CHARICE with David Foster & Friends

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Well, this kid has indeed come a long way. She is so lucky to have the opportunity to be with the best singers/performers in the world.

From the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Alicia Keys, Brian McKnight, Katherine McPhearson, Kenny G and Josh Groban to name a few."I had the great pleasure of being able to stand inside behind the stage when she was performing... she has a beautiful voice," as the famous Josh Groban said.

Famous chef Wolfgang Puck who mede food for the event and famous celebrities also saw the show with his wife could not get enough of Charice. Puck's wife even said, "I want to be your mother from now on."

Charice got a standing invitation from Wolfgang for free dinners with him and his wife every time Charisse is in Beverly Hills and I bet that will be good!!! ^_^ YUM-O!

After her songs, Charice got two standing ovations. Some even cried during her performance, and she received loud cheers and applause after each song... Aren't you kinda proud to be Filipino?! ^_^

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