DAVID COOK wins American Idol Season 7

Thursday, May 22, 2008

As much as I wanted David Archuleta to win this, it was David Cook that won Season 7 of American Idol. Rumors of rigging the results finally came clean as 12 million votes was the difference between the two lads. The reason a lot of people were not able to contact thru Cook's hotline was because he was packed with fans all over the globe who were voting for him at that time.

I kinda felt bad that Archuleta didn't win. He was the better singer obviously, but if this weren't just a plain voting show and was indeed a talent show...the kid obviously had an advantage. The crowd went with Cook as he was pillaged with Simon Cowell's bad comments and was revered a saint by lotsa viewers... they somewhat felt outraged and sorry for the guy that he had more votes he could hope for....and the calls were of outrageous record proportions as said by the tally corp.

I've heard the type of music that Cook is concentrating on... a lil alternative - rock thingy obviously... but I'd rather have the smooth sounding kid than the over rated machismo of Cook, I've got more of what he has anyway hahahahah! joke! and I do listen to Cook's type of songs already, its just a lil tiring I guess to have that forced into me.

Well this is my POV. Yours might be a lil different of course.
Care to comment why he won?

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