What Happens in Vegas!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I really really liked this film. It was not award material but I indeed enjoy this movie a lot.Even if I only went out with friends that time I enjoyed it a lot. Ashton Kutcher was a son of a wealthy furniture designer/shop owner and was really bad at working even for his father... and in the couple of times he was caught gambling in the workplace.. of course even his father FIRED him.... Cameron Diaz on the other hand was the perfect girlfriend preparing a big party for his fiancee... when they were about to surprise the guy, while she opened the door...not noticing that all of her and his friends were just hiding for the surprise....Well in this case SHE WAS SURPRISED when HE BROKE UP with her.... with these dilemma... they both went to LAS VEGAS....hoping for a better day and find their luck.

The hotel they went to had mishaps in the computer reservations giving them the same room... and it was hilarious when they found each other in undies and in the shower! The girls were screaming, the guys were taking hits and punches. They both went down and got better rooms and VIP privileges. Planning to go out, they almost went on other ways but since Ashton Kutcher was dared Cameron for a drink...she gladly obliged... they all got wasted....and really really drunk....and after the booze... they woke up MARRIED!!! =P

When all was done, while they were fighting over it... Ashton dropped Cameron's coin on the slot machine. Then.... it spelled 3 MILLION DOLLARS. So they never agreed where the money would go, gone to court but the judge sentenced them to be together for 6 months... they had mishaps here and there...tried to eliminate the other from claiming the money...in the process...they fell inlove.

The movie was cute...very cute....I highly recommend you guys watch it...

Now that I told you the story nyahahah!

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Pat R said...

there was genuine chemistry between Diaz and Kutcher in What Happens in Vegas, though at first i thought they were acting like brother versus sister... hey, they even look alike