enough, her mum was there... she introduced me and I said hi... I was the perfect gentleman as always ^_^ and a cousin here and there, and then a sister... her sister was prettier but a lil younger... and NO I'm not telling you coz I like that girl more ok?! =P

Now that that's clear, I brought cake coz that was already about dinner time...and we ate a lil.... her mum apologized about the food... I told them its okay... hahaha KAPAL! I sumtimes do that unnoticingly and believe me its an honest mistake on my part.... it looks insensitive but its what I usually do... but her mom was great and she know who I was before I even got there... so there....I think I left a good impression.... so after dinner we did talk a little... and they planned to show me around....and so they did.

First up was the church.. lovely as its classic baroque type structures just puts me at an awe... And hopefully one day we get married there she says... On the back of my head, I said YEAH YEAH YEAH.... hehehe ^_^ well who doesnt wanna do that... then we went to another friend of hers and asked her to come with us... that girl was ugly so there....and even brought her BF along... we went a lil outside town and went to a bar... well to tell you frankly it didnt look like a bar to me.... it looked like a beer house.... with that off my mind, I asked my wifey to go back to the hotel since I was already getting tired...and sleepy since I came from my shift... And that was the better plan... ^_^ We drank a few bottles, and we went to the poolside to take a dip... I had fun with that...and she got the better off me ^_^ I miss her so much I guess...

Ahh... I wish I could go back there every week...I didnt sleep much but its really great we talked about what our plans were...and some were a lil bit clear....the other stuff maybe next time... but all in all, the trip was worth it since we got to get the issues out and enjoy what we have right now.... each other... and I love her the same...

The next day, I woke up late...we went out and ate breakfast at a local restaurant.. I had a couple of Longganisang Lucban... that was really garlicky and a lil salty.... but it was really great to start my morning.... had coffee too... and a lil chat here and there.... we were the only ones left so we only have so much to talk about... I was staring at her the whole time... thinkin why a lass like this would fall for me.... well of course I couldnt blame her hehehehehe ^_^

We spent the whole day together... went to her house and introduced me this time to her Father... he wasn't as umm accomodating as her mom... he was just there you know... lounging around like nobody cares hehehe ^_^ I guess that's what they should be like... a lil typical.... he was gracious enough to invite me in too so that's that....I was so tired though... since I went ballistic and wild nyaha! nah I was a good boy and you know that... anyway... we went on goin to Lucena and SM there... at least they have one...hehehe... then after lunch... we went to the movies... and all the shows were as late as 5months ago would you believe?! sheesh.... so I scrapped that idea and just went around town... I enjoyed the lil walks better I guess....Then we went back to the hotel... went out for dinner...fastfood was okay...went back to the hotel again and swam a little....it was just the two of us at the pool so it was really nice... nobody there to bother us.... ^_^ Then we went back to our room and took a shower... Weeeeeee! ^_^

After that, we just slept a lot I guess... then the morning came.... had to go back early to Manila since I had my shift the evening on the same day.... we missed each other... that was really one of the few things I had to confirm on my mind... and she showed me the same... I love the girl... and I hope it would never be the last time I had to go there.... I'm sure I'll be back... and still love her the same.... she plans to go back to Manila this week... and I hope she does.... for the sake of ME!!! ^_^ Love her... really love her THIS MUCH!!! ^_^

PAHIYAS FESTIVAL is just around the corner...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

On May 15th the PAHIYAS Festival will again start the merrymaking in Lucban, Quezon. A province on the southern tip off Luzon.

I'll be there not just celebrating but to fix things.But at least let me see what's the city all about... I'm not that excited since I'm going there the weekend before.. where they start setting up everything... I just wish everything falls into place...and hopefully we still end up together...I mean I don't wanna go home alone of course! If she choose to end everything then so be it.. I'm wondering what people are thinking, of me putting in my thoughts on cyberspace.. thinkin aloud!!! They might think I'm crazy or sumthin... what the heck!

Missing her so much...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm lounging around my office and thinking of someone... It was her on my mind... thinking what she could be doing at this time... and wishing that I was with her all the time. As reality bites me, of course I'm in Manila, and she's in Lucban, Quezon... a mere 4 hours and a half by bus...

I'm planning of going there this weekend... to meet the parents... and all that... of course she told me that its the PAHIYAS Festival this coming May 15th... Yes I know these festivities in that side of the Philippines are the best... Where every farmer and their families come and celebrate the bountiful harvest...I plan to go the weekend before or after...(and I'm not inviting anyone!) coz that date is going to be a long shot since I know I'll be busy making reports for the IT Corp I'm working for...yeah you can tell I'm slaved but its a must that I do great professionally than getting EXTREMELY romantically involved...coz that literally puts food in the table and pays for the bills... bills... bills....

I know you all think I am in the marrying age... well I've seen all my married friends... TELL ME IF IM WRONG... but are they HAPPY???... hahahah.... most of them are NOT!


I'm quite optimistic I could get married soon... Yeah I know this may or may not be her... no one is sure... but at this moment in time... I really love the girl... so give me a break ok?! Don't try pressuring me and lecture me about what to do with mah life.. I'll teach you how to enjoy life instead... I'm having tons of fun living a bachelor's life... celebrating out with my friends in Makati, QC or Fort... I'm indeed living it up... and they on the other hand are living miserable with their wife and kids... hahahah just joking... I guess those are the perks of living a semi single life... It's a wonderful life!