Metamorphosis - Changes are Inevitable

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This blog has been with me for several years. It has parts of it telling my ups and downs. I can't believe its going to change a bit for the better. Yes ladies and gentlemen, something big is going to happen to this blog...and I like change.

I'm the best guy to listen to when there are some things in life you should know about, the perspective of an all knowing guy as my friends call it. About anything under the sun! Funny but I feel the same. Not that I'm trying to do that but I think it just became effortless with me... with everything that I've experienced in my so called life... I should know." Let me just take the challenge now to prove it to you.

This week has never been better. I've seen people here and there who needed my help. The people pleaser that I am, I'd gladly do that.

I'm inlove... there are about 2 things that could happen when this come about. It's either I'd feel happy while on the relationship, or feel rubbish because as much as I'm trying to keep this other person doesn't turn out like what I want it to be.It hurts as bad as you think, that's the gamble you have to take. Taking risks is not that easy as everybody knows. But really, everyone would try it just to experience how it feels to belong to someone. The feeling of waking up each morning to anticipate someone thinks of you everytime. Things should change with everyone's lovelife, learn from the past and enjoy what promises it brings to new ones after that.

These changes will happen to my blog just like the changes in my life...and it is inevitable. Nobody can stop it, because it is meant to happen. Fate. That's how it means in a single word. You just hope something good comes out of it. ^_^

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