Cebu Pacific Air - ZERO FARE promo!!! WOW!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow! Just found out about this! I think I'm planning to go outside Manila.... This maybe one thing I should to this week!! I'll have to book this one!!!

- It's time everyJUAN flies
- sale/booking period 15-18may08
- travel dates 09jun-31dec08
- applicable for international and domestic travel

Now where do I plan to go?! Maybe Dumaguete or Bacolod or IloIlo.... Hmmm.....

Better decide tomorrow!!!

Aren't you glad I told you about this?! Hehehehhe



Unknown said...

Just a warning about Cebu Pacific. Zero or discounted fare bookings mean that you are the first to be bumped off from a flight in case there are cancellations or overbookings. Overbooking is a common practice with a budget airline like Cebu Pacific. Be prepared too if your flight gets 6-8 hrs delayed. Have a back up plan in case this happens to you. Worse, bring that extra cash you saved by booking with them (vs. booking with a more reliable airline) and be ready to spend it for an extra night in a hotel in case you get stranded because Cebu Pacific will not shoulder that cost, unlike other airlines who pay for their passengers' food and lodging. Again, just a warning and I hope the horrors that other Cebu Pacific passengers went through both in local and international flight segments do not happen to you. They can surely ruin someone's vacation, honeymoon or wedding without offering much explanation except their classic line "Sorry for the inconvenience."

John Bueno said...

Oh my...thanks for the stern warning...If they do that to me I'll make sure they will pay for it... I dont have a problem with money since my brother is a millionaire hahaha ^_^ just joking! But thank you very much for the stern warning...I'm sure a lot of people really appreciate it!