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Monday, May 19, 2008

Its funny but I still am a kid at heart. Not that I'm too old but its just that I'm still a big fan of RPG aka role playing games. This one is web based though. I'll try explaining this game to yah...

This was introduced to me by Jericho, a former team mate in "SPURS". We had same interests I guess but I was really an AD and D or DND boy way back in high school. Yeah that was the infamous Dungeons and Dragons. Blasphemous/evil connotations for some but for me it was an outlet for my imagination.It made me realize that deep inside I am powerful, I am not what others think of me... well that's enough for analysis huh?!

Back to the game, after you create an account you would need to choose character names, kingdom names and of course your race. I on this round have chosen to be a Dark Elf. This one specifically have the Meteor Showers spell which can destroy pretty much anything magically. In plain terms, you can choose what role you would like to take. Basic roles can make you a plain Attacker which concentrates on Military Offensive strength. You battle for acres if that is what you choose. If you plan to be a Theif/Mage, you in turn would choose to build more guilds and Theive's Dens so your stealing and magic ability increase in efficiency. This will serve as support for your Attackers. ^_^ Your need to login almost everyday and playing would be needed in the survival of your province and Kingdom.

I would highly recommend you try and play these online games rather than doing nothing online. You'll get to experience teamwork, and even on an international scale because players are usually from around the world. No age limit. The game's URL is http://games.swirve.com/utopia/login.htm

Utopia is one of the largest free interactive online games in the world, with over 80,000 players - absolutely free to join! Play right through your web browser and discover a unique medieval world!

Start playing! ^_^

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