The Forbidden Kingdom : It was nice but not that good ye know?! ^_^

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This great film boasts of the greatest living martial artists JACKY CHAN and JET LI. Its about a kid's great adventure/time travel to far flung legendary Chinese mountains, his interactions with the Monkey King (to return his Staff) and how he tries desperately to find a way home. Jacky Chan on this movie never ceases to amaze me with the DRUNKEN MASTER style kung fu. He was also well contemplated with JET LI's complete array of Shaolin kicks and punches. Everyone tried to die in this film but of course why would a Hero die right?

I'd give this one about 3 and a half KUMAGS for trying... it was a nice kung fu flick although some action scenes could have been polished much like Jet Li's films and action sequences... The twists and turns of this movie was enough... but the plot of having a boy hero who pretty much did nothing in the movie at all was not that good.

You be the judge, try and watch it... ~_^

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